Charleston County GOP Is a Disgrace to the GOP!


Were Charleston’s idiot Republicans up to something besides trying to destroy Lindsey?  Could it be that they were trying to curry favor and make themselves look good for Ron Paul, who was in Columbia the following day. Or – could they be waiting for the arrival of their real god – Glenn Beck, who will be in Charleston soon, so they can slobber and drool all over his ring finger?

As a former South Carolina County Republican Chairperson, I feel I know a little about how things once worked in the state.  The leadership of the Charleston County GOP worked directly with local “conservatives” and Tea Party People to target good Tea Party Conservatives for the November 3 elections.

The following is a screen shot of the PDF list of candidates.

Candidate Assessment 2009There is a heck of a lot more to this than their ill-advised censure of Lindsey, which was, an attempt to destroy him – nothing more, nothing less.  This is about the betrayal of GOP principles, and a betrayal of the party in general.  If the SCGOP had any backbone, they would demand the immediate resignation of Charleston County GOP Chairperson Lin Bennett and her officers.

You do not recruit candidates outside of the party unless you plan to run them as Republicans.  It is quite evident the Charleston County GOP Executive Committee is not longer aligned with the state GOP but has morphed into something quite vile and nasty.

I was a SCGOP County Chair from 1993 – 1995, taking over not long after the debacle created by Ross Perot and his pointy-headed populist third party twerps.  The GOP was also in the process of being taken over by the Christian Coalition and Movement Conservatives.  In other words, it was basically in the same place we are in today, having lost the national elections and being assaulted by a malicious third party take-over.

No one in the entire state would have done what Lin Bennett did – consult with conservative independents, third party individuals, and an independent movement.  It just was not done.  It would have been a betrayal of the entire GOP.  Fortunately, at the time, the only conservative talking head was Rush, and he would never dare to endorse the Ross Perot fools.

Times have changed.  Had we been assaulted by the far right in 1994 the way we are being assaulted today by the extreme and entirely unreasonable and irrational right, the Gingrich Revolution would never have happened.  But – people like Rush have been either assimilated, bullied, or willingly lead by a chain through their nose to the altar of unreasonable third party nightmares.

What Lin Bennett had done is a betrayal of her office as County Chair.  Unfortunately the GOP is now so cowed by the fringe elements of the far right and by the delusional and disturbed machinations of Genn Beck that very few Republicans have the courage to stand up to them.  When someone like Lindsey Graham does stand up against these forces, the only way to silence him is total and complete, utter annihilation.

As a former county chair, I would NEVER have recommended anyone for a non-aligned elected office WHO WAS NOT a Republican.  I would also have made sure their alliance to the GOP was well known.  As a former county chair I know this sort of thing is done all the time.  To betray the GOP by working with individuals who do not have the GOP’s best interest at hand is a total and complete betrayal of the best interests of the Republican Party.

As a county chair, one’s allegiance is to a specific political party.  One takes an oath to built, uphold the rules of the party, and done one’s best to see that good candidates are recruited and elected.  One also is required to work with local, state, and national elected officials.  One does not censure or betray those officials unless there is very good reason to do so, such as Mark Sanford’s little “hike” on the Appalachian Trail.

While I was a county chair there was one time I “officially” pulled the county’s support from a state-wide candidate in our primary.  When it was learned I would be doing an election eve radio show with my Democratic counterpart, I was contacted by the governor’s office about their problems with someone who was running as a Republican in the primary.  (It was a ‘non-aligned” office). I knew there was a problem with this person and that his opponent had given his word that he was going to switch parties the moment the primary was over and he had won.  After consulting with my county officers, I withdrew our endorsement of the GOP candidate.  The Democrat won and immediately switched parties, being true to his word.

What I did was at the request of a Republican governor.  I did not consult with the Ross Perot people, third party losers, or anyone from non-aligned populist movements.  I did was was necessary for the good of the state.  It was not an ego trip nor was it a statement designed to destroy a specific individual.  The entire incident was quite painful but had to be done.

Lin Bennett, on the other hand, has used and manipulated her office, turning it over to outside interests.  She should be required to either denounce her actions that are harmful to the party or forced to step down, immediately. Unfortunately, because the the Little Tea Party “patriots” and Ron Paul Bots, who are vocal, but small in number, are such bullies, they are terrorizing the state’s GOP apparatus.

What is happening in Charleston is a cautionary tale.  Last week one of the misc. Minutemen groups put the GOP on notice that they were going to destroy any Republican who did not scrape, bow, kiss their feet, and dance to their demands.  Because the Tea Party “patriots” are often part of that nasty little bunch, they are now going to be doing the same thing.

The end result will be either the nomination of conservative candidates who are so far right, not even Ronald Reagan would vote for them, or the sponsorship of independent third party losers who will spit the vote.  When this happens, the Democrats will maintain their choke-hold on the House and the Senate.  One wonders just whose side these people are on, because they can’t possibly helping the GOP build a majority.

It is time for honesty.  The far right, irrational conservatives who control the blogsphere, talk radio, FOX News, and are worming their way into local county Republican organizations have absolutely nothing in common with Ronald Reagan.  They have now tossed Reagan under the bus.  Unless reasonable men and women begin standing up to these extremists be prepared to say good-by to the America we once knew and loved.  What will emerge will be some pathetic little third world socialist banana republic, brought to you by the likes of Glenn Beck and the Tea Party “patriot”?

Patriots – I think not.