Insult to Injury


Nidal Malik Hasan has a defense attorney who is former military.  John Galligan is a retired Army colonel who has experience in high profile cases such as this.

One thing that The Pink Flamingo noticed on Wednesday was when Galligan stated that he felt Hasan could not get a “fair” trial at Fort Hood.   I don’t know about you, but Galligan’s comment, to The Pink Flamingo, was highly insulting, especially to a group of men and women who have gone through so much lately.

Then – The Pink Flamingo began to think about things!

From what The Pink Flamingo gathers, the jury will be made up of officers of a higher rank than the alleged terrorist who allegedly killed a baker’s dozen of America’s finest.

How could Hassen NOT get a fair trial?

Then I started thinking about it. (The Process will be long)

If I were in Galligan’s place, the LAST thing I would want is a jury of Hasan’s higher ranking peers.  Sure, they will be honest, honorable, and highly educated.

Golly – that’s the problem!

We’re talking honest, honorable, and highly educated.

They are the LAST PEOPLE you want on a jury that is looking at 13 charges of pre-meditated murder!


We’re not talking Oprah watching, tabloid TV, National Enquirer, if it fits you must acquit, brain dead jurors here.  The jury will be made up of men and women who are of higher rank that “Major” Hasan.  We’re talking men and women who have a little something going on up stairs in the old gray matter, beyond trash TV, and visions of sobbing confessions on Jerry Springer.

If The Pink Flamingo appears to be insulting the make up of high profile juries, well, she is.

Golly gee….it looks like John Galligan will not be able pull a fast one on 12 men and women of a rank higher than major.  These are men and women who will not be swayed by insults, tears, black gloves, chip shots, Oprah, and reruns of CSI.

What’s a defense attorney to do?