End Credits – THE Walk


We call it THE Walk.

It began on Allen Street, near the now defunct Oriental Saloon.  Today that would be across the street from the Longhorn and across Fifth Street from the Crystal Palace.

THE Walk continued down Allen street.

CIMG0454At the corner of Allen and Fourth Street, they turned right, onto Fourth Street.

Once reaching Fremont Street, they turned left.  Today one must use the sidewalk.  Fremont Street is now Highway 80 and a major highway. (Two frequent Tombstone visitors were killed last week after being hit by a truck at that corner).

They walked in front of Fly’s Boarding House – where Doc was living at the time.  The entrence to the OK Corral was a few feed from Flys.  Contrary to what is shown today, the gunfight happened in the middle of the street.