UPDATED: Political Reality for Grown Ups


UPDATED:  William Gheen, of ALIPAC can be something of a bully.  This is the 2nd time he has threatened to sue The Pink Flamingo over the use of a single word in a post – “Defended”.    This is what Gheen wrote to The Pink Flamingo.

“…I never defended the “trio” charged with murder.

You take that comment down right now or I will have one of our attorneys sue you into the stone age for overtly lying about me.

You have a right to your opinion but you do not have the legal right to outright lie and claim that I defended those accused of murder.”

When the murders occurred, there was a vacuum from the far right anti-immigration folks.  While they were quick to being their adorable little brand of in-fighting, very little was said about the Flores murders.   The murders took place on May 30, 2008.  Shawna Forde was arrested on June 12.  On July 2, Gheen warned his lovely bunch of nativists to stay away from the American Border Patrol.

Going back through a history of the incident, The Pink Flamingo has noted, to Gheen’s credit, that he warned people about Forde months before the incident occurred.  The offensive word “defended” has been removed.

The Pink Flamingo has NOT changed her opinion of Gheen.  I disapprove of his organization, his actions, and the problems that anti-immigrations like this have caused for the GOP.


According to the Herald, Laine Lawless met with Forde not long after the murders.  Lawless has set up a website, Justice for Sawna Forde.  According to the Immigration Clearning House, Lawless is hip deep in this whole mess – and that it is all about the almight dollar.

Tim Steller, who has done quite a bit of work on the anti-immigration groups wrote about the involvement of Lawless.  Lawless states that she thinks Forde was set up by her Hispanic Guards.

“…“Shawna’s become the target of a socialist government’s clumsy attempts to marginalize and terrorize America’s patriots,” declares a recent post to JusticeForShawnaForde.com. The site also blames “the unholy government/Marxist-media alliance” and Latino corrections officers in almost the same breath: “The evidence is there: Shawna has been set-up to be punished for things she didn’t do by the (mostly Hispanic) Corrections Officers (CO’s) in the women’s side of the prison.” No evidence at all is offered to support this assertion.

The Arizona Daily Star identified the creator of the website as Laine Lawless, a militant feminist and hard-core border vigilante with a history of coordinating with neo-Nazis (although she denies corresponding with leaders of the National Socialist Movement, telling the Star that the E-mail in question was fabricated by unknown persons). “I’m tired of women getting screwed over by men in this movement,” Lawless told reporter Tim Steller. “Nobody in the Minuteman movement except for me is willing to talk to her [Forde].”…”


One of the few political grown-ups in today’s world is George W. Bush.  Do you know what he did over the weekend? The guys at HillBuzz, political grown-ups, had this to say:

“…Well, we told you before how much the current president, Dr. Utopia, made us realize just how wrong we were about Bush.  We shudder to think what Dr. Utopia would have done post-9/11.  He would have not gone there with a bullhorn and struck that right tone.  More likely than not, he would have been his usual fey, apologetic self and waxed professorially about how evil America is and how justified Muslims are for attacking us, with a sidebar on how good the attacks were because they would humble us.

Honestly, we don’t think President Gore would have been much better that day.  The world needed George W. Bush, his bullhorn, and his indominable spirit that day…and we will forever be grateful to this man for that.

As we will always be grateful for what George and Laura Bush did this week, with no media attention, when they very quietly went to Ft. Hood and met personally with the families of the victims of this terrorist attack.



The Bushes went and met privately with these families for HOURS, hugging them, holding them, comforting them.

If there are any of you out there with any connection at all to the Bushes, we implore you to give them our thanks…you tell them at a bunch of gay Hillary guys in Boystown, Chicago were wrong about the Bushes…and are deeply, deeply sorry for any jokes we told about them in the past, any bad thoughts we had about these good, good people.

You may be as surprised by this as we are ourselves, but from this day forward George W. and Laura Bush are now on the same list for us as the Clintons, Geraldine Ferraro, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, and the other political figures we keep in our hearts and never allow anyone to badmouth.

Criticize their policies academically and intelligently and discuss the Bush presidency in historical and political terms…but you mess with the Bushes personally and, from this day forward, and you’ll answer to us.

We hope someday to be able to thank George W. and Laura in person for all they’ve done, and continue to do.  They didn’t have to head to Ft. Hood.  That was not their responsibility….”

Oh, wait.  The guys at Hillbuzz are gay.  Conservatives are not allowed to like gays, right?  The irrational childish haters can do that, but political grown-ups realize that disliking someone because of their personal proclivities is just plain – childish and stupid.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the grown ups are no longer in charge of the political dialogue and the running of this nation.  The most perfect example of this is the “blame game” going on in the military and the executive branch over the Fort Hood shooting.  The smart thing for Obama to do is blame it on GWB and change the subject.

There is something else The Pink Flamingo wants to mention (duck for cover).  It is one of these “adult” things.  Not all people who are Muslims are evil.  Not all are sociopath, and not all are vile to the point of being demonic.  Did you know there are about 3,500 Muslims on active duty in the US military.   Did you know:

“…And yet more than 3,500 Muslims have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, according to Defense Department figures provided to The Times. As of 2006, some 212 Muslim-American soldiers had been awarded Combat Action Ribbons for their service in Iraq and Afghanistan, and seven had been killed.

Too many Americans overlook the heroic efforts of Arab-Americans in uniform, said Capt. Eric Rahman, 35, an Army reservist who was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in Iraq at the start of the war. He cited the example of Petty Officer Second Class Michael A. Monsoor, a Navy Seal and practicing Christian of Lebanese and Irish descent who was awarded the Medal of Honor after jumping on a grenade and saving at least three team members during a firefight in 2006, in Ramadi, Iraq….”

Is the debate we are having today about the safety of Muslim members of the armed services any different from the discussion in 1942 about Japanese-Americans fighting in the US Military?  At least we’ve learned something from our past mistakes and have not rounded up anyone of that specific religion of nationality and put them into camps like we did the Japanese.

Remember after 9/11 how President Bush cautioned not to retaliate against members of the Islamic faith?  The Pink Flamingo will be honest about something.  I do not like the fact that self-righteous Islamic women in this country flaunt our freedom and rights by going around “covered” with scarves, robes, and turning themselves into third class citizens.  In fact, I resent it.

I don’t like this politically correct culture where we must bend over backward to accomodate their religion and they denigrate mine.  Then again, I know of Muslims who have become Christians.  I have very dear friends from India who are Muslim.  If I heard of anyone discriminating against them because of their religion I would be furious.

I just can’t work up a good hate against someone just because they are Muslim. My sister has a Muslim god-son.  We have an “adopted” sister from Bombay who is Muslim.  If I thought someone was going to mis-treat the people I love because of their religion, I would become a little nasty myself.

It’s too bad we can’t have a discussion about the fact that of the 2000 mosques in this country only 10% are extremists.  There is a song in the Rogers and Hammerstein classic, South Pacific.

Right now, thousands of young Islamic men and women are being taught to hate.

Case in point: Luqman Ameen Abdullah (Christopher Thomas)

“…During an August 2008 conversation with an FBI source, Abdullah stated the U.S. government controls everything. “We got to take out the U.S. government,” he said. “The U.S. government is nothing but Kuffars” — a derogatory term for non-Muslims. He added: “You cannot have a nonviolent revolution.”…Abdullah met with followers in other cities, including Montgomery, Ala., and Gainesville, Ga. His longtime associate, Mohammad Abdul Bassir (also known as Franklin D. Roosevelt Williams), often served as Abdullah’s bodyguard during these trips, carrying a weapon even though he was a convicted felon, according to the complaint. Bassir, 50, blamed the U.S. government, President Bush and Jews for mistreating Muslims and discussed Sept. 11 conspiracy theories. “Bassir said brothers need to stick together and be willing to die for the cause, and blood needs to be shed in order to change things,” the complaint said. He’s currently serving a two-year prison sentence in Michigan.

An FBI source also saw Abdullah’s oldest son, 30-year-old Mujahid Carswell (also known as Mujahid Abdullah), beat young children with a stick while teaching them martial arts, the complaint said. Another source observed Luqman Abdullah “discipline children inside the mosque by beating them with sticks on their hands, knees and legs, until they were covered with bruises, including a boy Abdullah beat so badly with sticks that he was unable to walk for several days.”…”

They are being taught to take advantage of our freedom, our good nature, our laws, and the idiocy of political correctness.  Then again, political correctness is a tool for hate and censorship.  The Pink Flamingo knows a very conservative individual who is half Native American.  When it comes to Kit Carson he loses all conservative rationality and falls for every politically correct lie told about Carson.  If my friend is a decorated Vietnam Vet, patriot, Republican. He  would never let an unpatriotic thought float through his head. He loses all rational logic when it comes to Kit Carson.   How can we expect young men and women who have been brainwashed to behave any differently?

The Pink Flamingo believes what happened at Fort Hood was an act of terror.  But, I am think that Nidal Malik Hasan was unbalanced and seriously disturbed, emotionally.  The real problem was Hasan was allowed to slip through the cracks, like other unbalanced men have done since the beginning of time.  The real question is how many other unbalanced men and women are out there, just waiting to kill?

Political correctness demands that the armed services member who is connected with the KKK, White Supremacist, Skinheads, or other nasty organizations be removed as soon as they are discovered.  Don’t ever think they are not ticking time bombs.  Most aren’t – but just enough unbalanced individuals are out there, and one of these days one will go nuts and kill someone.

“…First of all, a new FBI report (PDF) confirms that white supremacist leaders are making a concerted effort to recruit active-duty soldiers and recent combat veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the unclassified FBI Intelligence Assessment, “White Supremacist Recruitment of Military Personnel Since 9/11,” which was released to law enforcement agencies nationwide: “Sensitive and reliable source reporting indicates supremacist leaders are encouraging followers who lack documented histories of neo-Nazi activity and overt racist insignia such as tattoos to infiltrate the military as ‘ghost skins,’ in order to recruit and receive training for the benefit of the extremist movement.”

The FBI report details more than a dozen investigative findings and criminal cases involving Iraq and Afghanistan veterans as well as active-duty personnel engaging in extremist activity in recent years. For example, in September 2006, the leader of the Celtic Knights, a central Texas splinter faction of the Hammerskins, a national racist skinhead organization, planned to obtain firearms and explosives from an active duty Army soldier in Fort Hood, Texas. That soldier, who served in Iraq in 2006 and 2007, was a member of the National Alliance, a neo-Nazi group.

“Looking ahead, current and former military personnel belonging to white supremacist extremist organizations who experience frustration at the inability of these organizations to achieve their goals may choose to found new, more operationally minded and operationally capable groups,” the report concludes. “The military training veterans bring to the movement and their potential to pass this training on to others can increase the ability of lone offenders to carry out violence from the movement’s fringes.”

Currently, 46 members of the white supremacist social networking website Newsaxon.com identity themselves as active-duty military personnel. Six of these individuals are members of “White Military Men,” a New Saxon sub-group…”

Jason Eugene Bush did just that on May 30.  But, he only killed Raul Flores and his 9 year old daughter, Brisenia.  Then again, Bush, and two others were doing something noble, murdering Hispanics so they could rob them and help finance their Minutemen American Defense.  Oh, you did not hear about this crime did you?  Or the fact that a couple of the “leading” anti-immigration leaders have connections to the three alleged killers.   Then again, they were doing something noble, right?


William Gheen, the director of ALIPAC defended the trio, commenting on the SPLC article:

“…It is good that many pro enforcement groups have the character to stand up against what Shawna Forde did and those that helped her on the enforcement side of the immigration debate. It is a shame that those of you supporting illegal immigration and amnesty for illegals do not have the character or spine to speak out against the thousands of murders perpatrated by illegal aliens each year against Americans thanks to your political work….”

The infighting between Glenn Spencer, Gheen, and Jim Gilchrist was a thing of beauty to behold.  The trio did denounce Forde.

“…The sheriff’s department in Pima County, Ariz., has alleged Forde led the raid believing Flores was a drug trafficker, and she could net money to support her Minutemen American Defense group
Even before the shootings Forde was a polarizing figure for people who endorse the idea that self-styled Minutemen engaged in surveillance and patrols are part of the solution to illegal immigration, human smuggling and drug trafficking along on the U.S.-Mexico border. Forde conducted border watches and patrols in Arizona, and was an ally of Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Orange County, Calif.-based Minutemen Project.

An e-mail obtained by The Herald shows that Gilchrist was one of 17 people Forde apparently wanted contacted if she was arrested or killed after the Arivaca homicides. Last week, Gilchrist acknowledged that he’d been told Forde was wanted for questioning by police prior to her arrest in Arizona. He said he called her about eight days before she was captured, but she denied being in trouble.
He’s since publicly withdrawn all support for Forde.

Forde was arrested June 12 by FBI agents and others at a roadblock about a mile from the Sierra Vista, Ariz., ranch owned by Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol, a group that monitors the border using cameras and aerial surveillance. Spencer last week said Forde was taken into custody after she’d made a brief, uninvited stop at his home. He said he’d broken ties with her a year earlier….”


In a way, what difference is it if the psychopathic killer is Islamic, Celtic Knights, Neo-Nazi, Hammerskins, Minuteman American Defense, or a serial killer?  They are all the same – aren’t they?  Murder is murder, terror is terror.  Are we making a mistake by discussing degrees of murder?  – Just asking…


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  1. W w W w W what a great way to start the day. There is no need to add a word.

    And then Mandy Pantinkin as a bonus. *sigh* I saw him live in Chicago in his one-man show “Experiment.” For his final number he performed the song “Bring Him Home” which is a mother’s prayer to bring her son home safely from the war. Maybe it’s on YouTube somewhere. I’ll email you something.

  2. I never defended the “trio” charged with murder.

    You take that comment down right now or I will have one of our attorneys sue you into the stone age for overtly lying about me.

    You have a right to your opinion but you do not have the legal right to outright lie and claim that I defended those accused of murder.

  3. You will find an updated post. I want to thank you for your gracious request that I change the post. I did, and admitted my mistake. Your demands took the entire story into a an entirely different direction – and for this I want to thank you. Thanks to you, I can now proceed with actual information tying MAD, Save Our State, and Laine Lawless directly into a bunch of Neo-Nazis.

    You should be proud!

    You don’t need to threaten me. If I get something wrong I change it. All you need to do is ask. I was wrong to use the word “Defended” and it has been removed. Next time, just comment and don’t threaten. You have inspired me to continue work exposing the tawdry nature of the entire anti-immigration movement.

    The Pink Flamingo

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