Why Lindsey Graham Is Feared by the Left & the Right


It’s “funny” how one reporter with a grudge against a person can write a hit piece, scatter in a few actual facts, then use the rest of the piece to destroy someone one.  That is exactly what James Rosen with McClatchy did with his weekend attack on Lindsey.  Naturally his canards were picked up by the far right, who hates Lindsey to the point where they are abjectly irrational.  Fact is, the far right’s hatred of Lindsey is so irrational and so illogical there are some individuals who appear be willing to do or say anything to destroy him.

This is an abject lie.  Rosen knows it is, but evidently he doesn’t care about reporting and “acurate” facts.

“...Now, in accepting cap-and-trade limits on carbon emissions, Graham stands alone — though he says “a handful” of Republican senators back him but aren’t ready to make public commitments. In a move that stunned some of his GOP Senate colleagues — and angered many of his constituents back home — Graham joined Kerry last month in publishing a New York Times op-ed column on global warming….”

Makes you wonder why, doesn’t it?

So now, all the nasty little hate-filled conservatives are attacking Lindsey over something that IS NOT TRUE.  But, they hate him so much, they don’t care if they lie about him or not. The Pink Flamingo found an audio clip from a radio show in SC.  It is fairly long, but you need to listen to the whole thing.  You may just discover why Lindsey is so feared by the left and the right to the point where they will do anything, say anything, and lie about everything he says.

“….U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on the passage of a climate bill through the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. “There are simply not the votes to pass this bill through the Senate. If the Boxer bill were to come to the Senate floor as written, I would vote “no.” “I will continue to work on ways we can combine our need to become more energy independent with our need to reduce carbon pollution. I believe there is a pathway forward – if we choose to take it — that makes us more energy independent, creates sound environmental policy, promotes job creation and frees our nation from dependency on foreign oil.”…”

When Lindsey decided to run for Congress in 1994, I was the second person he called with the news.  His campaign literally took over our lives for several months.  During that time several things became quite obvious.  We all knew he had tremendous potential.  If given the opportunity, Lindsey would emerge as one of the nation’s top leaders.  All he needed was for his voice to be heard.  One of our “dreams” was to get him mentioned on Rush Limbaugh’s show.

Unfortunately Rush has betrayed Lindsey.  If Limbaugh were to be fair, and listen to the audio above, there is no way he could denigrate Lindsey the way he does.  The real problem with Limbaugh is the little twits like Glenn Beck and the haters like Michelle Malkin take his lead and began spreading hate about people.  The  disgusting hate and the vile lies they have spread about Lindsey appear to be unending.


They also appear to be part of an agenda.

The Pink Flamingo feels like that’s all she does is constantly complain about the far right and how they constantly lie about Lindsey.  Fortunately the Palmetto Scoop has begun to notice the same thing.   This lying thing about Lindsey appears to be coordinated and is coming from both the Dems and the Far Right.  Someone DOES NOT LIKE Lindsey.  The left is terrified of him because of his leadership.  I think the Far Right is terrified of the same thing.  Lindsey is the worst enemy of the Far Right.

“…Graham has said the only way he would support a cap-and-trade bill would be if Democrats made a compromise in the interest of national security.

“Here’s what I need for me to support a climate change bill: I need an offshore drilling provision that would allow us to increase our inventories and generate money to create jobs and create more domestic capacity — not just some drilling, but aggressive drilling,” Graham said last month, noting that the U.S. has sent $440 billion overseas to buy oil from “some of the worst people in the world.”

Yet groups like the “American Energy Alliance (AEA)” are running ads blasting Graham for supporting the legislation.

Why would they so blatantly lie about Graham’s position? Check back for more on that later…”

Liberals keep harping on the fact that Lindsey is promoting cap & trade.  You might want to listen to this audio from Lindsey about the whole cap/trade blow up.   If you listen to the entire audio, you will understand why Lindsey co-authored the piece with John Kerry.  Basically he makes a case for promoting energy, drilling, and jobs for South Carolina. Then again, the far right is more interested in spreading lies about Lindsey for some irrational reason.

Now, you want to know why both liberals and conservatives are lying about Lindsey?  If you listen to the audio – the full audio – you might find out that Lindsey may be one of the REAL GROWN UP LEADERS in this country today.

Men like Lindsey cannot be allowed to lead.  He is honorable, rational, decent, and a throw-back to a time when Ronald Reagan understood what it was like to govern.  He is a true patriot, with very real, actual military experience, not just someone playing soldier.  Lindsey is a devout Christian who tries to live the teachings of Christ.  He is a man of courage who is not afraid to say and do what he feels is right.

I can understand why someone like Lindsey Graham poses a threat to the far left.  He is their worst nightmare.  If we lived in a perfect world, someone like Lindsey would be in demand as one of the nation’s top leaders.  Unfortunately his honesty, leadership, patriotism, and honor just don’t blend well with today’s far right fringe.  Because they are obnoxious, loud, and control FOX and talk radio, Lindsey doesn’t stand a chance.  Decent people do not have a chance today if the do not sell out to the fringes of the far right.

Lindsey is also one of the most hard-headed people you will ever meet.  When he gets started on an issue he is like a pit-bull with tunnel vision.  He will not stop and he will not be backed down, and will not surrender.  He will not pander to the fringe and will not betray what he believes to curry favor with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham or Glenn Beck.

No wonder Michelle Malkin hates him. She can’t bully him.  The far right  has told so many lies about Lindsey now the must hate him.  When you constantly lie about a person, you end up hating that person.  It is the only way you can justify your lies.  This is what has happened to Lindsey.  So many lies have been told, they only way they can deal with it is to hate.


8 thoughts on “Why Lindsey Graham Is Feared by the Left & the Right

  1. I feel sorry for you that no one has responded to yet another of your rabid defenses of Lindsey Gaham so I’ll offer the obvious:

    Lil’ Lindsey has repeatedly talked about putting a price on carbon emissions through the use of taxpayer funded, government issued carbon credits. That is the DEFINITION of cap and trade! Please look that up if you don’t believe me.

    Lindsey just wants perks for the nuclear energy and oil industries included in the deal. He will vote for the essential mechanism of cap and trade in a heartbeat as he has implicitly admitted already.

    If he were against cap and trade, he’d just be fighting for more nuclear energy and oil production. Why has he not INITIATED such efforts rather than waiting to make a deal with the Dems?

    He’ll deny it but he always says one thing and mean another–like when he denied what he wanted was amnesty for illegal aliens by redefining amnesty to exclude his bill. His bill put a puny fine on the illegals but still did not punish them according to the existing laws which they’d violated, i.e. granted amnesty.

    Cap and trade is yet another corporate welfare giveaway that your little boy wants to be in the middle ground on YET AGAIN so that he can leverage the votes for attention, money, influence peddling, backroom dealing, etc.

    Take off the rose-colored glasses and you’ll see what a real political monster you’re supporting.

    BTW: Do you deny that he’s making all this commotion and grandstanding in an effort to eventually run for president in a manner similar to McCain’s perpetual campaign? His aides are already propagating the lie that he represents “all Americans.”

  2. I gather you’ve not read anything I’ve written about what Lindsey actually said and what the conservative lies are. Like Michael Medved said yesterday on his radio show, people who continue their irrational attacks on Lindsey are just plain stupid.


  3. Now, if you could, please help me out a little bit:

    What part of “just plain stupid” is rational and logical?

    As for the rest, I think the Chas’n Co. GOP said it best:

    Whereas, U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (SC) and John Kerry (MA) have called for a bipartisan bill dealing with “climate change” via a “Cap & Trade” energy bill;

    Whereas, the basis of Cap & Trade – global warming caused by carbon emissions – is still in doubt as evidenced by the past decade of cooling temperatures;

    Whereas, the people of South Carolina can ill afford the job-killing Cap & Trade bill’s ripple effects on our state’s economy and on personal energy bills;

    Whereas, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham supported TARP and has shown a willingness to discuss nationalizing U.S. banking institutions;

    Whereas, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham has shown a condescending attitude toward his constituents by calling them “bigots” when they oppose his stance on amnesty for illegal aliens;

    Whereas, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham has stated on many occasions that his primary concern is to “be relevant”;

    Whereas, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham continues to hold the Republican Party hostage and undermines Republican leadership and party solidarity for his own benefit by joining the “Gang of 10″ and the “Gang of 14″;

    Whereas, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham – in the name of bipartisanship – continues to weaken the Republican brand and tarnish the ideals of freedom, rule of law, and fiscal conservatism.

    Therefore, let it be resolved: The Charleston County Republican Party Executive Committee respectfully requests, with sincere sadness that the South Carolina Republican Party withdraw their resolution commending U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham and that the Charleston Country Republican Party censure U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham for many of the positions he has taken that do not represent the wishes of the people of Charleston County SC, such as: passing a “Cap & Trade” energy bill, bailing out banks, and granting amnesty for illegal aliens.”

    Lexington County may be doing this next–unless some other counties beat us to it.

  4. S – T – U – P – I – D is NOT checking sources or maybe even using your head to see what he really said and maybe you MIGHT discover that there are sources within the far right who are just plain old LYING about Lindsey. Conservatives demand that all liberal sources are checked, but don’t have the honor, decency, integrity, or brain power to do the same with conservative sources. The whole Charleston County thing is based on LIES. The idiots never bothered to check the sources or see what Lindsey actually said.

    Lindsey called a group of Neo-Nazis having a rally on the steps of the SC Capitol “bigots”. If you are so stupid and so blind not to know what is going on then you are what Medved calls “Stupid”. There is no other word. I don’t know if you would believe me – but here is the youtube version. Sorry, but I call those “bigots”. Maybe they aren’t “bigots” to you, but if they aren’t then you are the one with the problem.

    Lindsey has REPEATEDLY said he is NOT for cap/trade. What part of that don’t you understand?

    “...We also need legislation to provide regulatory certainty to our state’s business community. If Congress does not act, unelected bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will issue regulations controlling carbon emissions. In the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2007 decision Massachusetts v. EPA, the Court ruled carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases should be regulated as pollutants under the Clean Air Act.

    EPA regulation of carbon is the worst possible scenario. The EPA will destroy jobs and contain no new provisions for expanded nuclear energy or offshore drilling.

    Regardless of whether you view climate change as a real threat or some grand hoax, carbon will eventually be regulated – either through congressional action or by the EPA….”

    What part of this don’t you get? HE HAS REPEATEDLY SAID HE IS NOT FOR CAP/TRADE. You might also want to read this about the coordinated attacks on Lindsey because he wants to make this nation energy independent. Isn’t that conservative?

    Oh, wait, you can’t think …. you have become part of the far right zombie Hate Lindsey squad, taking your orders from Glenn Beck (who is NOT a Republican) and Michelle Malkin (who is also NOT a Republican and has an irrational hatred of Lindsey).

    I don’t understand how people can be so – well, as Medved says, “Stupid”. Lindsey has advocated almost the same thing Sarah Palin is with energy independence. But, because the far right hates Lindsey, what he says is bad – and they don’t even bother to read what is going on, and cross check references.

    There is none so blind as those who will not see.

    I pity you. You have become one of the haters. When people lie about someone, constantly, they must start hating to justify their lies. Have fun lying. Have fun with your hate.


    P. S. The “link” you use is something Libertarian – or shall we say – LOSERTARIAN. That explains a heck of a lot. Glenn Beck, Losertarian, has declared a jihad against Lindsey. Yep, you are one of the ones Michael Medved would term as “stupid”.

  5. LOL!

    And Lindsey and McCain have really been winning lately, eh?

    Since the neo-con agenda has become dominant in the Repub Party, they’ve thoroughly lost Congress and the White House.

    How do you interpret reality so as to claim that Graham and McCain are NOT losers?

    BTW: did I call you “stupid” or an “idiot?” Who’s full of “hate” here? Who’s calling people names? Is that a bad habit you picked up from your little butty?

    I’ve seen Graham call individual protesters “idiot” in person. He was red-faced and whiny and mad as hell. The police officers there were just smiling because he was throwing such a hissy fit.

    Lindsey Graham calls people “idiots” and “angry white men” in order to denigrate and marginalize them rather than defend his positions with a rational defense.

    And, no matter how many times I watch the La Raza video, I cannot, EVEN WHEN TRYING, imagine that he’s talking about anyone else but all those folks who object to amnesty when he calls people “bigots.”

    THAT was the context of his speech. He never mentioned Nazis in the speech nor made any other mention of small extremist groups.

    Claiming that he was talking about that group was an obvious lie meant to cover up and it seems very foolish for anyone to defend it. He could have just admitted he made a mistake and apologized but he’s too arrogant to do even that.

  6. My link, just for your information, is a great RESOURCE that you should READ:

    It is written by Gunter Reimann about 1939 fascist Germany–REAL Nazis, by the way.

    Their fascist economy then is eerily paralleled by the “green economy” that Lindsey now supports.

    Do YOURSELF a favor and read it if you’re not afraid of the truth. It WILL hurt but you’ll be much stronger afterwards for having read it.

    Again, your statement that he does not support cap and trade is nonsensical since he has stated that he wants to price carbon and institute the “regulatory” measure of trading carbon credits (rather than have the EPA do something that won’t benefit him). That trading of carbon credits is the mechanism which DEFINES “cap and trade:”


    In case you didn’t know it, politicians LIE occasionally. Well, in Graham’s case, MOST of the time.

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