Conservative Sharia & Purge (The GOP of Conservative Saboteurs)


‘‘It is unlikely that the Reagan era
will prove to be the historic change
in the direction of America that we have sought
Edwin J. Feulner Jr., president of the Heritage Foundation,1985.

According to Rasmussen:

“…while Republican voters overwhelmingly consider themselves conservative, only 56% of conservative voters consider themselves to be Republicans. In other words, nearly half of all conservatives nationwide reject the Republican Party label. This means that Republicans looking to broaden their party’s outreach cannot ignore the need to attract a large number of conservative voters along with some political moderates. Of all the non-Republicans in the nation, 31% consider themselves at least somewhat conservative while 37% say they’re political moderates….”

When I hear the word “purge” it makes me want to throw up.  That’s just about the way I feel now that Michelle Malkin, Erick Erickson, and their little bunch of Tea Partiers all have decided to purge the GOP of the impure. In fact, Erickson is calling for a “Purge” of the GOP establishment.

Rush Limbaugh is calling for a purge.

“…“Moderates by definition have no principles,” Limbaugh huffed on his radio show yesterday. He predicted that “RINOs” – a putdown acronym of “Republicans In Name Only” – “may become extinct.”

Unfortunately, while I think Erickson is extreme, he redeems himself (sort of):

“…I intend to work within the GOP. Already Democrats are salivating at the thought of a third party conservative movement and are intent on fostering it to hurt the GOP. I will not cooperate with a third party movement. As I have said repeatedly, Doug Hoffman is the exception that proves the rule. America is a two party nation and instead of packing up and fleeing the GOP, we should launch a coup and take it back. Consider NY-23 the first salvo in that coup, with the Florida Senate race right behind it…”

Conservatives constantly complain about the Dems, how unfair they are.  That they are bullies.  They lie, they cheat, manipulate, are vicious, and will do anything to get their way.  I have news for them – maybe they should try looking in a mirror!

There is absolutely no difference in the behavior and tactics of the far right than the far left.  Only the ideologies are different. The cruel hate is the same.

What do the following have in common?
Ronald Reagan
George H. W. Bush
George W. Bush
Newt Gingrich
John McCain
Lindsey Graham

All six are good, decent patriotic men of honor, followers of Christ, and betrayed by the far right because they were not good enough – not pure enough.  And so – the list of those to be purged includes John McCain and Lindsey.  The worst part of it, they are far better, far more decent, far more honorable and patriotic individuals than those dim-wit closed-minded idiots who are more interested in purity than country.  Ronald Reagan detested those kind of people – the purists.  They were the ones who hated Reagan.

“…Supporting a third party on the national level would simply guarantee that the Marxist agenda will continue unchecked. No: we must do what Reagan did: crush the Colin Powell set, the Lindsey Graham set, the John McCain set — the incoherent, mumbling “moderates” who stand for nothing….”


Michelle Malkin wants the GOP purges of left-wing “saboteurs.  Maybe she’s on to something.  Maybe it is time we purge the GOP of fakes like Malkin, who have absolutely nothing to do with the GOP but blackmail, harass, defame, denigrate, abuse, and destroy good decent Republicans.  She’s right – let’s purge the far right who has no connection with the GOP, but are determined to call the shots.  We’re talking Glenn Beck.  I swear he’s on the take from the Obama Administration, he’s doing such a good job destroying our good Republicans.

Malkin is just a lovely little bundle of extremist far right (way far right) all packeged in red, white, and blue and marketed on FOX.  I dare someone to delve into her actual connections.   She is aligned with the likes of Patrick J. Buchanan who is currently involved with an on again-off again love affair with Hitler.

We’ve had political “purges” throughout history.  With a little luck this one won’t be as bloody as they usually are, but none-the-less, the after effects will be deadly with bloodied bodies scattered from there to there and back again.

When one considers the word “purge”, The Pink Flamingo always thinks of the Long Parliament, Oliver Cromwell, the British Civil War, and just oodles of my ancestors losing their Royalist heads on the chopping block.  For the unwashed and ignorant masses (far right conservatives) reading this, go look up your history.  More and more the Michelle Malkin, Robert Stacy McCain version of “conservative” is starting to look like the Royalists vs. the Roundheads.

Stalin had his purge.

Mao had a purge.

And now Michelle Malkin has her very own purge.  Destroy the GOP and ruin the country for purity.  Let’s face it, anyone who is advocating what she is doesn’t give a damn about the fate of the nation – only conservative purity.  Say – what about Country First?  Oh, was that a John McCain phrase or one from GWB.  Doesn’t matter.  Neither one was pure enough for her.

The French went after the vichystes.  Before that, though, they had a Reign of Terror – the ultimate in political purges.

Maybe Sulla started it when he decided to go after Marius. Then again, the ultimate in the political purge was the Second Triumvirant when Octavian, Marcus Antonius,  and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus decided to rid the world of those dastardly deed dooers who were possibly defending the Roman Republic by doing in GJC.   (Gaius Julius Caesar for those of you who are historically pathetic).

Of course there was always the possibility that the dudes who did in GJC were trying to rid the Republic of the more liberal threat – and purify it.

Ever heard of Knee Jerk Conservatives?

“…Let-Reagan-Be-Reagan conservatives. An offshoot of that branch of the knee-jerk conservative bloc that believes President Reagan has double-crossed them, this sect believes that, to the contrary, President Reagan would die on the barricades if necessary for the big knee-jerk issues, if only he could regain control of himself. Unfortunately, the theory goes, control of the President has been seized by White House bureaucrats who refuse to let the President be himself…”…”

Newt Gingrich thought what was going on in NY-23 is nothing less than a “purge” for the far right to rid the GOP of people they don’t think are pure.  The Pink Flamingo agrees with him – to a point.  I think what Newt is not seeing is the fact that NY-23 is the ego game going on here.


“...I’m willing to go down with the ship, if that’s where it’s headed. The fear is that Conservatives will do nothing more than ensure Donkey prowess ad infinitum by splitting votes, but I don’t really care. The House and Senate, to say nothing of GOPer leadership, are full of across-the-aislers who, in order to get a sliver of power, have sold the base – Conservatives – down the river. I’d just as soon see 535 Donkeys on the Hill as have a gaggle of slobbering Judas’s swayed by White House invites and Redskin box-seats represent the cause….”


Fred Thompson is riding high.  He is hot you know what on a china platter and Newt is a cold you know what on a paper plate.  The Pink Flamingo has smelled a rat in NY-23 for several weeks, and keeps coming up with either Fred or Jeri Thompson.  Right now, Newt is being destroyed by the far far far far far right – the very people who once praised him.  He is Not Pure.

Brendan Miniter wrote:

“…Mitt Romney — formerly a man who seemed willing to show up and plug for any Republican anywhere to pick up a few chits — was nowhere to be seen in the district. Mike Huckabee, a favorite for religious conservatives who demonstrated a gift for gab in last year’s Republican presidential primaries, materialized at an event near the district last week but didn’t venture into it or speak up for Mr. Hoffman….”

If the Thompson duo ends up backing Mitt Romney in 2012, we will all know what NY-23 is all about – ruining Newt’s chances and improving Romney’s.

It is all about Huck being denigrated also.  I truly hope we’re seeing some “rogue” behavior by some of the more anti-Republican Palin supporters here and not Palin herself.  If so, I am terribly upset.  I’ve been concerned about the behavior of her far far far far far right – non-Republican supporters for some time, to the point where once The Pink Flamingo was inner circle.  The Pink Flamingo is now excommunicated.