Rasmussen on Tea Bag Carpetbaggers in NY-23


Froma Harrop has a fascinating commentary from Rasmussen.  Because it comes from Rasumssen I take it very seriously.  I think “conservatives” did serious damage to their cause, their reputations, and to the futures of several good candidates, including Sarah Palin.

If their actions continue, they will absolutely destroy this country. Then gain, The Pink Flamingo has read accounts about various leaders of this alleged movement who might rather have chaos in Washington, damning the GOP to eternal loss in order to promote their personal agenda and power.  They cannot achieve it any other way.  If this is the case, I am quite pleased I did not fall for any of the Tea Bag Hype.

It will destroy the country if left unchecked.

“….Support a candidate who doesn’t live in the district — in this case, Conservative Douglas Hoffman. Savage the local Republican choice, Dede Scozzafava, and hound her into dropping out….Americans live in real places, and their candidates tend to be familiar figures they have coffee with. Scozzafava had served as a mayor and state assemblywoman. She was not some cartoon character on which the opposition could safely launch its childish attacks.

No electorate approves of carpetbaggers. If any word describes what Tea-Baggers tried to pull in upstate New York, it was an outsiders’ takeover of a local race.

Hoffman clearly spent more time visiting with Glenn Beck than reading the local papers. And his Tea-Baggers were also moneybaggers. On Election Day, when Hoffman seemed to have a slight edge, the Club for Growth proudly announced out of Washington that it had dumped over $1 million into his campaign coffers.

Hoffman’s cash didn’t come from somebody in Hermon or Hopkinton or Adams Center or from anywhere that cares about the country,” wrote Jeffrey Savitskie, a Watertown Daily Times editor who had planned to vote for Scozzafava, but then moved to Owens. “It came from folks who know so little about the North Country that they would likely believe it if you told them Alexandria Bay was an exotic dancer.”