Watch Henry VIII Spin In His Grave!


Inside Catholic puts it this way:

“…The “personal ordinariate” is a structure whereby Anglicans will be able to come into full communion with the Holy See. Individuals, congregations, parishes, religious communities, whole dioceses and provinces will be able to maintain their Anglican traditions, use the Anglican Use Roman liturgy, see their married priests ordained to serve as Catholic priests, and even have their own “ordinary” (akin to their own bishop). Think of a mixture of the system used to minister to the military and the semi-autonomous structure that the Eastern Rite Catholics enjoy.

The Archbishop of Canterbury looked a bit like a deer in the headlights at the press conference in London today, where he admitted that he was not consulted about this step and was only informed about it two weeks ago. Nevertheless, he should have seen it coming: Not only has the Traditional Anglican Communion been publicly courting the Vatican, but two of his own traditionalist bishops were in a “secret” meeting with the Vatican last Easter….”

The Pink Flamingo has a sneaky feeling that someone in Canterbury is running around, wringing their incompetent little hands demanding that someone do something with that “meddlesome” Pope!

Is it acceptable to think that the Holy Father is a doll?  The Pink Flamingo has been a hug fan the Holy Father before he became the Holy Father. I revel in being right!   I just emailed a Catholic friend and reminded her that I told her he was a doll!


It is entirely possible that we Episcopalians who would like to be Anglican-Catholic may no longer be considered the illegitimate children at a family reunion.  I’m still not sure what all is going on here.  I’m not sure if we pathetic Episcopalians are included or if this is for “Anglicans” only.  Things are such a mess because of our dimwit Presiding Bishop, I’m just not sure.  I hear Canterbury is in a snit.

According to the UK Telegraph:

“...The historic move will allow groups of Anglicans to enter into full communion with the Holy See while allowing them to retain some of their traditions, and could see married Church of England clergy ordained as Catholic priests. It has dealt a serious blow to the Archbishop of Canterbury, who has tried to keep traditionalists in the fold despite their bitter disputes with liberals over the direction of the Anglican Communion, although he denied it was an “act of aggression”….”

The Anchoress has the “best” coverage.  My friend the Opinionated Catholic is basically in orbit.  I love what John posted.

“...American Episcopalians will get a giggle out of this because you get the joke. He comments
“Anybody else have a vision just now of Katharine Jefferts Schori jumping up and down and screaming, “He can’t do that!! Nicaea!! NICAEA!! NICAAAAAEEEEAAA!!” and then running away shrieking incoherently? Maybe it was just me”….”

Naturally some Presiding Bishops are not amused.  Frankly, I don’t care.  You can’t go around acting so darn liberal and not suffer the consequences.

“…The response to the Vatican move from the U.S. Episcopal Church, which has about two million members, was muted. “We are in dialogue with the Archbishop’s office and will, in the coming days, continue to explore the full implications of this in our ecumenical relations,” said Bishop Christopher Epting, deputy for ecumenical and interreligious relations. Bishop Robinson declined to comment, saying he hadn’t had time to study the announcement.

The Anglican Church of North America, which represents the seceding church bodies, expressed support. “We rejoice that the Holy See has opened this doorway, which represents another step in the growing cooperation and relationship between our churches,” said the Most Rev. Robert Wm. Duncan, the group’s archbishop.

Still, the Rev. Jack Leo Iker, who leads the group that broke from the Episcopal Church of Fort Worth, said the Catholic proposal is likely to get a mixed reception.

“Not all Anglo-Catholics can accept certain teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, nor do they believe that they must first convert to Rome in order to be truly catholic Christians,” the Rev. Iker said.

The new measures also raised questions in Rome. The Vatican so far hasn’t released the text of the regulations governing the new Apostolic Constitution, leading some Catholic canon lawyers to question how Pope Benedict will square Anglican and Catholic teachings.

The Vatican has at times provided dispensations to non-Catholic married priests on an individual basis, including Anglicans and Lutherans. Eastern Rite Churches, which are in communion with the pope, ordain married men as priests….”

This is so darn exciting.  The way I read it, as an Episcopalian, I can be accepted into the “Holy See” via full Communion!  It is also a thumb of the nose at both liberal Catholics and liberal Anglicans.  I don’t think any of us can actually grasp what has happened today, it is so historic and so revolutionary.  All I know is I can see a paving of the way for me.   The history here is up there with Henry VIII and Martin Luther.  We don’t even know the full implications of what has just happened.  I do know a Holy man of God is taking some very brave steps.

Dwight Longenecker of St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Greenville, wrote:

“…Finally, what are the implications for the Catholic Church herself at the beginning of the new millennium? Not only is this Apostolic Constitution a rebuff to the old style of ecumenical discussions, it is a rebuff to liberal Catholics. The pope is giving a very clear message to those who wish to follow the historic Christian faith: “Let us be united in the One Faith, One Church, One Baptism.” He is willing to take risks to welcome those who follow the historic Christian faith, although separated from full communion with Rome. On the other hand, he sees those who prefer the modern gospel of relativism, sexual license, and a denial of the historic Christian faith that have taken over the mainstream Protestant churches. He knows there are plenty of them in the Catholic Church, and to them Benedict is quietly saying, “There’s the door.”…”