White on White (Shark) Violence


Have you hear the one about the 20 foot Great White that bit another Great White in half?


Naturally this is just another excuse for a little John Williams music.

Seriously, folks – a 20 foot Great White is roaming the shores of Queensland, Australia.

“…‘It certainly opened up my eyes. I mean the shark that was caught is a substantial shark in itself,’ says Jeff Krause of Queensland Fisheries.  The great white, the most dangerous creature in the sea, was still alive when hauled onto a boat near Deadman’s Beach off north Stradbroke island. News of the shocking attack on the smaller shark has sent jitters along the Queensland coast from Stradbroke Island, near Brisbane, to the Sunshine Coast further north down to the tourist mecca of Surfers Paradise, south of Brisbane. ‘Whatever attacked and took chunks out of this big shark must be massive,’ said 19-year-old surfer Ashton Smith. ‘I’ve heard about the big one that’s lurking out there somewhere….”