There’s a Terrifying World Out There


Lindsey was on Face the Nation this morning.  What he had to say about the state of our world was not too optimistic, and in some ways downright terrifying, especially since we are dealing with an incompetent airhead POTUS who is determined to snuggle up to ever bad guy on the planet.

Iran has test fired a short range missile.

“…Here’s my concern about the next 18 months. We’re looking at a trifecta of disasters here. If Iran is not checked, they’re going to have a nuclear weapon in the next 18 months. If we don’t reinforce Afghanistan now and turn around the military situation, the Taliban are going to take over part or all of Afghanistan. And if NATO doesn’t jump into the fight with both feet, they’re going to become a paper tiger.

We could have three major disasters that affect our national security for years to come if we use half-measures. Reject half- measures….”

On nuclear Iran, when asked if they are working on a nuclear weapon:

“…absolutely I believe they are. I believe the holocaust existed.

I’ve got one rule of thumb: If the president of a country denies the holocaust, you should believe the worst, not the best, about what they’re doing.

Clearly they’re hiding nuclear programs for a purpose. They’re trying to develop a nuclear weapon. And if they are successful, the Sunni-Arab states in the region will want a nuclear weapon. Israel becomes much at risk. And we’re walking down the road to Armageddon.

We have about 18 months using the international community to decisively act, no more half-measures. China is supplying one-third of the refined petroleum to Iran. They need to join with the Russians, the United States, and the international community to bring this regime to reality….

…At the last resort, when all meaningful sanctions fail. And what we do in Afghanistan will affect the ability of Iran to get the message.

This regime needs to be delivered a message that the international community is deadly serious about stopping their nuclear program. So we have not tried meaningful sanctions yet. We’ve got a little bit of time to do that.

But at the end of the day, the worst thing that could happen to this country, in my view, is for Iran to get a nuclear weapon, because that changes everything in the Mideast for the worst. And what we do in Afghanistan I think will affect the outcome in Iran.

SMITH: So let’s stay on Afghanistan for a second. What if — if General McChrystal doesn’t get the 40,000 troops he asked for?

GRAHAM: We’re going to lose. We’ll be driven out. The Taliban will come back stronger than they were before. The moderates in Afghanistan will go back in hiding or get killed. NATO will be seen as a failure. And America will go it alone in the future. We cannot let NATO fail in Afghanistan. This is NATO’s fight, just not America’s fight. The Taliban have come back for a reason. But the good news is, the Afghan people don’t want them back. With additional military power, we can defeat them.

And we’ve got to do what Secretary Clinton said: Push the Karzai government or the next government to do better. But until you get the military situation right, you’ll never get better governance. So failing in Afghanistan is a disaster for NATO, and it will affect Pakistan. The same people trying to fight the Pakistani government are the same ones trying to come back in Afghanistan….”