UPDATED: Lindsey Steps in It and the Extreme Right Tells The Usual Lies



The following conservative but NOT Republican blogs are also parroting Malkin.

Say Anything

The Liberty Journal

Pat Dollard

Pax Parabellum

This is a lesson in the ways the far, far, far right tries to destroy a very good man. It is NOT about normal, decent conservatives, libertarians, and independents.  It is about a handful of vile, nasty extreme right conservatives who have absolutely nothing to do with the Republican Party, but spent their venial time doing everything possibly to destroy, defame, and denigrate good, decent men and women who do not agree with them.

The real problem here is the fact that there is no differentiation between “conservative” and “Republican”.  We automatically know that when we are dealing with “liberals”, a good 95% of them are Democrats.  But – when we are dealing with the term “conservative” that is not the case at all.  Most are either Republican or usually vote Republican, but there is a very vocal minority who basically control all things conservative online.  They number in their midst some very powerful blogging voices who are regular commentators on FOX.  A decent Republican doesn’t stand a chance – until Republicans get smart and start calling down the thunder.

Evidently the mantra of “drill baby drill” is not longer acceptable to the Far Right.

What’s wrong with building new nuclear power plants?

I thought energy independence was a good thing.

Evidently it is, but only if it is proposed by someone other than Lindsey Graham.

The irony here is that what he and John Kerry are proposing isn’t far from what Sarah Palin is advocating.

The real problem – Lindsey is not “pure” enough for the far right. The worst part of this – if Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty, Bobby Jindal, Mike Pence,  Jim DeMint or even Ron Paul had proposed this the far right would be heralding the breakthrough as a way to defeat the far left.

First, The Pink Flamingo wants to go on record that we are dealing with climate change.  I did NOT say global warming.  I fear we are going to be hitting a period of global cooling due to the sun.  If we experience one big volcanic eruption like Pinatubo, we’re looking at some serious global cooling – major cooling – another minor ice age. 405px-Pinatubo91eruption_clark_air_base There are several things in this life that are consistent.  First, always count on Lindsey to throw a curve and step into a fast-ball at the same time. Second, Michelle Malkin is ALWAYS going to lie about his actions.  Then trust all the usual little far right flunkies to pick up on her irrational hatred of him.

I can only imagine what Rush is going to do tomorrow.

They say the devil is in the details.  If the usual suspects would bother reading the details, they might discover that Lindsey is NOT selling out their precious and somewhat irrational conservative cause that is increasingly costing us votes.  But then no one ever accused Michelle Malkin of being a Republican. loghealth Sometimes it just gets plain annoying having to constantly support and defend a man who believes in standing up for something he thinks is right, defending him from the people who don’t possess a small percentage of his honesty and honor.  Now though, Lindsey Graham has done the unpardonable….he penned an Op-Ed with John Kerry.

Who knew being a statesman was such a bad thing.

Then again, the far right knows very little about history, or they would know how the Senate actually works.

From The Hill:

“…The two senators wrote that they both agree on five basic premises: (1) climate change is real; (2) the U.S. should take an all-inclusive approach to renewable energy; (3) climate change represents an opportunity to ween the country off foreign oil; (4), climate legislation can’t and won’t cost American jobs; and (5) the bill will protect small businesses….”

Durn – I thought Malkin was conservative.

Obviously she and the usual suspects are once again responding with their usual knee-jerk reactionary far right, anti-GOP hate.  Maybe a few of the usual suspects need to read what is really going on here.

I will admit, I was annoyed with Lindsey when I heard he was up to this.  I trust him, so I know he is not going to betray our country.  I was more annoyed because I’m going to be out there defending what he is going against the usual conservative lies.

Funny thing about lies, you tell them long enough and they are taken as truth. The irony of the fact is the very people who are demanding purity, a return to traditional values, and are constantly damning Obama for his lack of truthfulness.  Factual accuracy is a funny thing.  It works both ways.

I will be willing to wage my currently very stinky toy poodle that the following usual sources are NOT Republican.

Want to know the real difference between liberals and conservatives?

Liberals usually circle their wagons and stand up for one another.

Conservatives have absolutely no problem eating their own, then going after liberals.  The problem is you can’t have it both ways and be intellectually honest, but then intellectual honest is not something the far far right deals with on a regular basis.

Lone Star Times (not GOP – but is a good conservative)

The Snooper Report (another independent who worships Reagan.  Problem is, Reagan would consider Lindsey a stronger supporter with a 90% ACU Rating)

Freedom’s Wings (can’t decide if it is Constitution Party or Libertarian) lindsey-graham-clown-300x177 Angry White Dude (This is where the lovely clown photo comes from.)  (Independent Tea Party freaks who prove all that racism stuff is right, I guess).  WARNING:  The comments on this site left about Lindsey are “R” rated at best.  You must remember this filth is good, decent conservative, patriotic American.  God Help Us All!

A Traditional Life Lived (also “independent)  I will be willing to put money on this independent thinker just wanting to drill here and drill now. (Are you starting to see a pattern – as in NONE of these criticisms come from real live REPUBLICANS?

Pundit Pawn (obviously conservative and obviously not Republican) Lindsey is doing what these same people have been demanding for ages.

Garden State Patriot (more brain-dead conservatives who take their cue from Malkin’s lies without investigating the actual information)

Problem is, if Lindsey does anything they will be against it – no matter what.  You see, to Malkin and her little Vdare bunch of non-Republican far right conservatives, it’s all about destroying anyone who steps in John Tanton’s precious path to total population control.  Yea, I know it sounds extreme, but then again, these people are extreme and absolutely refuse to face the truth about anything.  Hate and lies are much easier.

“…The two senators are proposing a bill that includes “aggressive” reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, additional oil and gas exploration and funding for nuclear power and advanced coal technologies known as carbon capture and sequestration. They’d also like legislation to include a border tax to protect domestic manufacturing from foreign competition and a price restrictions on the cost of carbon allowances created by a new cap and trade system…”

They want to adapt Lamar Alexander’s requirement of 100 new nuclear power plants by 2030.  Lindsey wants energy independence.  And the idea is to prevent the House Cap/Trade bill from destroying business, and prevent Obama’s EPA from adapting draconian steps that will destroy business.  It will also expand domestic gas/oil exploration.

Please explain how this is Liberal and a betrays conservatives.

The real problem here is the fact that we are dealing with out of control conservatives who are NOT Republicans but want to control the GOP.

I have news for you.  There are real Republicans out there who find conservatives like the Angry White Dude, etc as disgusting and dangerous as Obama ever was.

Something else interesting.  Check the “conservative” (not Republican) sites who denigrate Lindsey.  Most of them are using Malkin’s talking points.

Guess liberals aren’t the only ones who can’t think on their own.

I have another question.  Why can’t we expand the science and do something new and exciting.  Look at what has been done in Brazil.  They are completely independent of foreign oil simply by the use of natural gas in vehicles.  What’s liberal about this?

“…First, we agree that climate change is real and threatens our economy and national security. That is why we are advocating aggressive reductions in our emissions of the carbon gases that cause climate change. We will minimize the impact on major emitters through a market-based system that will provide both flexibility and time for big polluters to come into compliance without hindering global competitiveness or driving more jobs overseas.

Second, while we invest in renewable energy sources like wind and solar, we must also take advantage of nuclear power, our single largest contributor of emissions-free power. Nuclear power needs to be a core component of electricity generation if we are to meet our emission reduction targets. We need to jettison cumbersome regulations that have stalled the construction of nuclear plants in favor of a streamlined permit system that maintains vigorous safeguards while allowing utilities to secure financing for more plants. We must also do more to encourage serious investment in research and development to find solutions to our nuclear waste problem.

Third, climate change legislation is an opportunity to get serious about breaking our dependence on foreign oil. For too long, we have ignored potential energy sources off our coasts and underground. Even as we increase renewable electricity generation, we must recognize that for the foreseeable future we will continue to burn fossil fuels. To meet our environmental goals, we must do this as cleanly as possible. The United States should aim to become the Saudi Arabia of clean coal. For this reason, we need to provide new financial incentives for companies that develop carbon capture and sequestration technology. In addition, we are committed to seeking compromise on additional onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration — work that was started by a bipartisan group in the Senate last Congress. Any exploration must be conducted in an environmentally sensitive manner and protect the rights and interests of our coastal states.

Fourth, we cannot sacrifice another job to competitors overseas. China and India are among the many countries investing heavily in clean-energy technologies that will produce millions of jobs. There is no reason we should surrender our marketplace to countries that do not accept environmental standards. For this reason, we should consider a border tax on items produced in countries that avoid these standards. This is consistent with our obligations under the World Trade Organization and creates strong incentives for other countries to adopt tough environmental protections.

Finally, we will develop a mechanism to protect businesses — and ultimately consumers — from increases in energy prices. The central element is the establishment of a floor and a ceiling for the cost of emission allowances. This will also safeguard important industries while they make the investments necessary to join the clean-energy era. We recognize there will be short-term transition costs associated with any climate change legislation, costs that can be eased. But we also believe strongly that the long-term gain will be enormous….”