NY-23 It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World


What is arguably one of the greatest comedies ever made is Stanley Kramer’s classic It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.  The 1963 film had one of the most amazing comedic casts ever assembled.  It is all about seemingly innocent men and women who get drawn into the most hilarious car chase ever, all for money.  In the process lives were ruined, careers destroyed, and almost every one of them ended up in jail.

Is NY-23 a litmus test for 2010?  The far right wants us to think it is.  Newt thinks something else is going on – a purge.  He could be right – but The Pink Flamingo thinks something else is going on.

NY-23 appears to be a litmus test for the towering egos who want to be POTUS, or want to control the GOP.


It is like a line about Tombstone in 1882, nothing but a mining town, dirty and small minded.

That’s what we are dealing with – dirty and small minded twits who do not comprehend that we are starting to see the “stars” jockey for position for 2012.

The Pink Flamingo is not unconvinced the whole battle in NY-23 is not a way for Jerri Thompson to settle herself (not her hubby) on the center stage.

Who is going to win the tug – o – war?

Can Sarah Palin use Facebook and call the shots?
Tim Pawlenty is playing ketchup.
Fred Thompson is being led around by his much younger wife – as usual.
Newt Gingrich is being denounced by the extreme far right.
Jim DeMint is behaving as usual.
We’re not hearing much from Mitt Romney.
Mike Huckabee is going to South Carolina.
Rick Santorum is in there fighting.
Steve Forbes is donating $$$$.
Dick Armey is Tea Partying.

The ONLY ones of the usual suspects who is NOT involved – so far – are Bobby Jindal and Rudy Giuliani.

Nothing more – nothing less.

This is about power.  It is about fund-raising.  It is about clout.  It is about who can create the most attention and get the most “ink”.

Don’t ever think – for the big guns – that this is about Doug vs. Dede.

It is about the TOP SPOT for 2012.

Right now, with the exception of Mike Huckabee who appears to be silent (so far), Bobby Jindal, and Rudy Giuliani, no one is “pure” here.

It is a mad mad mad mad world.

This is the first test for 2012.

Don’t ever think it isn’t.


As a former GOP county chair (SC) I seem to remember when we recruited and signed up candidates for a primary, etc. there was something about those losing the primary, caucus, etc. rallying behind the winner.  That was ALWAYS the way it was done.  It was the way – until recently, when the need for purity over took the requirement of honor, supporting the party, standing on your word, and doing what was right.  There’s no need for it now.  All that matters is “purity”.

For awhile I was quite upset about the actions in NY-23.  Then I realized we are dealing with a manufactured issue that is being manipulated by someone.  The Pink Flamingo has received information that indicates no one is perfect here.  It makes Hoffman look a little better, but still not all that great.

Aaron Blake has a piece at The Hill that reminded me of this, and why I find the Third Party candidacy of Doug Hoffman so distasteful and repulsive.  I could care less about he or Dede Scozzafava.  They are both terribly flawed candidates, neither of who are anything to brag about.

We were told how terrible the whole process was, and how unfair it was to Hoffman, until learning that there were a series of four meetings.  Dede Scozzafava prevailed in each of those meetings, and Hoffman did not even finish second in any of them.

Right there fair play, a sense of honor, and good sportsmanship should have prevailed.  Instead of behaving like a gentleman and a man of honor, Hoffman opted to go the Third Party route, claiming that the GOP left him, and he no longer identified with them.

BUT – there is another side of the story, which just goes back to my theory that there are absolutely no winners in this race, and people are making fools of themselves.  The Pink Flamingo’s dirt from  from an inside source to detail just what went on in NY-23 is at the bottom of the post.


Previously, in the past 5 special elections the GOP has faced for Congress, the more extreme conservative has won the nomination, and gone down in flames.

“...National Republicans insist they will continue fighting on Scozzafava’s behalf, but with her numbers on the decline and the calculus looking unfriendly, many are preparing to explain a loss.

It’s a familiar process for the GOP. Last year, the party lost conservative seats in Illinois (former Speaker Dennis Hastert’s seat), Louisiana (former Rep. Richard Baker’s seat) and Mississippi (Sen. Roger Wicker’s former House seat).

Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-Calif.) was the last big special-election winner for the party, in June 2006. The parties also invested modestly in a race in Ohio in late 2007, with the GOP holding the seat….”


Dave Nalle has an interesting commentary about Doug Hoffman as a “Liberty Candidate”. There are certain individuals, groups, and PACS that are the kiss of death for me when it comes to figuring out a candidate.  I guess you would call it The Smell Test.

Right now, the misc. groups, PACS, and individuals who are endorsing Doug Hoffman simply do not pass my smell test.  I think Dave nails it for me, listing a tawdry group that says it all.

Eagle Forum (let me gag, please), something called GING-PAC, National Organization for Marriage, and – the ultimate Kiss of Death for me – the Minuteman PAC.

There are times when conservatives have shown be very pathetic when choosing those who are “pure”.  I think the worst example in the past few years has been the disastrous reign of Mark Sanford.  Guess what?  That libertarian darling, the protector of the Ayn Rand pure has been, and I quote:

“...“Sanford has been a disaster for South Carolina for a lot of reasons, but focusing his time and energy on national politics instead of dealing with a jobs crisis and failing schools here at home is right on the top of that list,” McLeod said. “South Carolina desperately needs a governor who can put aside their own personal ambition and focus on the job at hand.”…”

The former darling of the far right is “pure”, a pure example of conservative, and libertarian purity.  Makes you wonder what sort of widsom these people use when choosing their leaders.


From a Pink Flamingo source:

“In this case one of the County Chairs didn’t vote the way their Executive Committee instructed her to vote and threw in with her friend instead.  The votes were weighted and her county had the most population so the votes were weighted more.  Her whole county wanted her to support someone else.  It was crooked and why you see people like my Congressman supporting Hoffman.

The Congressional county chairs were told that the Conservative Party would support anyone but her because she is so liberal.  She threatened to become a Democrat more then once if she didn’t get the nomination and several times in the legislature.  Best bet is if she won, she would turn Dem.  Crooked vote counting as well that gave her the nomination.  I saw it posted first and then it was confirmed by REDACTED I know.  Knew something was wrong when Cole endorsed Hoffman and sent him money from his leadership PAC which is why I called REDCATED and got confirmation she was nominated under suspicious circumstances.  Ballots were destroyed by her good friend right after SHE counted them and no one saw the votes.

That is why there is a problem.  They ignored the rules for appointing someone to run.  The State Chair needs to remove several of the County Chairs for cause.  Other people who did not get the nod are backing Hoffman as well.  Dedes is really bad from all accounts.  Part of this came to me via my sister-in-law as that is district used to include them and she knows a lot of people in that area.  She was the first one to tell me it was crooked.

Hoffman owns 5 business’ in the district.  If he doesn’t live in the district he lives only a block or so away if that.  Found out you don’t have to live in the district to run which I didn’t know.  Seems Tancredo ran in a district where he doesn’t live in CA.  Hoffman looks to have lived in the same house for some time and his street was in the district at one time from what my sister-in-law said.  People were nailing it down last night that he lived right on the edge — some said he lived in the district and others were not sure.  I will go back and see if they found out he was in the district.  The county where he lives wanted him all along.  NY drew some districts following a street to gerrymand.   I will see what I can find out.”

After reading the information from my friend, and a bio of Hoffman, he is a bean counter, but obviously well qualified.

But – it is a mad mad mad mad world!