Obama’s Puppy Piddle Defense – Wee Wee Wee Don’t Hurt Me!


Chris Wallace recently referred to the Obama Administration as a bunch of cry-babies.  It was a great statement, true but maybe there’s more to it.  Perhaps they are only reflecting the emotional maturity of their fearless leader.

The other day The Pink Flamingo described Barack Obama’s behavior around misc. world despots and dictators as a little puppy, rolling around in the ground like a puppy, spreading puppy piddle all over the place.  If you’ve ever had a puppy, you know that they piddle when approached by anything that might harm them.  It is a biological, evolutionary reflex.

Puppy piddle gives off certain scents that brand a puppy as harmless.  It is a reflex action that tells a larger, more dangerous animal, “Don’t hurt me.  I’m just a baby.”

That’s our Barack.

When the dictators of the world come to call, he puppy piddles all over the floor, crying “Wee wee wee, don’t hurt me.”

The dictators and bad guys of the world know how to handle little puppies like Obama.  They say soothing words to him, and rub his tummy.  The little puppy sighs with pleasure then squirts more puppy piddle, telling them “don’t hurt me”.  He can’t deal with our allies or anyone who actually tells him the truth.

He is emotionally incapable of dealing with the French or the Brits, both of whom are currently acting like adults.

He does not have the capacity to handle the world as an adult, just his narcissistic approach.  There are several reasons people are narcissists.  A few are simply sociopaths who don’t give a rip about anyone but themselves.  I would like to put Obama in that list, but there is a caveat.  I am not unconvinced some of his rashly immature, childish, and non-adult like behavior could be caused by his childhood.

Has Barack Obama ever truly grown up?

For 8 years we were honored to have a real man in office.  George W. Bush is a grown-up, with all the traits including the ability to admit when he screwed up.  Bill Clinton ignored his ‘screw-ups’.  George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan were also real men, who know when and how to acknowledge their mistakes and learn from.  John McCain has that ability.

But, Barack Obama is a child.
a little boy
a spoiled brat
a poorly educated man child who does not have the emotional capacity to be the leader of the world.

He lacks the moral capacity to determine right from wrong.

Barack Obama is a windsoc, blowing in the wind.  There is nothing to him.  A true narcissist, he is incapable of seeing beyond The Great I Am.  There is nothing inside of him.  He is the worst person in the world to have in the Oval office this day and age.

Incapable of adult behavior he governs like a spoiled child, appearing to be “imperial” and despotic.  Anyone who is familiar with the inner workings of small children know they are absolute dictators who rule absolutely.  He is like the Squire of Gothos, an infinitely powerful spoiled child who liked to torture his toys.  That’s all we are to Barack Obama – the crew of the Enterprise caught in web of childish petulance.

In the Weekly Standard

“…On the surface, Obama is a man of the world and of varied experience, who has had an existence of contrasts, and seen many aspects of life. He has seen life in Hawaii, Jakarta, and mainland America, life in Cambridge, Manhattan, Chicago, and Washington; he has genetic connections to Kansas and Kenya; he knows the life of the privileged (the political elite and the academic community), the life of the in-between (his childhood family), and the life of the poor (on the South Side of Chicago, where he held his first job). Few American politicians have ever had a geographical reach so diverse and so dazzling–or a political planet so narrow and small.

Obama has spent his entire adult life confined in the bubble of deep blue America–a place that makes up less than one-fifth of the country–in blue states, in blue cities, in blue states of mind. His city neighborhoods–Morningside Heights, Hyde Park, and Cambridge–are the back yards of elite universities; he worked in the ghetto (and met its denizens again in Jeremiah Wright’s congregation); and he rose in the urban ethnic machine of Chicago: the perfect trifecta of liberal politics, where people’s looks, speech, and dress may seem to be varied, but the voting and thinking go only one way. It is a real world, but a small one, and in a real sense misleading; one that sees suburbs and small towns as strange, foreign countries; where centrists are rare, and the right nonexistent; where Bill Ayers really is just a guy from the neighborhood (and the Reverend Wright is nothing unusual), and where no one and no party disputes that the state is the answer, that “social justice” demands redistribution, that less wealthy whites cling to God and to guns out of “bitterness,” and that racist white cops (all white cops are racist) always act “stupidly” when they are forced to have dealings with blacks…”