Medved Calls Conservatives Who Denigrate Lindsey “Stupid”


Michael Medved is, in The Pink Flamingo’s humble opinion, the top radio talking head.  He is conservative, but he is a shining example of a conservative with Vulcan logic. He can see both sides of a story.

On Monday, Medved took on the conservatives who are constantly on Lindsey’s case.  Anyone who listens to this audio of a radio interview Lindsey did a few weeks ago, and does NOT realize how conservative he is, well, they are like Medved says – S – T – U – P – I – D.


Lindsey is one of the finest leaders this country has – today. (At least the Australians think he is)  He is following in the august footsteps of the Great Man (GWB) himself, simply doing what he thinks is right for the nation.  Once upon a time that quality was called “leadership”.  Today it is denigrated as “RINO” – Republican in Name Only – by far right idiots who aren’t even Republicans, but seek to destroy good Republicans.

The Pink Flamingo has been pontificating for months that someone is out to destroy Lindsey.  While I suspect the number one culprit is John Tanton and the anti-immigration minion of hate, The Palmetto Scoop has another theory.

In other words, Lindsey is trying to make this country energy independent – where we cannot be held hostage to some snotty little oil rich despot.  BIG OIL doesn’t like it.  They’re sponsoring, according to the Palmetto Scoop, the latest hate campaign against Lindsey.

One of these days the far right “stupids” are going to be forced to admit that Lindsey Graham is one of the finest leaders we have in this country, honorable, decent, patriotic, and far-sighted.  He cannot be bought or sold.  Maybe that’s why they don’t like him – they cannot control him.  Then again, they’ve spent so much time lying about him they must now hate him, or else they will be forced to admit they were wrong – and the far right just doesn’t like doing that.

“…Well, that might have something to do with who is actually funding the ads.

Almost nothing is known about the American Energy Alliance itself other than that it was established as a 501(c)4 in 1993 to fight energy initiatives created by the Clinton Administration.

The group lists none of its donors, has filings with neither the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission nor the Internal Revenue Service, and has no way to be contacted.

The AEA is described by the Center for Media and Democracy as a “front group” for the Institute for Energy Research (IER) and openly calls itself the group’s “grassroots arm.”

The IER is a Houston, Texas-based “think tank” funded by, wait for it… the big oil companies. And IER has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from ExxonMobil over the last 10 years.

But it gets better.

The group’s founder and president is a man named Robert L. Bradley, Jr. Bradley’s previous position was Director of Public Policy Analysis at a little company called Enron.

At Enron, Bradley wrote speeches for Kenneth Lay, the company’s chairman who was found guilty on 10 federal charges of securities fraud, wire fraud, and making false and misleading statements. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

With those facts in hand, it’s not too difficult to see why this secretive special interest group would attack Graham.

It all comes down to profits.

Graham is working to end the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. In the process, he has stepped on some big oily toes.

Big oil companies are fighting with everything they have to preserve the status quo. They want the status quo – they need the status quo – to protect their profits….”


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