How Nancy Pelosi Just Voted to Destroy My Parents – And Yours


I wonder how Nancy Pelosi sleeps at night, don’t you?

Yes, we are dealing with hyperbole, but tell that to elderly parents who are truly suffering as they worry about their future.  We’re talking people who have done the right things, taken the correct steps, put aside money for their future, but – now they are in danger of someone literally pulling the plug on them.

I am watching a very ill 79 (nearly 80) year old mother suffer in a hospital, trying to get over a bad case of double pneumonia.  She is also very depressed.  Why not?

My mother suffered from heart failure four years ago.  If we were living under Nancy Pelosi’s ObamaCare Scary World, my mother would have been allowed to die.

Instead, we have had 4 good years with her.

In July she broke a vertebra in her back.

Two weeks ago she fell and broke her left elbow.  After surgery a week ago on Thursday, she developed pneumonia – double pneumonia.  She is being treated extremely well here in Ruidoso.  I cannot complain about the battle being waged to save her life.  If we were in the UK, she would  have been allowed to die this weekend.  If we were living under ObamaCare the same thing would have happened.

My mother is obviously depressed.  That is not helping her recovery.  When she thinks about the future and the socialization of medicine.  This depression and fear of a future that she should not fear is not helping her recovery, either.

No one in this nation should be forced to fear the future and the fact that they are going to be subjected to what is literally Retroactive Abortion – murdering the elderly.

They fear for their future in a nation where they have paid taxes, voted, and have been good citizens in good faith. My father fought for this nation.  He is 85.  Will they pull the plug on him, even though he has literally been required to pay millions of dollars in taxes?

My vision of the future, in a bleak, horrible world where only the perfect are allowed access to health care and allowed to live is the possibility that someone like Nancy Pelosi will be diagnosed with a curable illness, then forced to linger without health care, screaming in horror at what she has done – and the millions of lives she has consigned to an early death.

Right now there are a couple hundred men and women who may sleep easy tonight, but one day, if this bill is allowed to become law, I truly hope there is something called Purgatory.  That is where they deserve to be consigned, to that nastly lower level where Judas resides.