Glenn Beck Wins NY-23


So you think Glenn Beck isn’t a danger to the GOP?

What if Doug Hofffman were a creation of the whole Glenn Beck’s Hate the GOP machine?

If so, and you think he is going to caucus with the GOP after selling his soul to Glenn Beck, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that will go cheap.

You see, Hoffman has pedged his soul to Beck’s 912 group.

“…“You have to remember I’m not a politician. Everything has been a learning experience. Fortunately as my race developed I met the 9-12 organization; it helped me become more focused on the message I was trying to get out to voters. Having the volunteers behind me has been a big boost,” Hoffman said.

9-12 volunteers have helped to open and man five regional offices, a vital asset in this 14,500 sq. mi. district – the largest east of the Mississippi. “And volunteers from all over the country are giving their time to call voters in this district to get the message out about what I stand for and how I can help them,” Hoffman said.

“I was at a 9-12 meeting last night in Watertown, and I was overwhelmed by the quotations from our Founding Fathers. That’s what impresses me about the 9-12 organization: It’s based on the common-sense values that founded this nation. My life is centered around those values; it’s the way I live my life. I have always been a concerned person. God, country and my family have always been my top priorities. I started my professional life with few material possessions, but hard work has helped me achieve the American dream. I have always given back by volunteering in my community.”…”

Perhaps the bigger question should be why is FOX News promoting Beck’s 912 group to the detrament of the GOP. Also – why is FOX hiring so many libertarians and using so few actual Republicans?

Fair and balanced or an agenda to insure Obama’s continued success, and a Democrat majority?


One thought on “Glenn Beck Wins NY-23

  1. This is one time we disagree to some extent. But I also know you may well be right about Hoffman the Rep. vs. Hoffman the candidate. If you turn out to be right I will be a) truly horrified and b) the first one to credit you and slap myself silly.

    I heard Glenn Dreck flat out lying on his radio show on my way home from a doc’s appt. today. Dreck was trying his best to act like he never heard of Hoffman but that ‘someone told me he may have some friends in the 9/12 groups…’ I told my Mom: he’s lying about his association with Hoffman… why would he do that?

    Anyway, I can’t keep up with all the nutcases and their lies and their motives. I read Hoffman as a normal guy and genuine Republican who will keep his word and caucus with the Reps.

    Most of all, what I want tomorrow is a 3-fer for the Rs in the big three races. I want Obama humiliated and trounced. I want that smirk wiped off his face.

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