Let’s Just Hate All the Real Republicans (Who Dare Disagree)


Guess what?

Newt is looking extremely presidential! (That’s my mother talking.  Of course it could be the Vicodin and a few other pain killers. She fell and broke her left elbow this morning).  Of course I agree with her!

I just have the re-occuring fantasy of Newt as POTUS, a GOP House and Senate, appointing Mark Levin to the SCOTUS.

We have a little problem.

With apologies to Thomas Paine, these are times that try a rational individual’s patience!

Conservatives are out of their minds.

Newt Gingrich is evil and must be destroyed.

He is no longer pure.

I guess it is now all over, and Malkin’s little vultures can pick his bones like the carrion they actually are.  As I have reiterated.  How dare Michelle Malkin, WHO IS NOT A REPUBLICAN dictate terms to the GOP?  She is now warning Newt not to run in 2012.  How can someone WHO IS NOT A REPUBLICAN be allowed to get away with dictating terms to MY Republican party.

He does not scrape, bow, and cower when the Tea Party People demand he do what they want him to do.  He is criticizing the right for backing Dough Hoffman.  Golly gee.  Thou shalt not criticize nor debate the right.  They are pure in motive, demand, and conservative requirements.

“…sked why he chose to back Scozzafava, who supports abortion rights, same sex marriage and has ties with local labor leaders, Gingrich responded, “Let’s just start with she is the nominee of the local party. My bias is to be for the nominee of the local party, and I don’t second guess the local party.”

The former Georgia congressman then rattled off a list of Scozzafava’s conservative credentials.

“She has signed a no tax increase pledge. She is endorsed by the National Rifle Association. She has come out against cap and trade…She is opposed to the Obama health care plan. She will vote for John Boehner instead of Nancy Pelosi,” Gingrich said. “All of those things together make her – it seems to me – a legitimate, authentic, Republican nominee.”

Gingrich also argued that Scozzafava, a state assemblywoman, stands a better chance of winning the seat over Hoffman, who is trailing in public polls.

“In the last poll that came out yesterday, she is well ahead,” he said. “And she is much more likely to beat the Democrat than Hoffman because Hoffman doesn’t live in the district.”

“He’s never won an election in the district,” Gingrich said of Hoffman, “[Scozzafava] represents the biggest county in the district. She actually knows the local issues, and Hoffman has says publicly he doesn’t know the local issues.”…”

Public Enemy #1 – AKA Newt Gingrich is thinking about a run.  The problem is Newt has enraged the “base” by behaving like a Republican.

“...Gingrich–a Hamiltonian nationalist if there ever was one–suddenly morphed, before my very eyes, into a Tenth Amendment states’ righter, demanding that conservatives around the country keep their noses out of the business of a New York congressional election. According to Gingrich, New Yorkers chose Dede, the progressive-liberal Republican, as their candidate, the clear implication of his words being: Reagan-Conservative Republicans in American can just shut up and take a hike….”

When elements of the alleged “base” have decided they know what is pure and what isn’t, we’re in very deep you know what.  Something very nasty is happening with the far far far far far right.  If I were someone who indulged in conspiracy theories, I would swear people like Michelle Malkin, etc. were in league with Barack Obama to destroy the GOP and the country.

If they continue on their current course, they will end up destroying the country.  They will be “pure” movement conservatives so any resemblance to reasonable adults who truly love their country enough to compromise like reasonable adults is purely coincidental.

Newt Gingrich is standing up for his country, full speed ahead, damning the critics, acting like an adult.  He’s one of the grown-ups, as compared to just about everyone else.  I never thought I’d be saying this, but by golly I was impressed with Newt on Greta Monday evening.

He was rational, logical, adult, sane, patriotic, and …. presidential.  An hour or so later I was listening to the Michael Medved’s third hour, I think it was.  He was discussing Gore Vidal and how now we have a POTUS with the intellect that impresses Europe – according to Vidal.  What a crock!

You want a towering intellect that can’t wait?

I’ve known Newt was smart since the early years of the Space Battles during Reagan’s first term.  Newt was one of the founders of the Congressional Space Caucus.  He was still so lowly that he had one of those sub-basement offices that was dripping in fungus and mold.  We both attended our first space conference at the same time.  I ended up at the table with him, doing an interview for the news magazine I edited.  You knew something was going on inside the man’s head, even then.

Monday night, though, what I saw gave me goose-bumps, left me in tears, celebrating the patriotism of George Washington (my personal favorite American – ever).  I’ve already ordered the new book for my mother – who is going to have a lot of down time to read.

I want cold-blooded Vulcan pragmatic logic.  We are in great need of it right now.  If conservatives have their way, every elected Republican official is going to be subjected to a modern day version of the Inquisition or the Salem Witch Trials.   Crack-pots are already demanding everyone be booted out of office.  I have news for them – the only ones who will be booted out of office will be Republicans – but maybe that’s what Glenn Beck’s Clown School Drop-Outs really want.

Monday evening I saw something that give me goose-bumps.  I think I watched the birth of what could be a very great American leader.  I sense a disturbance in the Force.