Now They’ve Turned on Newt


My grandfather Froehlich was a cattleman all of his life.  He had the largest independent dairy in south Florida, milking several hundred cows on a 24 hour basis. Having spent all of his life around cows, he had a tendency to equate and philosophize about life via cows.  He also had a rather cynical view of humanity, likening them to cows.

He would have a very dismal view of today’s “conservative base”, considering them nothing but cattle.

What happens when people who are NOT Republican acquire enough power to manipulate themselves into the position where they can call the shots?

Okay, they are smart. They are a heck of a lot smarter than “we are”.  If we had half their cunning, duplicitous brains, we would know how to manipulate them and not the other way around.

Republicans who allow it are just downright pathetic.  That’s what is going on in the GOP today.  A minority group of conservatives have terrorized our more spineless Republican officials into thinking THEY ARE THE BASE, when nothing could be farther from the truth.

Why should people who have no relationship with a political party be the ones who call the shots?

They are abusive bullies who have come up with a formula to terrorize our elected officials.  When good men like Lindsey stand up to them, well – you can see the results.  They lie, denigrate, abuse, and manipulate.

Golly, they are good conservatives!

The far right now thinks Newt Gingrich is not good enough for them.  They’ve also turned on Mike Huckabee, but then they never did like Huck.  This whole mess is because the NY GOP is absolutely incompetent.

We have a serious problem.  What happens when an obviously corrupt state party that can’t do anything right holds a “closed-door” meeting and chooses a very flawed and basically incompetent candidate?


The real problem – the RNC needs to create some sort of a rule where every state and district in the country MUST hold primaries for their nomination process.  This happens, NY-23’s uncivil war would have been avoided.  Unfortunately we are dealing with a small minority of brain-dead, juvenile bloggers, and far right nut jobs who can’t comprehend what is going on, and are manipulating the endorsement war in NY-23 to suit their own purposes.

Melissa Cloutihier uses Palin’s endorsement of Hoffman to promote her own far right agenda, just knowing the far right is the GOP base. This is where the problem is – the far right is NOT the base of the GOP.  They are delusional, having been conned into believing they are by Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity.  If you listen to a reasonable Republican on the radio, like Michael Medved, you will realize the far right is being conned.

“…The Republican Party has a choice. They can continue to antagonize those who vote them into office or they can start paying attention. They mistakenly buy the D.C. bubble philosophy that moderation is the way to find good candidates. What they’re seeing is a base willing to lose if the Republican Party doesn’t change its ways.

A friend on Twitter said to me last night: “Sarah Palin has the base, she has to find a way to reach out to the moderates and independents.” I retorted: “The Republican party might have the moderates and independents (which I question since those people chose Obama over the moderate McCain), they have to find a way to win the base.” The base won’t be discounted any longer and they have found their champion in a very powerful Sarah Palin….”

This far right talks a good game, but they are the ones who DID NOT vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin.  If they had not betrayed the country by voting for either Chuck Baldwin or Obama, Sarah Palin would now be the VP of the US.  They have ONLY themselves to blame.

The far far far far far right has been reading too many reviews and is too impressed with its importance.  To put it succinctly, it is heading for a historic crash.  The problem is this fringe element is going to bring down not only the GOP but will destroy the country in the process.

The Pink Flamingo has come to realize that the far far far far far irrational conservative right would willingly accept the Anti-Christ if he/she said they were a Reagan Conservative. They have become that extreme – or should I say – bovine stupid.  They are like cattle, a brainless herd, being pushed over the cliff by a few ambitious bloggers, radio talk show hosts, and columnists who are using them for their own personal glory.

If anyone thinks the far far far far far right has not declared war on the GOP, reason, logic, and their country, I have news for you.  These people are out of control! They need a time-out and a bucket of cold water thrown in their smirking conservative little faces.

NY-23 has turned into ground zero for the battle.  Lines have been drawn.  The uncivil war has begun.  Obama must be laughing, smirking, and knows full well, if this continues, there is no way the Dems will NOT retain the House in 2010.

Mike Huckabee is evil for not endorsing the conservative choice. In the process, Huck is laughing all the way to the bank and front-runner status for the 2012 nomination, which just might be his for the taking if things continue on their current course.  There is no way Mitt Romney can win, considering Romney-Care.  Then again, his supporters are delusional and more than just a little dirty in their game playing.

I don’t know if Palin’s endorsement of Hoffman is going to come back to haunt her.  I truly hope it does not.  I do hope she is doing the ages old, appeal to the base to get the nomination and then go for a wider audience in a general election.  I am also beginning to wonder if she is not being manipulated by the far right.  Then again, Michael Medved has endorsed Hoffman and Medved thinks third parties are losers.  Maybe it will be okay and Palin will not have harmed herself.

This is what bothers me:

“…Political parties must stand for something. When Republicans were in the wilderness in the late 1970s, Ronald Reagan knew that the doctrine of “blurring the lines” between parties was not an appropriate way to win elections. Unfortunately, the Republican Party today has decided to choose a candidate who more than blurs the lines, and there is no real difference between the Democrat and the Republican in this race. This is why Doug Hoffman is running on the Conservative Party’s ticket….”

Reagan was elected, not by the GOP but by Democrats who deserted Jimmy Carter to vote for him.  He was a very pragmatic “deal-maker” who sounded like an ideologue, but was a cold-blooded realist.  In today’s world, we don’t have the luxury of ideology.  We must have cold blooded realism.

That cold-blood realism has absolutely no room for anyone who will push away good Republicans, even those always considered conservative, like Lindsey, who are now not good enough for people who aren’t even Republicans.

There are some very mis-guided independents who are trying to read into Sarah Palin their own dreams of thumbing their noses at the GOP.  My concern over the Hoffman endorsement is the fact that they are now empowered.  Empowered idiots can do a heck of a lot of damage.

Rick Moran has a very good American Thinker commentary about Obama’s “Gangsterism”.  How, pray tell you, is what Michelle Malkin and her little band of followers any different?

Michelle Makin is NOT a Republican, yet she doesn’t have the courage to come out and say as much.  Rather, she is damning our good elected officials, threatening candidates, and doing the same thing Obama is – destroying what gets in her way.

She’s no different than all the other little conservative thugsThey are now going after Newt Gingrich.  Where does this end?

Want proof of Tea Party People’s ignorance and stupidity, listen to this one.


5 thoughts on “Now They’ve Turned on Newt

  1. “My concern over the Hoffman endorsement is the fact that they are now empowered.”

    Exactly my concern as well. I happen to think Hoffman can and should win, but at the same time I worry the Far Side crowd will use it disproportionately as an example of how to do business. Then, Hannity, Rush, Beck, etc. will flog it disproportionately because it supports their mantra.

    Oh well. We can’t control everything.

    What we really have to hope for is that Barack Obama becomes such a colossal laughingstock over the next year (and he is well on his way) that people will literally vote for a corpse or a chimpanzee, as long as it has an “R” next to its name.

  2. I’ve never had anyone explain to my satisfaction what, exactly, the point is of “winning” by surrending principles.

    So we accept the tenets of collectivism and YAHOO, we have leftist Republicans instead of leftists Democrats ruuning the show. Yippee. If your interest is whether your masters have an R or D behind their names, that’s fine.

    But if your interest is in liberty and the constitution? Why would it matter? For the record, I’m a lifelong Republican. But that’s becuase I’ve seen Republicans as substantively better than the Democrats. But I’m a conservative first, not a Republican.

    Is that really difficult to understand?


  3. I’ve never been able to understand what good it does to stand on principle for political ideals – to a certain point. I find amusing that conservatives spout the gospel of Reagan, but choose to ignore Reagan’s 80% rule. If someone votes with him 80% of the time they are a political friend, not an enemy.

    What good is standing on a narrow set of principles going to do if we lose our entire country to the far left? It only serves to make the far right look abjectly foolish – as in lacking wisdom.

    The other things that bothers me is the fact that the far right now seems to be at the point of almost blackmailing our officials into supporting their way or the highway. I refuse to vote for anyone who gives in to anyone – right or left – and lacks the courage of their own convictions.

    I’ve see the right change to the point where it is something I no longer recognize. I’ve not changed one thing I believe (other than no longer supporting capitol punishment). I’ve never changed. When Reagan was POTUS, I was considered a Reagan Republican. Today I am accused of being liberal – yet I believe the very same thing I did in 1980. I’ve seen people Reagan denounced as crack-pots take over the arguments, people who denounced him as too liberal. No one will even admit this happened, but it did.

    The way the far right has changed, I have conservative principles, I’ve NEVER changed. Where once I was proud to call myself “conservative” I find today’s extreme brand of conservatives are a humiliation. They are beyond rational conversation.

    What good is it to stand on extreme principles when you are allowing the country to be destroyed?

    The last straw for me is the fact that the right has turned on Newt.


  4. I’ve had 3 political heros: Reagan, Phil Gramm, and Newt. I have believed in some ways that Newt may have been as historically important as Reagan. I could never make you believe how many hours I’ve spent boring people by explaining his historical significance to them.

    That is why I was disappointed beyond my ability to explain when he endorsed that Dede person. It isn’t as if this is a close case. This isn’t a conservative under the GOP banner versus a more conservative independent. This is someone who supports cardcheck, cap-and-trade, and gay marraige versus a solid conservative. Why should conservatives of ANY stripe sit still for this? What does it say about how the party is treating conservatives?

    I gave him a break when he sat on the couch with Nancy Pelosi supporting CAP AND TRADE. You do remember that don’t you? In my humble opinion, the Global Warming scam is the greatest threat to our freedom since the fall of the USSR. I truly believe this. But I gave Newt a pass on this….I can’t blame him for wanting the New York Times to say nice things about him after all the abuse he’s taken from the mainstream media.

    But this? I’ll just repeat: If I didn’t admire him so much, I wouldn’t be so profoundly disappointed.


  5. NY-23 is a no-win situation. I would like to see the GOP demand all national races be decided by primaries, which would have solved the entire mess. I don’t like Hoffman. The more I see of him the less I like him. I think Dede is a joke. I don’t think party money should go to her, but she is the official nominee and those are the rules. The whole thing is a mess. Everyone would have been better served just to leave it alone and let them fight it out there in the district. If I were in the district, I don’t even know if I would vote.

    You got me there on the endorsements. Like I said, everyone should have stayed out of it. Neither candidate is that great. I think it is an embarrassment all the way around. I’m hearing there might be a residential problem with Hoffman – but I could be wrong on that. Dede is an idiot. I think everyone would be better served to write in Donald Duck.


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