How Glenn Beck Plans to Destroy the United States


“…“Coming this January, my whole approach changes on this program,” he hinted cryptically on his Wednesday show. “This next year is going to be critical, and I think it’s going to change and I think we are going to set it right, at least set our course right. And if that means the Democrats or the Republicans are destroyed along the way, well, good. Good.”…”

What  happens when someone with uncontrolled narcissism is given an open mike, day in and day out?  If that person has plans to destroy both the Democratic and Republican parties in 2010 it is a recipe for the absolute destruction of the United States as we known it.

What happens when a powerful “news” franchise keeps promoting his insane agenda?

Barack Obama is not near as dangerous as Glenn Beck.  Unchecked, Obama is heading for a massive take-down a little less than a year from now.

The real problem is Glenn Beck, who is using his television and radio shows to promote his own personal political agenda.  Because he is classified as an “entertainer and a television/radio personality” there are absolutely no checks and balances on his political ambitions.

Glenn Beck is a Losertarian.  He is NOT a Republican, Democrat or a conservative.  He is in this for himself.  The problem is the fact that we are dealing with people who are being assimiliated into has agenda of abject loser stupidity.

Now that he is double playing it with Bill O’Reilly, there are going to be serious consequences that will destroy the GOP hope to retake the House and Senate in 2010.  The two of them are aided by an increasingly anti-GOP, Libertarian stance at FOX, where there are fewer and fewer Republicans who are getting a fair and balanced opportunity to be treated decently.  When one considers O’Reilly’s nasty anti-Bush slant to things, it is beginning to make a  heck of a lot of sense.

The Pink Flamingo has heard that FOX owner, Rupert Murdoch is a big Obama fan. Right now, The One (hopeinchange) is in very bad trouble to the point where there are discussions about his Duck being Lame, already yet.

The guys at HillBuzz have a completely different take on things, and speculate that The One (Nobel) has lung cancer or Parkinson’s Disease, and that will be his excuse for not running in 2012.

Of course, if Beck has his way, none of this will really matter.  He will do his nasty little damage in 2010 and – well – that’s the end of that.

God Help Us All!