New Vegan Dino Discovered


What had flat feat, was a binge eater, and liked its veggies?

“…The vegetarian dinosaur, one of three discovered at the same site, was named Aardonyx celestae — the genus name (Aardonyx) means “Earth Claw,” (Aard — Afrikaans for Earth) and (Onyx — Greek for claw) an appropriate name, given that the large, earth-encrusted foot claws were some of the first bones to be discovered in the town of Senekal, near Bethlehem in the Northern Free State, in South Africa. The species name (celestae) is given to acknowledge the work of Celeste Yates who prepared much of the fossil….”

Aardonyx celestae

“…Dubbed Aardonyx celestae, the 195-million-year-old dinosaur had a lot of sauropod-like features, such as a robust skeleton for holding up its heft. (See extreme dinosaur pictures.)

Unlike sauropods, though, the newfound species walked on two legs and only dropped down on all fours, the new research shows. This means that walking on all fours started earlier in sauropod ancestors than previously thought, researchers say.

“What’s exciting about Aardonyx is it’s showing us that transition period … it’s the closest thing just before becoming the classic sauropod,” said study co-author Matthew Bonnan, a vertebrate paleobiologist at Western Illinois University…”