The First Bird


Evidently the Archaeopteryx has a metabolism much like that of a Velociraptor.  Now, would someone please explain to The Pink Flamingo why here bird phobia is so irrational?

“...When alive, Archaeopteryx looked like a cross between a bird and a dinosaur, as it sported feathers, a wishbone (fully fused clavicle) and a reverse first toe on its foot (which allows some birds to perch) like birds. But it also had non-avian dinosaur features like a long bony tail, claws and teeth.

And now slow growth can be added to Archaeopteryx’s dinosaur side.

In addition, scientists thought such lickety-split bone growth was a prerequisite for flight. But the now-considered slow grower Archaeopteryx may have flown or at least glided (though the jury is still out on whether it got airborne at all), suggesting fast bone growth wasn’t necessary for taking to the air….”