The T-Rex Family Tree


They call the “little” guy a Proceratosaurus.

091103-proceratosaurus-02He’s only about 10 feet long.

In T-Rex terms, that’s “little”.  Heck, Sue’s head is almost that big!

“…Spanning just 10 feet in length and sporting a tiny horn on its nose, a newly identified dinosaur has become the oldest known relative of the fierce meat-eater, Tyrannosaurus rex. The discovery suggests such tyrannosaurs were quite petite before they evolved into giant killing machines just before their demise.

The dinosaur, called Proceratosaurus, lived some 170 million years ago. “We can say conclusively it’s the earliest representative of the line of evolution that led to Tyrannosaurus,” said study researcher Angela Milner of the Natural History Museum in London.

The group of huge carnivores called tyrannosaurs ruled the land about 85 million to 65 million years ago when a mass extinction event wiped them out along with most dinosaurs and many other animals and plants.

Another miniature T. rex of sorts that lived about 125 million years ago was described just recently from remains unearthed in northeast China….”