Arrested Development – Obama Style


What is the deal with spending twenty-four thousand bucks so people could get three thousand or so bucks to purchase a new car?

Arrested Development, that late great satire of television show is long gone, but alive and well living in the White House.  It is a story about a family so incompetent they cannot even be good crooks.  Absolutely NOTHING the Bluth Family does is right, even lying, cheating, stealing, swindling, and hanging with Saddam.

We are living in very interesting times.  Any number of people I know are down, depressed, distressed, upset, and just plain terrified about what is coming.

Why not?

arrested-developmentFox is the enemy.

The Chamber of Commerce is the enemy.

Rush Limbaugh is the enemy.

Basically anyone who criticizes He Who Must Be Adored is the enemy.

Have you realized that Barack Obama is like the Balloon Boy’s Dad?  He is the star of the biggest reality show on earth – a star I tell you – a star!  We do know he has played golf more in just a few months than GWB did in three years.  Psssst….his towel slapping all boy’s club is angering the libers!

It is entirely possible health care reform is going passed even if we do not want it.  Real unemployment is something we only get when Republicans are in office.  The Administration reports 9.8 % unemployment, but we’re actually looking at something around 17%. (Hyscience)

Unfortunately, if we do not turn around and laugh, we are going to lose perspective on life.  And laugh we should.  Barack Obama is quickly becoming a farce, a joke, the stuff late night legends are made of – if only he were Republican.

The Pink Flamingo, in her humble estimation, thinks there have been a handful of truly great television shows: Bonanza, Star Trek Classic, I Love Lucy, MASH, and Arrested Development. (First, a note for Arrested Development fans:  Yes, there may indeed be a movie.

First, ignore the fact the show was produced by Ron Howard who is a screaming liberal.  The comedy, which is hilarious, and truly worthy of being downloaded and watched from beginning to end is about a crooked, formerly wealthy family who will do anything to get their own way.

They are abjectly corrupt, totally and completely. They are so incompetent they cannot get their corruption right.  Nothing they do turns out right because along with their corruption and incompetence, they are literally so stupid, they can’t even get their corruption right.

And – Obama is Clueless.  Our foreign policy is an abject disaster. He is unable to make a decision about the War on Terror.

Proof we are dealing with Arrested Development?  The Obama Administration is willing to break the bank on social programs but is concerned about the cost of increasing our war effort in Afghanistan.  I wish I could say they were Clueless, but that would require some innocence on the part of the Obama Administration.  And – they’re about as innocent as Rumsfeld when he takes out a whole role of toilet paper, then runs around the condo with shreds of it hanging from his little mouth.

Good men like Lindsey are begging Obama to do something about Iran, but evidently Obama is incapable of making any sort of useful decision.   They don’t understand that Generals have a right to speak out, and tell the truth – according to reality and not Obama.

I know I sound like a broken record, but there are things that I just don’t understand. The actions of Nancy Pelosi in the House and now Max Baccus in the Senate defy logical explanations.

They are destroying their chances for 2010, or are they? Follow the money and it leads to the GOP.

Harry Reid is blocking a probe into ACORN.

They care more about fish than farmers.

If the French think we’re not tough enough…?

Screwing WWII Vets

No transparency – screwing Americans.

Nancy Pelosi does not condemn liberal violence.

“…”Despite the use of rubber bullets, chemical weapons, and LRAD (noise) attacks, demonstrators remained on the streets for hours and actions continue across the city,” the group’s press release read.

By that they meant attacks on 13 pre-picked Starbucks stores, a Whole Foods, an American Apparel, a Trader Joe’s, U.S. military recruiting stations, check-cashing outlets, 13 PNC bank outlets and other institutions, all conveniently listed as possibilities on a Google map. Many of these places saw smashed windows and graffiti attacks after they turned up on the blacklist.

This kind of violence is nothing new. It was found in Seattle in 1999, where former Obama administration green czar Van Jones got himself arrested. It was repeated at other summits in Turin, Italy; Washington, D.C.; and London. These leftists detest capitalism, abhor private property — and have ties to the Democratic Party.

The unwillingness of the Democratic establishment to defend free markets emboldens the rioters. In destroying private property and impeding trade, these anarchists prove their aims aren’t democratic. They resemble the mobs of Castro’s Cuba who engage in violence against citizens to enforce conformity….”

We’ve cried. We’ve complained. We’ve tried protesting. Nothing works when dealing with the narcissistic arrogance of the Obama White House. So – we may as well laugh at ’em.

Something tells me Obama can’t handle laughter. He obviously doesn’t have a sense of humor and obviously cannot tolerate anyone contradicting him.

If they weren’t destroying our country, turning it into a banana republic, breaking us, and assaulting everything we hold dear, it would be just plain laughable.

“…“This deficit is driven by us,” New Hampshire Republican Sen. Judd Gregg candidly said Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union when asked about the federal government’s projected $1.42 trillion operating deficit for the 2009 fiscal year.

“You talk about systemic risk. The systemic risk today is the Congress of the United States,“ the Ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee told CNN Chief National Correspondent John King, “that we’re creating these massive debts which we’re passing on to our children. We’re going to undermine fundamentally the quality of life for our children by doing this.”

“Now you can’t blame that on [former President] George [W.] Bush,” Greg said, noting that using the Obama administration’s projections the budget deficit for the next ten years is $1 trillion per year. And Gregg said that during the same ten-year period, public debt as a percentage of gross domestic product would increase from 40 percent – which Gregg called “tolerable but still too high” – up to 80 percent.

The figures, Gregg told King, “mean we’re basically on the path to a banana-republic-type of financial situation in this country. And you just can’t do that. You can’t keep running these [federal] programs out [into the future] and not paying for them. And you can’t keep throwing debt on top of debt.”

“Standards of living will drop if we keep this up,” Gregg also said….”

You know, it is laughable.

They are incompetent.

They can’t do anything right. The flu vaccine is the perfect example!

They are the gang who can’t shoot straight.

You blame George W. Bush for everything!

They can’t even make a decision about terror, but micro-managed everything Sonia Sotomayor wore during her hearings. There is something completely lacking in reality when you view Obama’s Administration this way.

They are control freaks, attempting to bully and dominate a fawning media.

What they can’t control, they seek to destroy. The current war with FOX News is just the perfect case in point.

Obama’s Administration doesn’t give a rip about Human Rights.

They constantly over-reach, accomplishing nothing but destroying our economy while China’s grows 7%!

ABC says the problem is the fact that Obama is just too nice to be able to make a decision.