Democrats Defending Statutory Rape & Child Molesters


From what I gather, Barack Obama must think that it is acceptable for a predatory pedophile to molest a 15 year old boy.  If he thinks the molestation of children is wrong, then why did he appoint a “safe school czar” who does?  Of all the things Barack Obama has done to me this is the worst.

If a President of the United States does not have the moral clarity to protect innocent children from individuals who think pedophilia is acceptable, then we have truly lost the soul of our nation.

Evidently Democrats and Liberals have a problem with statutory rape.   To them, it is simply teen sexuality.  Let them do what feels good, right?

What does a teacher do when a 15 year old boy tells him he is having sex with an older man? (H/T Hyscience)

According to NM law (and I’ve had about 28 accredited hours of training in the past 8 years) that teacher – any adult- has a legal obligation to report that adult to law enforcement authorities.

In fact, in New Mexico, if said teacher did not report the adult to law enforcement authorities, the teacher would be held liable and could be arrested for endangerment of a child.

What’s a President to do when he names a man to the position of “safe school czar” and that person gave the 15 year old boy permission to have sex with an adult male?

Kevin Jennings did just that.

If Kevin Jennings were living in New Mexico and the situation occurred, he would most likely be arrested for what he did.

So – why the heck would Barack Obama appoint this man to be the “safe school czar” when he gave permission for statutory rape of a 15 year old boy?

Liberals everywhere are furious because Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland over that 30 year old case where he MOLESTED a 13 year old girl.

A 15 year old boy is one thing, but a 13 year old girl is still a child.

Roman Polanski is a child molester.

Kevin Jennings thinks the molestation of a 15 year old boy is perfectly acceptable.

I wish I were a user of profanity.  I think this is one of those moments when it is perfectly acceptable.  Why the &%$@ did Barack Obama put a man in charge of “safe schools” who condones and allows a 15 year old boy to be molested?

How many teachers are sitting in jail for this same thing?

Nothing says more about the Obama Administration that this one specific incident.  They have no moral center, no moral honesty, no morality.

Statutory rape is statutory rape, no matter how liberal, rich, or politically correct a person is.

It is a crime to rape anyone, let alone a child.

A teenager boy who is 15 years old is still a child.

How long are Democrats going to keep defending people like this?

This is not a gay thing.  It is not a safe sex thing.  It is about a TEACHER not having the moral honesty to report a predatory pedophile.

When a nation loses its moral decency and elects leaders who knowingly appoint officials who willingly allow the predatory molestation of an innocent child, something is terribly wrong.

If Barack Obama continues to allow this man to be the ‘safe school czar’ then Barack Obama is unfit to be the President of the United States of America because he doesn’t give a damn about protecting the most innocent among us.