Glenn Beck Lies About Lindsey


To Glenn Beck, all Republicans are “corrupt”, even someone like George W. Bush.

Lindsey is in good company.  Not only is Glenn Beck trashing him, but Friday night on O’Reilly he trashed GWB, basically calling him “corrupt”.

Glenn Beck is a spoiled, nasty little brat of a clown who cannot be criticized. Lindsey called down the thunder on him, and Beck is behaving in his usual horrible fashion.

The Pink Flamingo has come to realize that the far right is so “far gone” conservatives would willingly follow the Anti-Christ of he/she said they were Reagan Conservatives.  How else can you explain why Glenn Beck gets away with his stupidity, crying and attacks on good, decent Republicans?

What do you do with conservatives who would rather believe Glenn Beck, the lying clown rather than check something out and see where he is twisting the truth?

Beck is going to do serious damage to this country.  If what I fear is going to happen, he is going to lie and cheat his way into allowing the Dems to keep the house in 2010.  If so, I gather the far right will blame people like Lindsey.  That will be their personal and private shame.  They will know they are the ones responsible for destroying our country.

Someone needs to pull the plug on Beck before he destroys our country.

This is an example of Glenn Beck “journalism”.


One thought on “Glenn Beck Lies About Lindsey

  1. Yep, we made the mistake of tuning into Dreck for five minutes last week. It didn’t take 3 minutes before he veered off into Kookville and dispensing of suicidal advice.

    He’s Glenn Dreck now. And it’s too bad because I actually think he has something to offer. But his inner dry drunk cannot be restrained. Needling and agitating is apparently his replacement for bourbon, or whatever. I do not need further agitation.

    Merriam-Webster definition of Dreck = trash; rubbish

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