The Conservative Civil War Against the GOP Is Here


“…THE storm of conservative fury at Ronald Reagan may have subsided a bit, but, as one of the President’s own men in the White House conceded late last week, ”There are some who are still in a real sour mood.”…”

Once Upon a Time… a very conservative man named Richard Viguerie hated Ronald Reagan, and did everything he could to ruin his Presidency.  Today he’s back, crowing about the Tea Party People and how they are  now the new GOP.  God Help Us All!  The problem is only 56% of conservatives consider themselves GOP.  If this is true, and this bunch of Tea Party Yahoos are NOT Republican, then tell them


Last Monday,  yet another creepy episode of Glenn Beck is way over the edge.  He is basically asking people to betray the GOP and do something – what ever.  The man is a train wreck waiting to happen.  If Glenn Beck were to get his way, the Dems would maintain control of the House and the Senate in 2010.  If this happens, just kiss our country good-by.

I don’t want to give in to hysteria, but is Glenn Beck a plant for George Soros and the DNC?  He certainly isn’t helping the GOP (unless it is over a cliff).  He’s helping FOX, and himself, but is in the process of causing what could be perminent and irreperable to the country in the process.

There is a little “buzz phrase” The Pink Flamingo looks for when dealing with the far far far far far right who want you to think they are Republicans.


“I’m for taking the Republican Party back for true conservatives.”

The minute I hear that I think Ron Paul Bot or Glenn Beck Clown School Drop-Out.  That one phrase tells The Pink Flamingo we’re not actually dealing with a Republican but someone who is a sore-head, Ross Perot style drop-out, have it my way – OR ELSE!

From Down with Tyranny:

“...NY-23 up near Montreal in northeast New York, has more cows than people– and more Republicans than Democrats. The Inside-the-Beltway and national media have jumped into the race, marveling at how the GOP is managing to screw up their chances there with a vicious intraparty civil war. Watch the video below of Beck calling for a right-wing jihad against the Republican Party establishment in the name of teabaggery and keep in mind that he still has one full week for a full on Vicks Vaporub weeping session before the balloting is over. Even more important to remember, though, is that NY-23 isn’t the only congressional race shaping up to be a showcase for the struggle between mainstream conservatives and the unhinged, Hate-Talk inspired teabaggers trying to capture the GOP….”

Republicans who do not agree to the conservative threat of support OR ELSE of Doug Hoffman are already being damned.  Erick Erickson has already declared war on Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Mike Huckabee.  Conservatives have reached the point where they are demanding “purity” or they are out to destroy good, decent, honorable men and women.


Roger Simon seems to have morphed into a libertarian.  He sees a new poll as good news for them, and a disaster for the GOP as 10% of Americans now see themselves as LIBERTARIAN or as Michael Medved calls them – Losertarians. These are the same people who brought you the election of Al Franken in Minnesota.  They are nothing but a way to maintain a Democratic majority – forever.

“…Analysis of the latest Gallup Poll by the Cato Institute tends to indicate that a lot of us are at least sympathetic to libertarianism, more so than we may be to traditional conservatism and (especially) liberalism. Of course most people don’t know what libertarianism really means. I have enough trouble with liberal and conservative myself. But the Cato folks explain that Gallup put it this way: If you tell people that “libertarian” means “fiscally conservative and socially liberal,” 44 percent will accept the label….”

The Tea Party People have been exposed as Ross Perot style sore-head supporters.  They are bust-heads.

“…Ross Perot ran a campaign based almost entirely on the idea of reining in federal spending.  And when Americans are losing jobs, fearing for the safety of their home investments and looking at what Washington is spending, that’s a kitchen table issue just as much as healthcare.

The Republican Party used to stand with the independents — the Reagan Democrats — on everything from federal spending to national security.  It’s time to renew that focus, and conduct a national ideological campaign.  If they start now, they can win big next year, and again in 2012.  If they don’t, they will remain in the wilderness.  And none of the Tea Partyers will shed a tear….”

The far far far far far right is trying to create some sick sort of rivelry in South Carolina between Lindsey and Jim DeMint.  They have a different way of going about things, but do not differ in their core beliefs.

SC Columnist Brad Warthen had something to say about this:

“…As for the “right vs. effective” dichotomy. I have written several times about my own struggles with that choice (which I don’t like being a choice any more than anyone else does; in a fairer world you could be both). And you’ll see if you follow that link that I’ve had a tendency to choose “right” when forced to choose. Part of that, though, was that that was what my former job was all about — determining the right answer to the best of your ability, and advocating it as strongly as you can. And I should also point out that my sense of rightness has been very different from Sen. DeMint’s. With me, it was about identifying the best answer on a specific issue under specific circumstances. You would never catch me falling into the absurd error of insisting a certain side or faction was by definition always right, by virtue of its ideological purity.

Similarly, Lindsey Graham has been willing to go down in flames trying to do the right thing — whether it’s comprehensive immigration reform, or the Surge, or reversing man-made climate change.

But for the sake of this discussion, the one raised in the piece in The State this morning, the contrast between the two senators breaks down pretty neatly along right-vs.-effective lines, with Sen. Graham on the pragmatic side, the one where not everyone has to be an angry white guy….”


Newt Gingrich is now a “hack”.

What Newt fears, that conservatives will throw the country into the hands of the Dems could be happening.  Conservatives 4Palin is hawking this absolutely terrifying post from some guy from Oklahoma.

“…I’m willing to go down with the ship, if that’s where it’s headed. The fear is that Conservatives will do nothing more than ensure Donkey prowess ad infinitum by splitting votes, but I don’t really care. The House and Senate, to say nothing of GOPer leadership, are full of across-the-aislers who, in order to get a sliver of power, have sold the base – Conservatives – down the river. I’d just as soon see 535 Donkeys on the Hill as have a gaggle of slobbering Judas’s swayed by White House invites and Redskin box-seats represent the cause….”

The fact is the far far far far far right’s attack on Lindsey is now so obvious, even liberals are picking up on it.

“…But give Malkin and Erickson their due. By screaming louder, they beat even the “more mainstream” Tim Pawlenty into submission. And flush with victory, next in their periscope of intolerance is to sink the candidacies of Charlie Crist, Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina with torpedoes named Marco Rubio, Steve Poizner, and Chuck DeVore. But even GOP stalwarts sitting in the United States Senate are not safe in this ugly environment. Never mind Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins. But suddenly even Senator Lindsey Graham is a persona non grata in the GOP….”


We are now hearing that the far far far far far anti-Republican Right is planning to challenge at least a dozen races in 2010.  They are truly stupid, historically stupid.

The latest polls show that about 40% of the US is conservative.  Remember to have a winning majority one must have 51.01%.  Conservatives DO NOT have a winning majority in this country.  The only way the GOP can win is by bringing independents in to vote, the way they did on Tuesday.  These ARE NOT conservative voters.  They are Normal Americans who have conservative tendencies – Reagan Republicans.  But, the GOP cannot win without independents – many of whom are NOT conservative.  McDonnell ran slightly moderate.  Christie is NOT conservative….get it?


The real problem with conservatives today is they are behaving exactly like conservatives did in 1984 when they dumped all over Reagan. They are doing it again.

“...Reagan’s politics weren’t petty, personal, or bitter. In a political battle, he could give as good or better than he got — and then at 6 pm sit down with Tip O’Neill or Ted Kennedy for a convivial hour. When Ronald and Nancy Reagan received the congressional gold medal in 2002, Kennedy was one of three speakers at the celebratory dinner. Many in the audience wondered what the nation’s leading liberal was doing there. Mrs. Reagan had insisted on it. And as the adamantly conservative columnist Bob Novak reported, Kennedy received a standing ovation as he paid tribute to Reagan’s “presidency of hope.”

A GOP mired in anger and vituperation doesn’t begin to comprehend Reagan’s gift for respecting political opponents — or even diminishing them. Instead of dispensing with the opposition with Reagan-like humor, Republicans treat their opponents as mortal enemies, elevating them with paranoid fantasies about their immense power. To one of Jimmy Carter’s attacks during their debate, Reagan famously replied with a chuckle: “There you go again.” It’s impossible to imagine him sneering: “How dare you go Marxist.”

Ronald Reagan was a proud conservative, but not an unthinking, unyielding, or uncivil one. He had an appeal that reached across party lines, not just to a withered and warped political base. The least Republicans could do, having named an airport for him, is to remember how he navigated the political winds — and found the route to a new political era. But it’s Obama who’s doing that now. The GOP has dumped the Gipper….”