Ba Rock He Sane O Ba Ma mmmm mmmm mmmm The Em Per O Has No Clothes Ou La La


There is no difference between Obama fans and Trekkies. Please, I am not trying to insult Trekkies, only making a point about the “Dear Leader” films and school plays.

Want to talk about crazy fans?  That’s what we are dealing with.  When I think of crazy fans, I always go back to one of those almost sacred moments of my life.  Yes, I remember where I was, sitting on the edge of the bed in the Fedder’s bedroom with Karen Fedder and my sister.  We weren’t very old, but our parents, who were having dinner consigned us to the bedroom to watch THEM.  (FYI – Jerry Fedder and Lindsey were law partners).

Democrats think it is okay, which tells you something about them. My fellow Republicans are in a snit over the actions of a New Jersey elementary school.  So am I.  I’m furious about it.  Or, I was furious, then I started remembering back when I was in the 4th or 5th grade and had a crush on some TV star.  I refuse to mention the star or the TV show on the grounds that it might reveal how old I am.

I knew another girl who had a crush on the same TV star.  On Thursdays, when my mother would force me to waiting in the car F – O – R – E – V – E – R while my younger sister went to ballet (to this day I detest any form of dancing).  The girl who had a crush on the same star had dancing in the class after my sister.   She would come to her dance class early so we could sit in my mother’s car and go through our scrap books.

We would compare notes, new photos, and the poetry we had written the week before, even going so far as to write songs about our idol.  Our actions lasted about 3 months, then I developed a crush on some rock star, and she found another movie star to idolize.  At a loss, I discovered my favorite cousin, Marley, had a crush on the same rock star.  We were over the bad poetry stage, but still collected photos.  Once, on a family visit, we spent an entire snowy Saturday afternoon exchanging photos.

This lasted for six months.  My cousin discovered boys and send me all her photos.  The rock star married some woman (I think he’s still married to her) and my hear was broken – for the first time.  I wrote some bad poetry about it and consigned the pictures to the attic.

Then I discovered boys and there was no need to write bad poetry or sing songs about some stupid TV star.  Life became serious as I dumped boys for Republican politics.  I don’t think I ever wrote another poem, let alone a song.  I grew up.

It looks to me like the real problem with the New Jersey song an dance routine, which was more like something out of one of those long gone afternoons when Carla and I wrote bad poetry, than indoctrination.

It is about the Cult of Personality, in a very juvenile way.

Obama’s worshipful followers are just about as mature as Carla and I were back when we were in elementary school.  They are worshipping a man who isn’t much more emotionally mature than they are.

And that’s the problem.

When you are as emotionally immature as someone in the 4th or 5th grade, and are in a position of great power, you can do a hell of a lot of damage – too much damage.

The vast majority of Obama’s loyal followers lack the maturity and the wisdom to see beyond their childish needs, which he is feeding in his own immature way.  They are all being manipulated by grown ups with very serious agendas and have some serious power issues.

Pam Geller has “indoctrination” video.  It is so bad, the work is so bad – we’re talking teachers who are out of control fans.

This is about stupid, immature teachers, behaving badly.

If you can watch this and not barf – compare it to everything else.  We’re dealing with educators who are out of control.  I am more disgusted with the total lack of  restraint and judgement shown by various educators than I am about the indoctrination of little kids.

This is about teachers, educators who are so enticed, so excited by The One – as fans, that they do not know the difference between the ethical and unethical.  They are rabid, brain dead fans who are simply worshiping the object of their desire.

We are dealing with people who lack the emotional development and maturity to know what they are doing is wrong.  They are worshiping their god who also lacks the maturity to know what is right from wrong.  It is a terrifying and dangerous combination.

I’m not quite sure which is worse – indoctrination or the worship of the dear leader.  Actually, it’s all the same.  One is for political gain, the other is for pure idolatry.