Toss the Tea Party Trash to Save the Country


Dick Armey is now jealous of Sarah Palin.  The Pink Flamingo doesn’t mind admitting she is extremely disappointed with Sarah Palin’s strange attraction to a group of far right losers who are going to end up truly damaging any political chances she has with “regular” Republicans.  They see her as this great anti-GOP icon, and this disturbs me. Unless the GOP were to do something absolutely insane and nominate someone like Ron Paul, I can never see myself ever voting for anyone but a Republican.

Unfortunately, the whole Tea Party “patriot” movement is all about destroying the GOP.  It is about making Nancy Pelosi Speaker for Life!

It started out as a nice little thing to do – protest Barack Obama.  A few non-political types who knew nothing about the political process, and probably never voted before in their lives made the mistake of listening to Glenn Beck.  They formed their little Tea Parties.

Those little tea parties were then co-opted by FOX News, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and every conservative talking head in the country.  No one wanted to appear to disapprove of their precious little populist anticts.  It was the sort of thing that caused Ross Perot to hand the Presidency to Bill Clinton in 1994, but who’s paying attention to the history of third party malcontents?

There were rumors that Ross Perot was in league with Bill Clinton to destroy GHWB in 1992.  The Pink Flamingo has heard the rumors for years.  It rather makes one wonder if the same isn’t true now.  If The Pink Flamingo were to create a conspiracy theory it would be as follows:

Glenn Beck is a closet Obama supporter, hired to destroy the GOP using the morons of the Tea Party “patriots”? as his little foils.

The alleged “patriots” who now control the Charleston County GOP have it in for Lindsey.  Then again, he is not liked by Big Oil, John Tanton, or the white supremacists at Vdare.  Golly, I guess the Tea Party Patriots have decided where their loyalty lies – and it isn’t with the US!

Now they are planning to burn a Democrat in effigy. That is so NOT good.  When things like this happen, burning  Tom Perriello in effigy and damning someone like Lindsey, it is time to pull the plug before these people end up seriously damaging the GOP and conservatives in general.

I gather some of those attending will be wearing white robes and pointy little hats?

Then again, there are signs that the Tea Party “movement” is, shall we say, burning its bridges and turning into something rather nasty.  Several days ago, here in Ruidoso, the Tea Party People were out to honor our vets.  I think 3 people showed up to to party.  With luck we are starting to see the beginning of the end.


“…Charges of lax book-keeping — and worse — appear to be breaking out across the Tea Party movement. In a separate email written Wednesday and obtained by TPMmuckraker, Matt Perdue, the president of a San Antonio Tea Party group, ripped into the group’s treasurer, her husband, and their supporters for conducting a “mass redirection campaign,” apparently to line their own pockets using Tea Party donations.

“Where has all this money gone?” asks Perdue. “If there is nothing wrong going on, why has there not been one single piece of paper produced to back up why people got checks, some for $3,000, $7,400+, $4,000, $10,400+??? Where is the documentation? Why isn’t the cash deposited like it should be? Why did it take more than two weeks to deposit cash from the meetings?”

Meanwhile, other Tea Party factions are trying to distance themselves from the dispute between Kremer and TPP — and position themselves to benefit. Darla Dawald, the leader of the Patriotic Resistance, a far-right grassroots group, wrote in a message on the TPP email list that her organization has “not supported any lawsuit or fighting … but I felt obligated to inform our base what is happening so that you could make an educated decision about your support of the Group called the Tea Party Patriots.” Dawald has been a key participant in the bus tour organized by the Tea Party Express — an effort shunned by TPP.

And Eric Odom, the founder of the Tax Day Tea Party events, wrote in his own message that the acrimony “presents a dangerous situation for the movement as a whole,” and urged TPPers to return to “defeating the socialist thugs who seek to destroy our country, not fellow patriots who seek to stop them.” We reported that Odom this week launched a political action committee designed to channel Tea Party activism toward an electoral goal.

As Wednesday wore on, the TPP internal email list degenerated into name-calling, sarcasm, and personal attacks. “Jack, you REALLY look clueless right now,” Parker wrote to Staver at one point. Parker also ripped Merits for “your usual pissing and moaning without knowing nothing.” And Staver deemed Parker “not worthy of a response.”…”


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  1. Sarah Palin is speaking at the Tea Party National Convention in 2010


  2. You left out the California TPP where “leader” (and on of the national TPP board) Mark Meckler is suddenly not in the dire personal financial crisis that he was in early in the year.

    Follow the money

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