More “V” Hope & Change Obama Thingie


The Pink Flamingo was wondering how long it would take for the MSM to get all creeped out because the new ABC series “V” makes people think about The One (Nobel).


You gotta love this!  From Newsbusters:

“…Scott Wolf, the star of a new show about evil aliens who use superficial journalists to take over the planet, appeared on Monday’s Good Morning America and compared his “morally compromised” character to real-life CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. The V star asserted that “Chad Decker” doesn’t have much “gravitas” and added, “He’s more of Anderson Cooper-y.”

In the program, which premiered November 3 on ABC, Wolf’s fictional reporter scored an exclusive interview with “Anna,” the lead alien, who is secretly plotting to take over the planet. She instructed him, “Just be sure not to ask anything that would paint us in a negative light.” After he explained journalists must ask tough questions, Anna delivered this punch line: “That was not my understanding.”…”

Jeff Varga writes:

“…What completely blows my mind is that all these comic book and sci-fi loving fans embrace and cheer for the underground rebels and immediately suspect the Visitors as wolves in sheep’s clothing (or lizards, in this case). So why is it so impossible for these same fans to see who the real-life lizards are? The aliens arrive and we don’t know anything about them other than they all look like celebrities too old for the CW Network, and they come offering hope and in the shows own words: “universal health care.” No, President Obama, nor Harry Reid, nor Nancy Pelosi didn’t arrive in a spaceship (or did they… hmmm?). No, they came with years of very questionable history behind them that anyone not rushing to embrace the empty promise of “hope” and “change” would immediately see….”

Varga has one thing completely out of place with his premise.  His commentary is excellent and I recommend that it should be read.  As regular readers know, The Pink Flamingo is a science fiction fan.  Science fiction has a tendency to mirror society at the time it is created.  Maybe one of the problems in consigning SF to the outer reaches of the galaxy is the fact that it is often some of the most important political commentary of its time.

The problem – the average science fiction geek doesn’t give a rip about politics, social commentary, the economy (unless it effects the production of good films, etc), or the world in general.  A real science fiction junkie lives in his/her own little world, surrounded by their own friends and associates.  In many ways it is very much an underground society.

If Varga were to do a survey of hard-core SF fans, he would find very few are actually registered to vote, let alone would know who is in office or the state of the world around them.  Trust me on this.  Once upon a time, when The Pink Flamingo was a lobbyist, one of the things I did was to try and reach science fiction fans and engage them to help promote, lobby for, and vote for politicians who supported a strong NASA and American Space effort.

Lord have mercy!

The Pink Flamingo learned the hard way.  These people are not political.  Don’t even waste time worrying about why they can’t see what is going on in the country.  It will NEVER happen.  They are what they are.  Those of us who like science fiction and reality can easily make the comparison.  Just don’t give that much credit to science fiction junkies.