EXPOSED: Who Is Trying to Destroy Lindsey Graham?


In November of 2007 the Greenville County GOP censured Lindsey for not scraping and bowing to their every desire.  Last week the Charleston County GOP followed suit.

South Carolina is the most Republican state in the country.  Lindsey Graham is the Senior United States Senator.

Lindsey is a Republican.


He is being attacked by a group called the American Energy Alliance, which employs attractive and bright former GOP staffers to make it look like the whole attack is the Republican Party turning on Lindsey Graham.

South Carolina is very important to the GOP.

It is a bell-weather state.

What happens in SC in the GOP will eventually happen throughout the country.

What happens when there is a harmonic convergence of Tea Party “patriots?”, Stormfront, the CofCC, American Renaissance, Losertarian Blogs, The Charleston County GOP, “Big Oil”, Ron Paul, Ron Paul Bots, and the brain dead far right, all determined to destroy a good man?   The Far Right falls for the lies, hook, line, sinker, and canard, spewing them out gleefully, never bothering to fact check, only vomiting up hate and lies.

SC’s strange, “losertarian” blog, FTS, is joyfully announcing how Lindsey is being trounced in alleged polls, never bothering to link to them.  Not to worry, the same thing happened in 2008 when the Greenville County GOP held a straw poll and all the little anti-Lindsey racists showed up to vote.  In 2007, the CofCC was so sure they could stir up enough hate, that they held their national conference in Greenville. They partied and did the conference thing with their “sister” organization, Stormfront.

Speakers included Jared Taylor, etc.

“…In April 2007, Taylor delivered a lecture entitled, “Multiculturalism and Racial Diversity: Strength or Weakness?” at Clemson University in South Carolina. A student group, the Clemson Conservatives, had invited him and he spoke to a group of students, faculty, and members of the public. During the lecture, Taylor implied that international hostility directed at the United States is due to the country’s current racial diversity. He also said, “It is a mistake to assume it is wrong to prefer the company of people similar to oneself… It is universal, and I think there’s every reason to believe there are innate biological reasons… In [the] United States, this kind of preference… is recognized and encouraged and institutionalized so long as the people who are expressing this preference are not white.”…”


The Pink Flamingo is not being paranoid, believe it or not.  On Monday, some of my theories were confirmed, which is both good and bad.

By now, if you have half a brain in your head, it is quite obvious that someone is trying to destroy the political career of Lindsey.  The Pink Flamingo has a few suspects, but is not quite ready to reveal her thoughts on the matter.

Several things are going on, and as usual South Carolina is a political battlefield.

South Carolina has always been front in center when it comes to GOP politics.  It was one of only 3 states in the nation to go for Goldwater in 1964.   With a few exceptions, it has been solidly Republican ever since.  The fact is, SC is so solidly Republican that you can watch GOP trends develop in the state.

In 1995, SC was one of the first states where the so-called “Christian” conservatives began taking over the party, very rudely pushing out long-time party workers who had spent a life-time building the party.

The trend continues today as the extreme far right is trying to take over the state, county by county.  If it were just the irrational Ron Paul Bots, it wouldn’t be so bad.  The real problem is the under-current of far right extremism that runs counter to all good judgment.  There is an element in the state that is working hand in glove with the CofCC, and their “sister” organization, Stormfront.


There has been no love lost between Lindsey and those lovely individuals at Stormfront for ages.  BTW, Stormfront is a huge supporter of Ron Paul. They are also working, quite busily, with the Tea Party “patriots?” in Charleston.  This is a little bit of information to remember.  There is a history of Ron Paul Bots in SC absolutely hating Lindsey.

There is the possibility of an alliance between some Tea Party “patriots?” and the National Alliance.  There was this incident in Phoenix the other day.

Ron Paul dislikes Lindsey for being “anti-white” according to the racist CofCC.

They’ve been after Lindsey for several years now.  The little patriots in those pointy white hats have worked hand in glove with the lovelies from American Renaissance to destroy Lindsey.

On of Charleston’s major anti-Lindsey agitators is Jack Hunter, known as the Southern Avenger.  Conservatives my salivate over the nasty things he says about Lindsey, but you ought to hear what Mark Levin says about him.

There is a direct connection between Stormfront and Ron Paul Bots. One of the things they have in common is their hatred of Lindsey Graham.


There are those who wonder who is sponsoring FTS to attack Lindsey and anyone around him.  They are now trashing Richard Quinn, who is one of the most reputable political consultants and handled John McCain’s SC Campaign.


The Pink Flamingo does not want to pit one against the other.  Conservatives absolutely adore Jim DeMint and his 100% ACU rating, but detest Lindsey and his 90% ACU rating.  Go figure.  Consequently they are constantly trying to pit one man against another.

Lindsey’s FORMER political consultant Dave Woodard has been spreading nasty remarks about Lindsey to all comers.  The Palmetto Scoop made a fascinating little discovery today, linking Woodard to DeMint.  Naturally the extreme right is castigating the Palmetto Scoop.

James Rosen, who writes for McClatchy writes very favorably about DeMint, but has a tendency to slam Lindsey.


One of the problems dealing with the AEA is looking for a “Republican” angle.  The Pink Flamingo discovered we may not be looking at “Republican” but something else entirely.  The AEA is running another hit on Lindsey.  The Palmetto Scoop did the initial work on the power behind the attacks.

American Energy Alliance:

“...Time magazine reported in June 1993 that the National Manufacturers Association “got together with the American Petroleum Institute, 1,600 large companies, small businesses and farmers to form the American Energy Alliance (AEA), a group designed solely to defeat the BTU tax. The coalition paid more than $1 million to Burson-Marsteller, a public relations firm, to deploy nearly 45 staff members in 23 states during the past two months. Burson’s goal was to drum up as much grass-roots outrage about the BTU tax as possible and direct it at the swing Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee…”In July 2008, AEA sponsored radio advertisements in New Mexico, attacking congressman Tom Udall for his opposition to oil drilling. The New Mexico Independent noted that “Information on the group is hard to come by. There are no online Federal Energy Regulatory Commission filings, no Internal Revenue Service filings and no way to contact the group….”

Thomas Pyle, the director of AEA was once a staffer for Tom DelayWhy are they attacking Lindsey?

More on Thomas Pyle:

“…The largest U.S. energy companies increased lobbyist spending by 30% in 2008 to influence energy and climate change legislation. Some of those funds are now going towards the creation of the American Energy Alliance, a new off-shoot of Institute for Energy Research.

The American Energy Alliance is headed by an oil industry lobbyist named Thomas J. Pyle. Before joining AEA, Pyle was a policy adviser to former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX). Pyle’s former employer was among the top recipients of oil industry campaign contributions from 1998 to 2004, raking in $498,375 according to the Center for Public Integrity. Pyle then went to work for the oil-giant, Koch Industries….”

The American Energy Alliance is working closely with the GOP.  Why are they trying to destroy Lindsey?  Something is going on here.  The Pink Flamingo smells a rat.  I’ve run every possibly configuration to figure out how to come up with what is going on.  Nothing worked.  Then, lights started blinkingRobert L. Bradley, Jr. runs the AEA.  Among other things, Bradley is a HUGE Losertarianbig time Cato Institute, Enron, Exxon, Libertarian.


The attacks against Lindsey ARE NOT coming from NORMAL Republican circles.  They really aren’t coming from your run of the mill, average “normal” conservative.  This is a pitched battle between Lindsey Graham and Losertarians.

The big question is as follows.  Are these the opening shots on the pending Libertarian War against the GOP?

Perhaps we should face a few other things.  Is it possible the great GOP crack-up is being manipulated and orchestrated by Libertarians to destroy the GOP.  Considering Lindsey’s long and shall we say “colorful” history against the Libertarian Party, we are probably seeing the first of a number of battles to be played throughout the country.

The Pink Flamingo has often complained that Libertarians are like roaches.  They do their filthy and nasty work in the dark.  When you shine the light of day on them, they run for cover.  They’re two cowardly to outwardly attack the GOP so it is more and more apparent that they are behind the great conservative war against the GOP.  We know they are the movers and shakers behind the increasingly tarnished Tea Party “movement”.

There are other disturbing aspects of all of this.

1. What is Ron Paul’s role in a revitalized Libertarian movement?
2. Are other Libertarian associates as tainted as Paul’s followers are?
3. What role does the CofCC and Stormfront play in all of this?
4. If Ron Paul connected to white supremacists or is he using them?
5. Are Libertarians manipulating the white supremacist anti-GOP sentiment?
6. Are Libertarians connected to the white supremacists?
7. How many other Republicans are they going to target?
8. Are Libertarians behind the hate-GOP movement?
9. Were Libertarians behind NY-23
10. If Glenn Beck is a Libertarian, what role does he have in the anti-GOP hate?
11. Is Beck another white supremacist like Ron Paul and his Stormfront friends?
12. What role is FOX playing in all of this?

And finally  –  will “normal” conservatives have the courage and honor to admit they’ve been manipulated by some very nasty people, or will they all simply become followers and be lead around like the idiots they now appear to be?

One other consideration is rather interesting.  People in South Carolina don’t like to be taken for fools.  When word of the Libertarian con and attack on Lindsey finally sinks in, you could see a real “purge” in the GOP, and it won’t be done by conservatives.  Indeed, if this is being repeated throughout the country, will our 2012 candidates who have made their beds with the Tea Party “patriots?” be tainted by them?

The Pink Flamingo is betting they will.

We must face one other uncomfortable fact.  Scuttlebutt is Jim DeMint wants to run for President in 2012.  Other gossip has him gunning for Mitch McConnell’s job.  Either way, Lindsey is a major obstacle.  Lindsey has become one of the very few real leaders we now have in the country, now that George W. Bush is a private citizen.  DeMint will never be the leader Lindsey is.  Is DeMint encouraging some of the anti-Lindsey press in order to shove him out of the way as an obstacle to his own political ambitions?


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  2. I’ve already contacted your legal guardian to get you back on your meds.

    In the meantime, I need to talk you down, poor baby.

    Now, if you want, just blame it all on me.

    Yes, yes, my dear. Let’s do that.

    It’s all my fault. I’ve orchestrated everything.

    It’s all an evil conspiracy and I’m to blame.

    I’m the devil. I’m Lucifer Satan, whatever you want to call me.

    Project all that negativity onto me. I will absorb it all for you because you mean that much to me.

    Now close your eyes and listen as I whisper into your ear: here’s no public uprising/outcry against Lindsey Graham.

    It’s all an illusion being put on by the puppet masters behind the scenes just to make your Lil’ Lindsey look bad.

    Yes, yes! Don’t shake your head, dear! Deep inside you KNOW it’s true.

    Now, just breathe in, hold your breath for a few seconds and then slowly let it all out.

    You can feel all those toxic thoughts flowing out of your fingertips and your toes and jetting off into the ether to contaminate the politics of Mars or Venus.

    All those lies are gone. Heck, they never even existed to begin with did they?

    Your heart is beating slower, your breathing is more relaxed. All is right in your little world now.

    There’s only the “losertarian” (your special name for them) conspiracy.

    But they can’t hurt you now, can they? They don’t have the ability to do anything to you.

    That’s because you’re in your special place.

    It’s the special room with the soft white walls.

    Now you’re wearing your special sweater that the nice people gave you in advance for Christmas. It is warm and snug and makes you feel soooo calm. And, best of all, it stops your fingernails from ripping off your face.

    All your friends are here with you. Look around.

    There’s Lindsey floating on the ceiling. He’s sooo light that he just keeps bobbing up against the tiles.

    Now, look over there: GW Bush is vomiting green dollar bills into the corner. It must have been some party, eh?

    And, oh, look there! OMG! He’s sooo cute! There’s little Johnny McCain. He’s president now, you know.

    He’s grinning at you and he would wave or blow you some kisses but he can’t lift his arms but so high, you know.

    But he still loves you. You know that don’t you? That’s why he keeps smiling at you and that’s why he has a twinkle in his eye.

    Remember: everyone who is good loves you and all those evil losertarians will never do anything to you.

    That’s because McCain, GWB, and your special Lil’ Lindsey are protecting you from all evil.

    It’s your own little heaven: sunshine, lollipops, and Blue Ribbon Beer. The sky is blue and all is right in your wonderful little world.

  3. Please, keep talking. You are exposing yourself as the Losertarian you are. Good. You are doing exactly what I want people like you to do, expose their political duplicity. You are going to love tomorrow’s post, considering how much you like this one.


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