BREAKING: The Pink Flamingo to Run for Congress!


New Mexico’s 25nd Congressional District Needs a Republican Congressperson!


You heard it here first.  The Pink Flamingo is pleased to announce that I am a candidate for Congress in New Mexico’s newly created 25nd Congressional District!  It really doesn’t matter that New Mexico only has three Congressional Districts and The Pink Flamingo officially lives in NM’s 2nd District.

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The Pink Flamingo is thrilled to be running for New Mexico’s newest Congressional District.  “New Mexico has three Democratic Congressmen at the current time.  It is about time the new 25nd District, recently created by the Obama Administration, has a Republican to represent them.”

The Pink Flamingo will run on a strictly Republican platform.

“If I cannot get the GOP nomination for NM’s 22nd District, I will be running for the nomination in NM00, NM40, NM4, NM13, NM16, NM9, NM6, NM35, or NM40.  It really doesn’t matter which district nominates me.  I just want to make sure New Mexico has good Republican representation in order to insure that even more jobs are created in Congressional districts that do not exist.)

According to the NM Watchdog, the Obama Administration has created nearly 5000 jobs in New Mexico in just a few weeks!

I think anyone who even believes this is an accident can purchase my stock in that legendary bridge in Brooklyn.  This is fraud.  It is a lie.  We all know if a Republican Administration were involved in such abject fraud would be the subject of numerous investigations.  Are we simply to sit back and take it when a Democrat does it?

I think not.

Just read this and weep.

“…The number of jobs created in New Mexico has exploded 1,200% in less than a month, according to data on the Obama Administration’s website, which tracks stimulus spending and claimed impacts. On October 21, 2009, New Mexico Watchdog reported that the website was claiming that only 419.02 jobs had been created from the expenditure of $263,559,000. As of October 30, 2009, the site is claiming that 5,241.94 jobs have been created. In other words, the Obama administration is claiming that in less than a month, more than 4,800 New Mexicans have reportedly been hired into new jobs created as the result of additional stimulus spending. That spending in New Mexico, according to, has now reached $1.645 billion. The cost of these claimed new jobs comes to almost $314,000 each…”


One thought on “BREAKING: The Pink Flamingo to Run for Congress!

  1. Dear Candidate Flamingo,

    Congratulations, I am so excited. Let the Ozark Guru be one of your first “Pink” supporters. I am pledging 10 Ameros. I understand, DHS Secretary Napolitano negotiations with Mexico has opened the opportunity for us to donate using the Ameros verses valueless dollars.

    I am so motivated by your decision, that I am considering running for Arkansas 76th District. I seems like they need a Congressman Guru at the Capital and serving beside Congresswoman Flamingo would be most exciting. I discussed this at length with Mrs Guru and she wants me to confirm the filing fees with the party. But I anticipate that they will be so excited that the cost will be almost nothing.

    I would appreciate your valued opinion. What do you think, should the Ozark Guru run for Arkansas 76th Congressional seat? I also have options to file for AR 15th, 7th 6th, 5th and 00th district if too many “Arkies” file for the 76th district.

    Ozark Guru

    p.s.: As always, the check is in the mail.
    Click to read all about the new jobs in the 76th district.

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