UPDATED: I Told You So: Tea Party People Betray GOP



The Politico has an excellent piece about the problems the GOP is facing.  If something isn’t done to either separate the Tea Party People and the extreme non-GOP far right from the conversation, we are going to lose big in 2010. Horror stories like Glenn Beck are alienating independents we need to win, and are damaging to the GOP.

“….Congressional leaders talk in private of being boxed in by commentators such as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh — figures who are wildly popular with the conservative base but wildly controversial among other parts of the electorate, and who have proven records of making life miserable for senators and House members critical of their views or influence.….Our party has to bring those voters along with a critique of policies, not the kind of harsh rhetoric the left used against former President Bush,” Gillespie said.

“Without a good slice of the independents, we are doomed,” said former House Minority Leader Bob Michel (R-Ill.).

The only Republicans standing up to Beck and other conservative activists right now are familiar iconoclasts like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and New York Times columnist David Brooks — both of whom are distrusted by many Republicans for their frequent departures from conservative orthodoxy.

Graham, earlier this month, mocked Beck’s famous on-air cry and warned that the Fox News talk show host is “not aligned with any party as far as I can tell. He’s aligned with cynicism.” Not long afterward, he was heckled by conservatives at a political event back home.

Brooks, a Republican who has written both favorably and critically about Obama, amplified Graham’s concern with the party’s obsequious relationship with Beck and Limbaugh. “It is a story of remarkable volume and utter weakness,” he wrote. “It is a story as old as ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ of grand illusions and small men behind the curtain.”

Allies of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) have detailed for POLITICO how the former GOP presidential nominee is dismayed with the direction of the party and put an unusual amount of time and effort into trying to push the party in a more centrist direction.

All three figures are often irritants to establishment Republicans — but in this case, many Republicans said privately they were in agreement that they need to move beyond the hard-core right to succeed….”


Did you know there is a scientific reason extremists are so determined to promote their views?

There are some who think the nut cases have grown in proportion to the GOP and we are reaching a “tipping point” where they could actually destroy not only the GOP but any hope to destroy the Dem’s majority in the House in 2010.  If this happens, the far far far far far right will be responsible for destroying the country.  But – they will have purity.

They remind me of the caricatures of old New England Puritans, who were willing to kill in order to keep someone holy or pure.  There’s not much difference.  These people are destroyers.  As a group they become an emotionally disturbed mob bent on going after the monster, never realizing they have become monsters, themselves.

Fortunately, a civil war is brewing within the extreme end of the Tea Party People Movement.  I told you so.  The whole movement seems to be dying, which is good and is bad.  It was a good idea, but somewhere along the line it went bad.

The usual conservative sources have finally outed themselves as being completely against the GOP.  These extremely immature, Borderline Personality Disorder Conservatives are all or nothing.  Juvenile to the extreme, they have become so spoiled and so dictatorial that they are now seriously dooming our country.  Dave Nalle has an interesting take on the debacle in NY-23. If Dave is correct, and I fear he is, the far far far far far right is in a position to completely destroy any hope of saving our country next November. They are irrational, unable to see anything put their point of view.

Dave wrote:

“…These ideologically driven and inflexible single-issue voters have become a liability to the Republican Party and do the party far more harm than moderates like Scozzafava. Moderates can at least be counted on to do the practical thing and support the party most of the time. They aren’t lining up to commit political suicide over a single issue and drag the whole party down with them. The self-righteous extremists seem not to grasp the concept of the lesser of two evils, or understand that a vote against Scozzafava is essentially a vote for Obama and Pelosi and all the marxism they would love to pass into law. They are apparently perfectly willing to have us all live in a marxist dictatorship so long as every fetus gets a chance to share in the slavery…”

We are dealing with idiots who demand purity.  They can be manipulated. Steve McCann has an excellent American Thinker piece on the subject.

“...To the folks organizing the tea parties: these gatherings, while allowing the participants to vent, should have a purpose and an objective.  That objective should be the nomination of true Republican conservatives to run or challenge in every district in the country; particularly those that recently voted for faux conservatives.  More importantly support the winner of the nomination.

To our libertarian friends: the ideological purists and leave-me-alone fundamentalists, please understand what is happening in our country will directly affect you.  It is no longer our choice to simply dismiss what is happening will only impact others or future generations.  You must now get involved in the political process within a major party.

The promotion of third party candidates, which the Democrats are trying to manipulate you to do, will only keep the radical government in Washington in power and make permanent the massive changes they are proposing.  There is not the time for a third party to achieve sufficient power to influence events.  Ask yourselves would the overwhelming majority of Republicans be proposing the policies now under consideration in Washington?

To the fiscal conservatives but social liberals: you have seen what the Obama Administration plans to do with your taxes and government spending.  Which would you rather have — a bankrupt economy and your wealth destroyed or to stop believing in the absurdity that Republicans want to impose their religion on you?…”

You know the ones – the Tea Party People, Ron Paul Bots, and the far far far far right – the irrational individuals who demand 100% purity – to THEIR ideals.

“...Brian Walsh, spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, a group that coordinates GOP Senate campaigns, says the party has chosen strong candidates. “It’s healthy to have debates about the future direction of the party,” says Mr. Walsh. But he adds, “We want to make sure we have candidates on the ballot in the best position to defeat the Democrat candidate.”

Republican leaders in Washington, such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio, are trying to align the GOP with the protesters’ frustrations, praising their actions and echoing their arguments.

But the tea-party movement appears aggressively nonpartisan, much like Ross Perot’s supporters in 1992. “The tea-party movement, in my judgment, has proven to be very real, but it’s precisely the fact that it’s real that makes it difficult to take advantage of,” says Vin Weber, a former Minnesota congressman and now a top Republican strategist. “They don’t want to be co-opted by the Republican Party.”…”

Funny thing, though.  If Rasmussen is right, and he usually is, these folks are way off base.  Currently Huck and Mitt are pulling over 50% of the GOP primary base. These two individuals are NOT all that conservative – get it?


Unfortunately conservative purists who are basically quite juvenile in their approach to politics are endangering the country.  They have merged with Tea Party People who are now exercising their constitutional right to be jerks, and destroy the country, by attempting to destroy good Republicans like Lindsey.  They are blindly promoting Ron Paul, regardless of the damage a split vote will do to the country.

They are demanding purity – 100% ideological purity, while parroting what they stupidly think Reagan said.  If they knew anything about Reagan, they would understand his 80% requirement.  Reagan did not demand 100% purity.  Then again, Reagan, unlike our current crop of absolutely terrifying conservatives, was not a fool.

If you look at the whole mess from a liberal point of view, it looks even worse.

“...Thus frustrated fringes get fringier every week, like crazed chickens bloodying their own. South Carolina whiners blasted hardcore Lindsey Graham for not being hardcore enough, crying out “fake Republican,” “traitor” and “war criminal.” Unhinged mass hysteria likewise turned senators into mulish fools. Simultaneously scorning fair play or common decency, 30 very ugly GOP senators condemned Sen. Al Franken’s successful amendment denying government contractors the right to block remedies by duped, abused employees. One case involved a woman gang-raped – and held captive by Halliburton staff on its premises – whose contract forbade legal recourse….”


Josh left a comment on one of the Pink Flamingo’s articles about libertarians. Have you ever wanted to say something but couldn’t figure out what it was. As I wrote a reply to Josh, it dawned on me that I finally knew what I wanted to say to the libertarian crowd.

The Republican party is going to have a near impossible time getting anyone elected against Obama unless the ‘establishment republicans’ embrace these exact ‘libertarians’ that your tirade is targeted at. Get as frustrated as you want it’s pretty apparent the numbers of ‘crazy libertarians’ are growing.

Health care aside, Obama has a huge contingent of followers. The ‘libertarians’ refuse to vote for establishment republicans. And the establishment republicans refuse to vote for libertarians. Stalemate. We both lose.

This is why Libertarians feel they HAVE to take over the party. As the party refuses to embrace us

The Pink Flamingo’s reply:

“That is not true. We’re tired of libertarians telling us how bad we are. If “libertarians” would be less self-righteous about being “libertarian” and start doing a little snooping. When I take a test about my political leanings, I come out “hard” libertarian. But, I am a Republican. You will find that just about every Republican you encounter has a libertarian streak in them. It’s the nature of the beast.

But – wait a minute – I might save this for a rant. I think I finally know what I want to say!

We agree with you on almost everything (80%) you say – but we don’t like the way you guys are going about saying it. It’s like the way you go after our elected Republicans like Lindsey. He has a lifetime ACU rating that is a good 15 points higher than Ron Paul, but you would denigrate him and say he needs to be kicked out of office.

Ronald Reagan said that anyone who voted with him 80% of the time was NOT his political enemy. A good Republican knows this. Maybe that’s the problem. There is no way a 100% Conservative and 100% libertarian agenda or candidate can win elections. Most of the American people are center right. I’m more interested in winning elections than purity or proving a point.

If you don’t win elections, any agenda is nothing but tilting at windmills.

Maybe that’s the difference.”

The problem is not NORMAL Libertarian Party libertarians.  It is not Libertarian Republicans, of which Dave Nalle is the current national chair.  Dave and I butt heads once in awhile, but Dave is one of the adults.  He knows what he is doing, and is not damaging the GOP.


The problem is immature political new-comers and irrational, unreasonable individuals, primarily Ron Paul Bots, who don’t comprehend the political process, let alone the Constitution, and how things actually work.   If Democrats and liberals can comprehend what is going on, and are concerned about the way NORMAL Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey are being treated, we are in serious trouble.

“…Sen. Graham views himself as President Obama’s loyal opposition.  ”Do I want some of his policies to fail?  You better believe it.  Do I want him to fail?  No, because he’s my president.” While it’s tempting for liberals to rejoice in the Republican Party’s current disarray, such rejoicing is shortsighted.  This country needs the core values traditionally upheld by the Republican Party, as well as the core values traditionally upheld by the Democratic Party.  National debates require the best that both parties have to offer, so that decisions can be based on intelligent, thoughtful arguments from both perspectives. At this time when the U.S. faces so many challenges, may more Republicans follow the lead of Sen. Graham and call their party to be its best self.  Restoring the soul of the Republican Party will ultimately strengthen America’s soul…”


10 thoughts on “UPDATED: I Told You So: Tea Party People Betray GOP

  1. The NY-23 case is a special one. Dede Scozzafava has drawn support from ACORN and Planned Parenthood, among other groups. Given what biggovernment.com and Glenn Beck have revealed about ACORN, and the fact that she has made noises about switching parties, she’s one the GOP can do without.

    She doesn’t meet a 60% requirement, much less 80%.

    The folks in the tea party movement have valid concerns. The question is how do those concerns get embraced without empowering the crazies?

  2. I think they started out okay, but have been manipulated and used.

    My real problem with NY-23 is the possibility that it could be the beginning of a trend with these people. If they plan on running “conservatives” throughout the country to oppose nominated Republicans, we are in for a disaster.

    I’ve heard that Scozzafava plans to switch parties if elected. I know she is a problem – but I’m looking past the current race and wondering if we are seeing the beginning of a trend. Even Michael Medved refused to endorse her, and he is dead set against 3rd parties. What fascinates me is the “libertarian” Republicans don’t mind Scozzafava at all, but are dead set against someone like Lindsey. The Malkin bunch doesn’t like her, and they are dead set against someone like Lindsey.

    We have a problem with the fringe element. Scozzafava may be the wrong example, but face it, some of the Tea Party people are playing a bit nasty with her. And – I would not vote for her.


  3. I’ve read several of your posts and actually wonder if you are a Republican or conservative at all. I say this for two reasons:

    1) You seem to have lots more problem with those who are to the right of you (assuming, as you claim to be, that you are a conservative), than you do with the leftists in the Democrat party who should theoretically be much further from your ideals than those who are to your right;

    2) You spend almost no time discussing philosphy or ideas. Just tactics and calling conservatives names “far far far…ect.” You call Glenn Beck all kinds of names, but I’ve never seen you dispute any particular thing he said. Did he make up the quotes by Van Jones or Anita Dunn? What, exactly, do you have against him? Or Michelle Malkin?

    I’m an Ayn Rand Republican. I know I won’t get purity so I hold my nose and vote for the likes of Kay Bailey Hutchenson. But should I not fight for principles? Should I accept ANYONE without question, just because they have an “R” behind their name? Where does that get us?


  4. I am a Republican. I find Ayn Rand repulsive and distasteful. I cannot understand how an entire philosophy can be based on a person who was so abjectly lacking in morality and human decency.

    We have primaries to weed out individuals who are not acceptable to the party in general. That’s what it is all about. That is where the problem in NY-23 happened – no primary.

    Glenn Beck is NOT a Republican. All he does is denigrate Republicans. The other evening on O’Reilly he called George W. Bush corrupt. That was the very last straw for me. There is NOTHING corrupt about GWB, who is one of the two finest men to ever serve in Washington, Lindsey Graham being the other. But – Lindsey is not pure, ergo he must be lied about and destroyed. Glenn Beck attacked Lindsey who happens to be a friend of mine. I value friendship. I don’t like to see people I know be lied about and denigrated. It’s that simple.

    I have a heck of a lot against Michelle Malkin. She is NOT a Republican but demands everyone march to her specific little Vdare drummer. She goes after anyone who has connections to Planned Parenthood (which I consider a truly repulsive and corrupt organization) but parrots anything that comes out of Numbers USA, FAIR, or any of John Tanton’s organizations. She ignores the fact that Tanton, who founded the anti-immigration organizations, is one of Planned Parenthood’s most loyal supporters. I call that rank hypocrisy. I do not approve of Vdare, which is owned by the identical twin brother of a former head of the National Socialist Party. I don’t like racists. I don’t like extremists. I do not like the way Malkin treats Lindsey. She has repeatedly lied about him.

    I stand on principles when it comes to supporting my friends and calling out people who do not tell the truth about them. I have a problem with immorality – and I consider Ayn Rand repulsive, almost evil.

    I am learning every day that conservatives don’t really care about morality, decency, the 10 Commandments, or honor. All they are interested in is a philosophy which has become a religion to them. My religion comes from Christ, not Reagan nor Ayn Rand.

    I refuse to claim to be “a conservative” after this weekend. I find them humiliating. I am a Republican and stand on Republican principles of small government, lower taxes, protecting small businesses, a strong national defense, and the rights of the individual. I gather that is no longer conservative, but liberal. You see, Reagan never stabbed people in the backs because they did not goose-step to his demands. He was a loyal friend, and considered certain values bigger than any one party of philosophy. He understood kindness, decency, honor, loyalty, friendship, and lived by the teachings of Christ. He had little patience with the far right, libertarians, John Birch, or anything that wasn’t grounded in rational discourse.

    I don’t understand anyone or group of people who refuse to tolerate a difference in opinion. It is narrow-minded and shows a lack of basic morality and values, but then again, that’s what Ayn Rand libertarians are – there is no morality.

    Sorry, but I am a Christian and I am a Republican. I am not going to betray the teachings of Christ, who taught us to pray “Forgive us our sins – AS WE FORGIVE others.”


  5. I’m still waiting for the “lie.” And “attack” isn’t a “lie” if it’s, ummm, true.

    Lindsay supported that vile woman Sotomayor. This is true, yes?

    Lindsay attacked Beck first, yes?

    Lindsay supported amnesty for illegals, yes?

    Lindsay has said he’d vote for cap-and-tax, yes?

    If any of these things are incorrect, I await evidence to the contrary.

    You say you’re a “Republican.” OK, so if someone has an “R” label on his lapel, it doesn’t matter WHAT he believes? Is that the position you really want to take? Like rooting for a sports team? So long as they’re wearing your teams uniform, you root for them?

    The stakes are too high. Have you pondered the economic calamity that will befall us if Lindsay gets his way and we sign on to cap-and-trade? IDEAS MATTER!

    In fact, in the final analysis, ideas are ALL that matter.


  6. Have you read what he actually said – what he wrote. He wants to put an official limit on cap/trade so the EPA can’t inflict damage on small business. He also said he would not vote for anything that has cap/trade in it. He want’s a heck of a lot of nuclear power. He wants off-shore drilling. He supports our military.

    I agree with supporting Sotomayor – for one reason. Save you ammunition for someone truly disgusting. I am not convinced that she is all that evil. I could be wrong, but I have a gut feeling about her. We will know when the SCOTUS rulings start coming out in a few weeks or so.

    I agree with Lindsey on immigration. Look, I live in New Mexico. I spend a lot of time in Cochise County and Tombstone. I KNOW the people who started the whole immigration thing. I know why they did it and it has nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with one person shacking up with another and trying to get money out of that person. I know how the whole mess started. It wasn’t about immigration reform but a jerk who had a break-down after 9/11 and had a heck of a lot of personal problems. I know about the woman who promoted it all. She HATES Hispanics.

    This is what gets me so angry. It isn’t about immigration reform. It is about population control through eugenics and forced abortion. It is about limiting population to protect the planet. You denounce the same philosophy when it is part of health care reform, but fail to even comprehend that the same philosophy behind immigration reform comes from the same place, same group, same individuals.


  7. I can’t see into peoples’ hearts to see their motives. But I know this: a country that has no control over its borders isn’t a sovereign nation.

    How do you justify rewarding people for breaking our laws and breaking into our country? I don’t justify the people who employ them, by the way. I’d throw the book at them as well. But why is it wrong for us to want to have a SAY in who gets to come here?

    I have a personal issue here too. My wife is Filipino. She waited SEVEN YEARS for the right to come here. It was her life’s dream from when she was a little girl…and she made it by a few days or her opportunity would have been gone. She did it the right way. She played by the rules.

    And it truly galls me to see people who sneak into our country in the dead of night getting opportunities that should go to people all over the globe who are playing by the rules and want to come here LEGALLY.


  8. Oh, by the way….

    According to Rasmussen, 73% of GOP voters think their party has lost touch with the base. Since well over half of all GOP voters describe themselves as conservative, you can pretty well draw the conclusion that the GOP base believes party leadership has veered too far left.


  9. I agree with you.

    I have a “sister” from India. I know what she went through.

    I have a problem with the sources of the movement – not the idea of protecting our borders. You mentioned principle. I guess that’s where I make a stand. The whole thing was gone about all the wrong way.

    I don’t like the rank racism against Hispanics that the whole movement has started. I wasn’t even interested in it until I was told a story from some very good friends. I don’t have time to go into it, but let’s just say anyone who is Hispanic and doesn’t have a full library of paperwork on them is in danger of being harassed, detained, and mistreated. We’re talking people who have been in the US for generations.


  10. I know – I’m wondering if the poll isn’t an outlier. There is one question that was not asked: “Are you satisfied with your GOP Senator or Congressperson”. If that question had been asked, we would know more about how people actually feel. Do they think their GOP rep is okay, and are they ticked with everyone else?

    The same poll puts Huck up on top for 2012 – and he’s viewed as not all that conservative.

    The next poll says people trust the GOP more than the Dems.


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