Stand Up for NASA – GO BOLDLY


The follow petition is being circulated. Please, please take a little time and sign it. Our future is in space.

“…Dear Senator or Representative,

Currently, the United States stands as the leader in human space exploration. However, with NASA’s budget at only a fraction of a percent of the total federal budget and international advancements in space rapidly emerging, NASA faces a challenge to maintain its leadership position. It is essential for our nation to continue our support and invest in human space exploration beyond Low Earth Orbit. NASA’s innovative developments have influenced and impacted our nation’s economy, technology, and provided inspiration to all.

At a time when job creation is highest among our nation’s concerns, I remind you of the creative and practical technology developed by NASA which creates new job opportunities for economic growth. The advancements in materials from NASA research have resulted in more efficient brakes in our cars, water purification systems, and cleaner aircraft engines – a few highlights amongst over 6,000 innovations developed by NASA research. The medical field alone has been transformed through life-saving capabilities such as heart defibrillators, automatic insulin pumps, and advancements in breast cancer screening.  Industries and jobs that keep our country progressing have all benefited from technology produced by the U.S. space industry.

NASA pushes the frontiers of exploration and discovery, boldly taking on seemingly impossible tasks. Walking on the moon is an accomplishment no other nation has ever achieved. People all over the world admire NASA for its courage, competence, and persistence: a representation of America itself. NASA’s pioneering in human space exploration provides inspiration to continue to develop innovative concepts.

It is critical to our country’s success to remain the leader in human space exploration; however, current funding is insufficient to sustain this position. Therefore, I urge you to provide adequate investment in our nation’s space program. Now, the responsibility lies with this Congress to provide the resources necessary to move beyond Low Earth Orbit and solidify America’s leadership in space exploration.

Thank you for your consideration….”