When You Lie About Someone…Proverbs 26:28


Today The Pink Flamingo was visiting with friend and confidant Sally Vee.  I was telling her about Proverbs.  If I did not now better, I would think Proverbs was some sort of prophesy about Barack Obama.

Try reading a chapter each night, corresponding with the day of the month.  Make a few notes.  It will change the way you look at life.  I know.  I did the Proverbs Challenge.  It works.

The far left in this country has spent the past decade lying about decent men and women who happen not to believe what they do.  The only way to truly hurt someone like George W. Bush is to keep lying about his agenda to the point where even those who once believed him are sucked into the lies.

When you lie about someone, you end up hating that person because of your lies.

The Pope is urging Europeans to be more tolerant of Christians.  If he weren’t right about the situation it would be almost laughable.  Christians and Jews have been denigrated and disenfranchised by the forces of evil to the point where Europe’s thousand year old Western culture is endangered.

You want to know why Christians are in danger of being persecuted in Europe?

Various groups have lied about them for so long, the only way to deal with the guilt is to turn their lies into hate.

The far right denigrates John McCain.  They denigrate and lie about Lindsey.  They’ve lied about George W. Bush.

When you lie about someone, you end up hating them.

The far left did everything they could to destroy Sarah Palin.  They lied.  They hate her.

A lying tongue hates those it hurts,
and a flattering mouth works ruin.