For An Encore – Water on Mars?


Every day, the Solar Sytem proves just how short sighted the anti-science anti NASA Dems are.  Now only has water been found on the moon, but now ice has been discovered on Mars!

“…Shane Byrne, of the University of Arizona, a member of the HiRISE team, said of the Mars findings: “This ice is a relic of a more humid climate from perhaps just several thousand years ago. We knew there was ice below the surface at high latitudes of Mars, but we find that it extends far closer to the equator than you would think, based on Mars’s climate today.

“The other surprising discovery is that ice exposed at the bottom of these meteorite impact craters is so pure. The thinking before was that ice accumulates below the surface between soil grains, so there would be a 50-50 mix of dirt and ice. We were able to figure out, given how long it took that ice to fade from view, that the mixture is 1 per cent dirt and 99 per cent ice.” The new craters were detected on August 10 last year, and studied in detail with the HiRISE instrument a month later. “We saw something very unusual … this bright blue material poking up from the bottom of the crater,” Dr Byrne said. “It looked a lot like water ice. It faded away like you’d expect water ice to fade, because water ice is unstable on Mars’s surface and turns into water vapour in the atmosphere.”

A few days later the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars picked up the chemical signature of water ice. “All of this had to happen very quickly because 200 days after we first saw the ice, it was gone — it was the colour of dirt,” Dr Byrne said. “If we had taken HiRISE images just a few months later, we wouldn’t have noticed anything unusual. This discovery would have passed us by.”…”