How Conservatives Plan to Destroy the United States of America


Conservatives have a plan – to destroy the country.


They plan to pull more Doug Hoffman’s, sponsoring hand-picked Glenn Beck losers to split the vote and, as in NY-23, cause the Dems to pick up a long-term GOP seat.

Yea, that’s teaching the GOP a lesson.

What has happened in NY-23 could become the blue-print for the far far far far far irrational right to absolutely destroy the United States.  Do these NON-REPUBLICAN jerks have the same plans for Florida?   If they cut the vote, and go off pouting for third party losers, we are going o basically lose our country.


The WSJ adds:

“…But that lesson will be for naught if conservatives conclude that their victory is reason to challenge any candidate who doesn’t agree with them on every issue. The truth is that some conservatives are as bloody-minded and intolerant of all dissent as the hard left is at the Daily Kos. A majority political party requires a far more diverse coalition than the audience for your average right-wing blogger or talk show host. Some of those voices prefer having Democrats in power because it drives up their own ratings….”

H/T AJ Strata

The first question one must ask is do they care about the country or their petty demands for purity.  Those demands for purity are causing the far far far far far irrational right to do many things, including the same things they damn the left for doing.  Let’s take stretching the truth.  Malkin called Dede Scozzafava a “radical leftist“.  Really, Michelle, get a grip on reality.  Wanna talk “radical”?  Go look in the mirror.

Pat Dollard needs to go into the Malkin category – you know – the damn the opposition, no matter what you do or say?

Remember how furious we all were when the far left DNC sponsored bloggers in Alaska basically destroyed Sarah Palin as the governor via their cruel, vicious and immoral ethics complaints, all of which bit the dust?  Well, the far right has learned a thing or two from them.  They are now planning to use their own little version of the bait and switch, target and destroy to have their nasty little way and take out the GOP in the process.

In Ohio Ron Paul Bot, David Ryon is going to pull a Doug Hoffman and attempt to rally the usual suspects to take out the potential GOP nominee, Steve Silvers.  Ryon is pulling out of the GOP primary where he is LOSING, and intends to run as a Third Party candidate, to destory the GOP candidate.

“…Ryon remains a long-shot candidate with little public support, but could play a decisive role in a tight general election rematch between Kilroy and Stivers. Kilroy’s narrow victory over Stivers last year was aided by the presence of two conservative third-party candidates on the ballot, who took a combined nine percent of the vote.

Third-party candidates are already making their presence felt in two critical off-year elections in New Jersey and New York. And with many conservatives distancing themselves from the Republican establishment, as Ben noted yesterday, don’t be surprised to see more conservative candidates ditching the party line to run as independents….”

The far far far far far right CANNOT win on a consistant basis.  Chris Christie is NOT all that conservative.  Want to kick the stool out from under him already.  Want to purge him as Not Pure?   We hear that conservatives are planning to destroy the GOP Senate seat in Florida by challenging Charlie Crist if he the nominee.  You see, Crist is Not Pure.

We hear that the GOP is falling behind in the money race.  Is that what some of this is all about, ruining the GOP so the far far far far far bust-heads on the right can keep the GOP out of power, so they can have more power.  Right now we are in a position to do something really cool in 2010.  Will Conservatives ruin it?