The Journey to Libertarian Babel


The Pink Flamingo is an unrepentant Trekkie subscribing to the philosophy of life that Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned from Star Trek. No, I’m not being serious or taking myself serious, but Monday evening, when I was working on the post about the Libertarian-based attacks on Lindsey and the GOP I was watching the new Star Trek move.  (I admit that I bawl most of the way through it, because it is so beautiful).

Libertarians are trying to take-over, and are being assisted by willing dupes on the right who think they are wonderful.

Conservatives have a dirty little secret.  It is one that is exploited time again, and never do they learn from their bitter lessons.

You see, the dirty little conservative secret is that conservatives, for the most part, are gullible.  They are gullible because, for the most part, they are honest, honorable, God-fearing, church-going, patriotic men and women who would never think of deceiving anyone.  Consequently, they are ripe for the plucking.  And, trust me, they are being plucked.


The best way to explain what is going on is to get back to Star Trek. Ironically, Journey to Babel first aired on November 17, 1967.  Can you believe that’s 42 years ago tonight!?!


The Enterprise was assigned to transport a number of Federation ambassadors for several weeks to a planet with the code name “Babel”.


During the journey the Tellerate ambassador is murdered.  Spock’s father, Sarak is the prime suspect until it is revealed that he is suffering from a serious cardiac condition.


During the same time frame, a strange ship keeps tailing the Enterprise.  Spock needs to donate blood to keep his father alive during the surgery.  Just before they are to operate, Kirk is attacked and nearly stabbed to death by an Andorian.


Spock feels he is needed to command the Enterprise because of the passengers, threats, and the strange ship that keeps hunting the Enterprise.  He refuses to assist his dying father.


Kirk gets Dr. McCoy to give him something so he can tell Spock he is fine, and send Spock back for the operation that will save his father’s life.


By this time the unidentified ship is causing chaos.  During the surgery, the ship fires on the Enterprise, nearly killing Spock and his father.   The ship is going so fast, and causing so many problems it appears to be far ahead of the Enterprise, technically.


Kirk sends for the Andorian who stabbed him.  He discovers the being has been surgically altered to appear to be an Andorian.  His job was to create strife, and destroy the diplomatic mission.  The goal would be to destroy the Enterprise.  Kirk discovered the “Andorian” and the ship are both Orion.  Pirates, they have been stealing the dilithium crystals from the planet, Coridan.


Kirk destroys the Orion vehicle.  The “Andorian” commits suicide.  Spock’s father survives. Kirk survives.

The End

Why does this have anything to do with the problems the GOP is having with conservatives?

The mission to Babel is like the GOP and conservatives.  They are a varied lot, some conservatives are just a little bit alien.  There are times when no one can get along.  Someone has been pretending to be conservative, even GOP, making mischief, causing problems, and threatening to destroy the entire Republican Party enough to split the 2010 vote and allow Nancy Pelosi to continue her reign as Speaker.

Conservatives are attacking Republicans.

The Tea Party “patriots?” are attacking the GOP.

There are conservatives who condemn some Republicans as RINO – Republican in Name Only – but you NEVER hear a real Republican condemn Republicans, just those you can’t pin down – supporters of Ron Paul maybe?

What is going on here?

Is it possible some other entity has been altered to look like a “conservative” but is something else?

You know that alien vessel that is threatening to attack the Enterprise, the one no one can identify?  The Republican Party is experiencing something that is much the same thing.  We know the GOP is being attacked, but by whom?

Now we know that “Andorian” who has been altered is really a Libertarian.  The unidentified space ship is “Libertarian” on a suicide mission to make as much trouble, destroy as many Republicans, and do as much damage as possible.


Once upon a time the GOP has its very own version of James T. Kirk commanding the Ship of State.  While he was in the Captain’s Chair those nasty Libertarians were held in check.  The Republican Party needs someone like GWB who is strong enough to fire photon torpedoes on the treacherous Libertarians and destroy them before they destroy the country.

Conservatives and Republicans need to be sharp enough and brave enough to battle those nasty Libertarians the way Kirk battled the Orions.

Do they have the courage?

Or, will they go the way of the dodo and with it our freedom?


3 thoughts on “The Journey to Libertarian Babel

  1. In honor of today’s theme, I’ll put my response in the immortal words of NOMAD:


    Many people in the party have changed from being “gullible” to being cynical. It’s a much healthier attitude in regards to government.

    They’re not being “plucked.” They’re being educated. They are plenty intelligent, they just need a little more information and Graham himself is providing most of it through his words and actions.

    Now that they’re being cynical, that can easily see that Lindsey Graham doesn’t pass the common sense and decency test.

    I talked to a really sweet elderly woman a few weeks back and she said she voted for Graham in 2008 but NEVER again. I filled her in even further on his deceit and narcissistic self-aggrandizement.

    I think Lindsey has forever lost her and her husband’s votes.

    There are a lot more of them waking up out there. They are paying attention to the politicians’ horrendous, fascistic spending that is unsustainable and will lead to OUR economic ruin. If we only had a LEGAL government (within the bounds of the Constitution) we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  2. Do you have anything else to do but harass Lindsey? Is there something wrong with you? I’m beginning to wonder if you aren’t just a little strange. I’ve noticed that you leave nasty remarks about him elsewhere, and not just here, much to my disappointment. I thought I was special, that I had my very own little Ron Paul Bot assigned to harass me the way my friendly little O-bot pops up once in awhile.

    I am so disappointed!


  3. No, you’re not special in that regard–believe me. It feels too much like I’m in a cave here. I get much more exposure when discussing his treason elsewhere.

    It’s just SO much fun to post here because you’re so incredibly and, I hope–otherwise it would kill some of the fun– unintentionally hilarious in your blog.

    And the deeper the hole Lil’ Lindsey digs for himself, the faster you’re shoveling. He’s been keeping you VERY busy lately.

    As for “strangeness” you’re the one caught up in corrupt political personalities and defending that strange little traitor on EVERYthing that he does. I marvel at your convoluted and contrived contortions to conceal the conniving of that little con-man.

    I, on the other hand, consistently criticize EVERYBODY who violates natural law and the supreme law of the land–like your little lawbreaker–no matter what the party. I’m no hack–I’m standing on principle.

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