Polanski’s Personal Pedophilia Proclivities


If you know anything about pedophiles, and unfortunately life has provided me with a Ph.D. on the subject, you know that they do not operate in a vacuum. The typical defense for someone who gets caught, is “I’ve only done this one time.”

Unfortunately, this is NOT the truth.  The average pedophile abuses over and over again.

The tragic truth is pedophiles are not created out of thin air.  A pedophile will have been molested as a child.  Only a very small minority of children who are molested will ever become pedophiles, so that is no actual excuse.  It does allow a starting place for trying to understand something terribly perverse, but that is it.

Polanski’s arrest has exposed Hollywood as the cheap dirty flasher we know it to be.  Jonah Goldberg has a good commentary on the subject, as does Mark Steyn.

It opens up the entire Obama Administration, also.  It exposes Kevin Jennings, who is on record having praised NAMBLA.

And, evidently Roman Polanski likes young teenage girls.


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