Only in Tombstone – Part 1,000,001


Just in time for the 128th Anniversary of the Gunfight at the OK Corral.

On a historic note, the meeting took place in Schieffelin Hall.  You get a taste of the excellent acoustics in a building that is 128 or so years old.  Incredible building.

The Pink Flamingo has been following the ongoing saga of Tombstone mayor Dusty Escapule and various business owners.  I never would have noticed the story had it not been brought to my attention by a business owner I know, who stands to lose everything, because of Escapule and the current town council.  Another business owner asked if I wouldn’t feature the hi jinks on my blog, feeling the tale needed wider exposure.

To be fair, the mayor, like everyone else, is fighting for the survival of his business.  As mayor, though, he should also be looking out for everyone else.  Then again – it’s Tombstone.  Mike Carrafa has turned the video over to the county attorney.

From the Sierra Vista Herald:

“...After receiving a complaint alleging a violation of Open Meeting Law during an Oct. 13 Tombstone City Council meeting, along with reviewing a video clip of the incident, Cochise County Attorney Edward Rheinheimer said his office decided to initiate the investigation. Rheinheimer will be looking into the way Michael Carrafa, a Tombstone business owner and resident, was treated during the meeting’s call to the public. In addition, the county attorney’s office will be investigating the city of Tombstone’s apparent failure to post agendas for meetings on its Web site.
Contacted on Friday to discuss the investigation, Escapule declined to comment, while Ikirt and Bays were not available to comment.
Carrafa recorded video of the Oct. 13 episode and then posted it on YouTube. The video footage is what the staff at the county attorney’s office reviewed before initiating the investigation. In the footage, Carrafa is interrupted by Bays and Escapule and not allowed to address the City Council during the meeting’s call to the public. Carrafa was subsequently evicted from the meeting by a Tombstone deputy marshal after attempting to question a city ordinance….”