The Great Man Re-Appears – Again – With His Mom & Dad


They could take their act on the road – a mother and son one two punch.  But, when the mom is a former Lady and the son is a former POTUS it makes the logistics of a road tour a little difficult, but they would be SRO!


Then again, the Great Man unveiled the designs for his Presidential Center on Wednesday.

“…“I am writing a book,” W. said. “This is going to come as a great surprise to some of our fellow citizens who live on both coasts.”

He said he had checked with his publisher, Crown, to get permission to read from the manuscript. “They said, ‘No way will you read from the book.’ I said, ‘I’ve got to. My mother said to read from the book.’ ”

Instead, he began reading a parallel-universe version of his West Texas childhood, saying, “Mom was celebrating our new life in the desert by drinking bourbon … straight bourbon … right out of the bottle.”

He quickly added “Gotcha!” and folded his notes and sat down.

“Ha, ha, George, that’s very funny,” Mama Bush said sarcastically. She closed the evening by turning to her husband and telling the crowd, “The good George and I would like you to join us in the lobby for a light supper.”…

…And yet, Bar got a few laughs of her own at her son’s expense. When introducing Houston newspaper fave Louise Bayless Parsley, Mrs. Bush stumbled repeatedly over the word “columnist.” After three aborted attempts, she surrendered and said, “Well, she writes columns.” Referring to her challenged elocution, she added, “Now you see where George W. gets it.”….

…Protocol experts may wonder who gets precedence when both former presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush are in the room. But it was no conundrum for 43. He did take the stage first at the Meyerson, but only to pave the way for Dad. He said, “Now it’s my honor to introduce the real President Bush.”

In a historical pairing not seen since President John Quincy Adams visited his father in Massachusetts, father and son presidents sat side by side on the front row of the Dallas symphony hall and listened to readings from David Baldacci, Jeffrey Engel, A.J. Jacobs and Parsley.

“I was looking for something to do tonight,” George W. explained. “I’d finished my time as a greeter at Elliott’s.”…”