Teague V. Pearce (Pearce Looking Good)



The Pink Flamingo could have some interesting NM-2 campaign news in the next couple of days.  Stay tuned, same channel, etc….!

The Pink Flamingo has updated this post 3 times – before even publishing it.  Pearce is turning into a money raising machine.  I’m sure the far right will eventually want to purge him from living on the face of the earth.  It’s just a matter of time. They’re going after anyone who is a Republican.

“…Teague, according to his report, had $257,248.93 in total receipts from July to September. That included $133,491.50 from individuals, $119,550 from political action committees and $4,200 transferred from a joint fundraising committee for all three Democratic U.S. House members from New Mexico.

Teague has been raising money for re-election all year, and he ended the quarter with $757,376.90 on hand.

Pearce, according to his report, had $507,865.06 in total receipts from July to September – his first fundraising quarter in the race. That included $452,395.06 from individuals and $55,450 from political committees.

Pearce ended the quarter with $459,612.80 on hand.

PAC contributions

In a news release, the Pearce campaign was quick to point out that 89 percent of Pearce’s fundraising during the quarter came from individual contributions, and 80 percent came from New Mexico residents. By contrast, the Pearce campaign said, about half of Teague’s contributions came from “Democrat colleagues and out-of-state special interest groups.”

“I am humbled by the outpouring of support I have received from New Mexicans who share my vision to create jobs and to put an end to reckless government spending,” Pearce said in the release.

Andrew Stone, spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, had a different take.

“The fact that professional politician Steve Pearce was able to put together a good quarter is hardly a surprise,” he said. “After six years as a Washington insider, helping to create our current economic crisis by growing the federal debt by $2.3 trillion and developing a longstanding reputation for boundless hypocrisy, Pearce knew a few people he could call.”

Josh Geise, executive director of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, said Pearce shouldn’t criticize Teague for taking money from political committees and congressional leaders.

“Pearce’s accusations are a dog that just isn’t going to hunt. He’s accepted over $2.8 million in PAC and leadership contributions over the years, so he must not think they are that bad,” Geise said. “We’re not surprised by the political double talk from a career politician.”

Garcia said he doesn’t see Pearce’s attacking Teague for taking PAC money as “a very strong argument.”

“It’s purely a matter of the incumbency. When you’re an incumbent you can pick up the phone and call PACs and get money,” he said, adding that Pearce did it too when he was the incumbent….”

This is starting to be fun.  Evidently Harry Teague is running scared.  He’s not saying how he will vote on the “Public Option”, but then again, Teague never says what he is going to do.

From the NRCC on Tuesday AM:

“…Steve Pearce will be advancing to “Contender” status this morning, the highest level yet attained by any candidate in our Young Guns program. This advancement is the result of his impressive fundraising abilities and his commitment to reaching the benchmarks set out for him by our candidate recruitment program. Pearce has proven to be a candidate to watch this cycle—and Teague ought to be watching: Pearce more than doubled Teague this quarter in fundraising, and did so by receiving the bulk of his donations through individual contributions from donors in the state of New Mexico…unlike Teague who received his funding from Democratic leadership and PACs….”

From Roll Call

“…The National Republican Congressional Committee will announce today that nine challenger and open-seat candidates have impressed the committee enough with their early efforts to be bumped up to the next rung of the recently retooled “Young Guns” campaign program.

Young Guns is a fundraising and infrastructure system that ranks candidates on three tiers: “On the Radar,” “Contender” and “Young Guns.” No candidate has yet achieved the program’s highest ranking, but as of today nine Republican recruits will fall into the Contender category.

Those candidates are Montgomery City Councilwoman Martha Roby in Alabama’s 2nd district, state Rep. Cory Gardner in Colorado’s 4th district, former state Rep. Dennis Ross in Florida’s 12th district, Marine Corps veteran Vaughn Ward in Idaho’s 1st district, state Sen. Andy Harris in Maryland’s 1st district, Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta in New Hampshire’s 1st district, former Rep. Steve Pearce in New Mexico’s 2nd district, former Rep. Steve Chabot in Ohio’s 1st district and former state Sen. Steve Stivers in Ohio’s 15th district.

“The early progress of these candidates is a testament to the Young Guns program and a sign of the changing political environment that Democrats will face next year,” NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions (Texas) said on Monday….”

Harry Teague is looking worse and worse every day.

“…Pearce’s $500,000 fundraising tally in the year’s third quarter just underscores what a slugfest the 2nd District race is shaping up to be. Teague is not short of cash himself as he prepares to play defense, as he raised $875,000 through Sept. 30 and led Pearce in cash-on-hand by $757,000 to $460,000. And the campaign committees of both major parties will play heavily in this tossup race….”

Both men are worth at least $40 million.  Teague has been known to throw in his own money to win a race.  Pearce has not.  From what I gather, Pearce has said he will self-finance if necessary.  If not, he will lose.

Steve Pearce could pull it off – and he should.

“...A spokesman for U.S. Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Midland, said a Nov. 3 fundraiser will be held at the Petroleum Club in Midland for Pearce, who has strong backing in the Permian Basin stemming from his support of oil and gas interests while he was in Congress.

KPER Radio talk show host Russell Black of Hobbs said Pearce, 61, would have won last year’s U.S. Senate race against Democrat Tom Udall if it hadn’t been such a bad year for Republicans. “We expected Harry to be more conservative and speak on behalf of the oilfield,” said Black.

“Quoting one of my listeners, he immediately went up there and became one of (U.S. House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi’s locksteppers. We felt he was going to be a different type of Democrat, but he fell in with the liberal wing.

“America is concerned about the economy, education and security, which have always been Steve’s cornerstones. He just needs to bring the same ideals he fought for in Congress from 2003-09 to the campaign he is conducting.”

Former Lea County Democratic Chairman Ken Johnson of Albuquerque said Teague “is not a gifted speaker, but in a group of four or five on one, he gets them the answers they need.

“He has gone above and beyond what we asked with the wind and solar energy projects he brought back through grants,” Johnson said. “Harry is a down-to-earth man who worked all his life in the oilfield, starting as a deckhand and becoming the owner of a company.

“The oil people have not all agreed with him, but he has served all of the district, not just oil but the people who breathe the air.”

Teague, a former longtime county commissioner, beat Capitan Republican Ed Tinsley by 55-45 percent year while Democrats Martin Heinrich of Albuquerque and Ben Ray Lujan of Santa Fe garnered the state’s other two congressional seats.

Lea County Republican Chairwoman Ann Batson said Pearce has a well-known name and reputation as “a good, moral person, a good husband and a good Christian” who won the Distinguished Flying Cross in Vietnam and was successful in business. “A lot of people were begging him to run,” she said.

“A man from Tatum wrote a letter to the Hobbs News Sun, saying, ‘Run, Steve, run!’ and that has become his motto. We’ll do what we have always done — work hard, look, learn and maybe do something we haven’t done before.”…”


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  1. Regarding Mel’s return to president of Honduras:
    Point is, not only is the whole world watching, but, there are a
    ton of moderates hoping that Mel doesn’t say anything stupid. Obama didn’t just
    these guys down here to negotiate, he sent them down here to finish the whole
    story in one weekend. Seems he gave them the ammunition to
    finish the job.

  2. Teague to vote NO on Pelosi-care

    At 11:30 am today (Nov 5), I called Rep Teague’s Las Cruces office because his DC office voice mail was full! I told the lady who answered but did not identify herself that I was calling to ask Rep Teague to vote No on HR 3962, the Democrat Health Care bill that is supposed to come up for a vote on Saturday. She thanked me for calling, and informed me that Rep Teague will be voting No on the bill.

    I have heard Rep Teague express reservations with the cost of the bill and that it doesn’t reduce health care cost, but this is the first time I have heard that he is going to oppose the bill.

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