The Conservative Hate Of Lindsey Continue


“…“To those people who are pursuing purity, you’ll become a club not a party,” Graham told POLITICO in the Capitol Wednesday. “Those people who are trying to embrace conservatism in a thoughtful way that fits the region and the state and the district are going to do well. Conservativism is an asset. Blind ideology is not.”…”

First things first.  Is it possible some of the “war” between moderate and conservative Republicans be a mirror of the friendly battle between South Carolina Senators Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint.  There appears to be a major difference of opinion between the two men, with DeMint becoming something of a far right activist, and Lindsey taking a stand that is a proven winner, standing on Reagan’s political principles.

Conservatives with their irrational hate of Lindsey refuse to admit how he stands up for our military and the defense of our country.

The Pink Flamingo is highlighting what is apparently an attack of “hate” leveled against Lindsey Graham because he dared to behave like an adult.  I am highlighting the coordinated attack against Lindsey to prove just how abjectly deranged and full of abject hate the far far far far far right has become.  The fact is the far far far far far right’s attack on Lindsey is now so obvious, even liberals are picking up on it.  It doesn’t matter how much they lie about what he is actually doing.  They simply lie.  (Take Cap/Trade)

Supporting my friend Lindsey can be very frustrating at times.  Once in awhile The Pink Flamingo has this thought that it would be so nice if Lindsey Graham would simply not step in it, and annoy the suicidal right’s deranged base, but then, that would not be Lindsey.  He drove the far left crazy during the Clinton years, when he was the darling of movement conservatives. Now though, since Lindsey actually has a spine and is not one of those pathetic conservative jellyfish who is shaking in his office on the Hill, conservatives detest him.

They will do anything to destroy him, lie, cheat, make things up, mis-represent.  It really doesn’t matter.  No action is too low.  No canard is too pathetic, to extreme for them.

One of the good things about Lindsey’s ongoing attacks on people who deserve to be attacked is the fact that the suicidal far right is showing how little they actually know about Reagan.  Allahpundit is one of the worst offenders, but then again, he’s simply one of Malkin’s lap-dogs with her yanking his chain.

“…How RINO is too RINO for Graham? It’s unclear. Even he’s sour on Scozzafava, but apparently only because she was too far left for the “mainstream” in NY-23, not because she was too far left, period. Like Ace, I’m happy to help build a bridge between centrists and conservatives, but a bridge has to end somewhere. Where does this one end? Or should we simply ask all Democrats to declare themselves Republicans and have a one-party system that encompasses everyone from DeMint to Pelosi according to whatever’s “mainstream” in their district?…”

And, Michelle Malkin detests Lindsey Graham. She detests him so much she will do anything – including lie – to destroy him.  Then again, Malkin will spread lies about anyone who not click their heals and raise their arms in a salute to her demands for purity.

“...But give Malkin and Erickson their due. By screaming louder, they beat even the “more mainstream” Tim Pawlenty into submission. And flush with victory, next in their periscope of intolerance is to sink the candidacies of Charlie Crist, Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina with torpedoes named Marco Rubio, Steve Poizner, and Chuck DeVore. But even GOP stalwarts sitting in the United States Senate are not safe in this ugly environment. Never mind Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins. But suddenly even Senator Lindsey Graham is a persona non grata in the GOP….”

Thank heaven for the logic of Michael Medved. The following stats come from his November 5 show.  His stats prove that LINDSEY GRAHAM IS RIGHT!

Ronald Reagan received 73% of the conservative vote in 1980. Jimmy Carter received 23% of the conservative vote.  Ronald Reagan was not considered all that conservative while he was in office.  Ronald Reagan won the moderate vote 49-46%.  John McCain lost the moderate vote by over 20%.  John McCain received 80% of the conservative vote in 2008.

Reports of Lindsey betraying the country via the climate change bill are greatly exaggerated. Seems like there are more than a few Republicans who are threatening a little cap/trade of their very own.

“…Many Republicans deride the cap-and-trade system at the heart of the legislation’s heart as a job killer and energy tax hike. And two high-profile Republicans whom Democrats had hoped would cross the aisle — — Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and George Voinovich of Ohio — are now vocally opposed….”

This has not stopped the far far far far far right – you know – the ones who have perfected the game of hating and destroying anyone who does not march lock-step with their “Pure” agenda from castigating and continuing to lie about Lindsey.

Urban Conservative wrote:

“…Today, Graham is little more than the ever-eager turn-to guy whenever the hard left needs a squishy sycophant to carry its water through the corridors of Congress. As evidenced most recently by his teaming up with liberal totem John Kerry to co-author a New York Times op-ed endorsing the highly controversial, disastrously costly cap-and-trade legislation….”

Apparently, the American Thinker is having a contest with it’s rather questionable group of far far far far far irrational right writers.  They all seem to be doing their best to spread lies and hate about Lindsey.  Pam Geller had one of the most stupid columns I’ve seen to date, entitled “Bye-Bye RINO“.

According to SC political scientist Neal Thigpen:

“…If I know Lindsey (Graham), I don’t think it’ll affect him a bit…he knows his own mind and he’s very independent…he just doesn’t cast a vote in order to find pleasure with rank and file Republican conservatives in this state…that’s not his style…but he came to his own defense and got others to come to his defense…and it looks like…a lot of the more progressive people on natural resources and energy…were the ones that came to his defense…and a number of business people…so he did the right thing to respond because unanswered negative (ads) can be deadly…but I thought last night (at the debate) it was universal…that all five Republican contenders…were against ‘cap and trade’ and some of them…made remarks that condemned Lindsey (Graham)…but the bill has yet to be (addressed) on the senate side, so I think some of this might be premature…where these people got their hint (Graham supports the bill)…was that he wrote an article with Senator (John) Kerry (D-Mass.)…where they discussed the possibilities of “cap and trade,” but Lindsey (Graham) to my knowledge hasn’t come out for the entire thing…there are certain sub-portions of it that he tends to favor, but I think I’ve heard him say that there’s some things in it that he’s not in favor of…but this is just a continuing romp of the right-wing and conservative Republicans in South Carolina because they’ve got it in for Graham and not all of it’s related directly to “cap and trade.”…”