More of the Usual Anti-Palin Hate from the Left


This afternoon, when I ordered my copy of Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rogue:  An American Life, it was ranked #241 on Amazon.  At 8PM MT, when I checked, the book was ranked #11.  Success is the very best revenge!

Don’t worry, though.  Liberals are already trying to denigrate her.  They’re working overtime.

Quite honestly, I don’t know how Sarah Palin does it.

She woman endures.  Republican still relate to her.


Not only did she became the poster child for emotional abuse no one should be forced to endure, but she persevered.  She put up with a tremendous amount of betrayal from within the GOP, primarily from rank Romney supporters who were alleged to be helping her.

Then, she is forced to go through a series of ethics complaints designed to destroy she and her family financially.  When she took the only logical action available to her, she was labeled a quitter.

Even if I were not one of her original handful of supporters, being something like third on the list, her first supporter being Adam Brickley and her second being Stephen Maloney, I would still have a tremendous amount of respect for this woman.

She endures.

Sarah Palin has become the poster child for unwarranted vicious attacks.
She has endured assaults on her family, her home, her church has been destroyed by arson.
She was pushed nearly to the point of financial ruin.
She is treated like she is not bright.
Nothing she does is good enough.
If Democrats aren’t going after, certain conservatives are.
She has been betrayed by those within her own party, hungry for power.

The betrayal continues, this time from the far right and from the libertarians and the John Birchers and the Tea Party sore-heads who are positive she is going to be a second coming of some fantasy version of Reagan.  And trust me, if you say anything about this, mention that Sarah Palin is a Republican, they fail to believe you.

When Sarah Palin reveals herself as the Neocon that she is, there are going to be some very angry libertarians and Ron Paul Bots.

I wonder what they are going to do to her?