Kudos to Mike DeVine As He Caps the Trade!


Reports of Lindsey betraying the country via the climate change bill are greatly exhaggerated.  Seems like there are more than a few Republicans who are threatening a little cap/trade of their very own.

“…Many Republicans deride the cap-and-trade system at the heart of the legislation’s heart as a job killer and energy tax hike. And two high-profile Republicans whom Democrats had hoped would cross the aisle — — Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and George Voinovich of Ohio — are now vocally opposed….”

Conservative Blogger, Mike DeVine, from South Carolina is a stand up guy.  The Pink Flamingo took a bit of humbridge about something he wrote over the weekend conserning Lindsey.  Like I said, Mike is a stand up guy, on my list of men of honor.  He researched my comment and came up with the following piece about the article Lindsey and John Kerry co-authored for the NYTimes.

It is a great piece, delving into John Kerry’s thinking climate change, etc.

“…I doubt any new statute would deter Obama’s impatient regulators. After all, these folks have been waiting their whole lives to “fundamentally change” America (to use Obama’s campaign rhetoric – yes, he only used that specific phrase once before Axelrod schooled the Boy Prince…) and were frustrated when Bill Clinton triangulated with Newt and when Gore used to be the next President of the United States.

But, I should mention that many scholars think that the regulatory threat is a Red Herring since any attempts to increase carbon regulations via executive action would get tied up in the courts for many years.

In any event, that argument by the senior senator from the Palmetto State strikes me as more make weight, since Graham religiously asserts his faith in the fundamental premise of MMGW and in his support for a Cap and Trade tax on the energy that created the modern world and which tax is a sinfully regressive tax on the poor in the purchase of food and transportation to their jobs. It would eliminate any “luxury” like a weekly trip to any Grandmother living more than 30 miles away.

But, challenged to re-read the Kerry-Graham news deemed fit to print, I did find that I was pleased with a number of fundamental truths that Graham got a far left liberal to agree to, in writing no less. Yes, the truths are vaguely stated and offered as measures for merely tempering the effect of the NEW TAX on the American standard of living, but welcome, nonetheless, and quite useful for future debates….”