Palin’s Mulligan & Pending 3rd Party Disaster


Imagine selling 300,000 books in one day – every writer’s dream!

The Pink Flamingo has not had a chance to read the book.  I gave my copy to my best friend who wanted to give it to a mutual friend who was going to be spending a bit of time doing medical tests and wanted something to read.  My replacement copy arrived from Amazon an hour ago.

The Pink Flamingo is attempting to be as brutally honest as possible.  It is not fun and it is not easy.  I will anger some people, but please, continue to the end of the post.


The Pink Flamingo is having a difficult time with the constant trashing of John McCain’s campaign.  There is something about it I find distasteful.  I must admit I am finding it distasteful to the point where I’ve stopped listening to the FOX interviews.  I watched a portion of the O’Reilly interview and liked the fact that Sarah Palin plays like a grown-up and accepts responsibility for actions.  That alone is refreshing considering what we have in power right now.

I keep going back to the old adage about airing dirty laundry, burning bridges, and being grace under fire.  It bothers me.  Politics is a strange business, creates strange bed-fellows, and one should never completely destroy a relationship.  You might need that person one day.

What truly brothers me is the political naivety I see when it comes to the far right.  The Pink Flamingo was the third person to start discussing SP as a possible VP candidate a year before it happened.  When I started writing about her, the only material out there was an interview by Fred Barnes, who was her first big national supporter, and local Alaska interviews.  I found a woman who was pragmatic.  She saw both sides of the story, and knew how to charm liberals, conservatives, Democrats and Republicans.  She truly was a possible successor to Reagan.

Something happened on the aborted trip to the White House.  Either I did not get the full story about her, and I don’t think this was the case, or Sarah Palin changed.  Or – and this is the very big OR – someone is giving her some extremely bad political advise.

I think the latter is true.

Now Sarah Palin has become the voice for the far right fringe, the ultimate fantasy of the loser third party world.  She is criticizing good Republicans who are conservative, but not enough for the Tea Party “patriots?”, and is paying way too much attention to Glenn Beck.

This is NOT the Sarah Palin I wrote about in the summer of 2007.   A person does not change their basic values, unless like Barack Obama, they have none.  Sarah Palin has values.  She has a core personality unlike Obama.  She has morals, character, and a sense of honor.  I truly think there are people around her who are using her and manipulating her to a point where they will end up destroying the brightest star in the GOP galaxy.

I have heard rumors that SP was hurt, terribly by some people around her to the point where she was very cautious about those who she “allowed” around her.  Right now, what I am finding is very disturbing.  Someone is manipulating her.  There is something wrong, somewhere.  It could be that SP is too trusting.  She would not be the first successful politician who is bitten this way. I know a few and have been on the victim of a  couple political “advisers”.  It is a dirty, ruthless business where access to “the man” (or “the woman” in this case), is all important.

If Sarah Palin does not pull the plug on these people, they are going to destroy any political future she has.  This truly hurts me to write.  I don’t want it to be true, but I am truly dismayed and saddened by what has happened. I see Michelle Bachmann being manipulated by these same people.


Right now, the way The Pink Flamingo sees things, Sarah Palin is not helping herself as a serious political leader.  Granted she is doing the book tour thing and is promoting the heck out of her book.  Trust me, no one is more thrilled than I am with her success!


I am ticked at the press approach to her. We’re not talking policy, talking points, or anything that might add to her “gravitas”. It’s all gushy, girly, and every interview seems to be designed to denigrate Palin as a possible leader. Who really cares if Levi couldn’t make it as a centerfold!

Some of this is her normal “girly” personality. The Pink Flamingo mentions this because I have the same problem. Because we’re able to concentrate on several things at once, multi-task, and carry on at least a half dozen conversations simultaneously, we come across as “girly” lacking in serious leadership potential. No one takes us seriously. Maybe it is the pedicure. Maybe it is the hair. It could be the fact that we aren’t all that impressed nor in love with our selves. Perhaps the real problem with Sarah Palin is that she is not a narcissist.

It is obvious from Palin’s interview on Rush that she knows her stuff. This is not the musing of an air-head.

“.., I think domestically a threat that we’re facing right now is the dithering and hesitation in sending a message to the terrorists that we’re going to claim what Ronald Reagan claimed. Our motto is going to be: “We win, you lose.” The way that we do that is allow McChrystal to have the reinforcements that he’s asking for in Afghanistan. That sends that message to the terrorists over there that we’re going to end this thing with our victory. We need to start facing Iran with tougher and tougher sanctions that need to be considered. We need to work our allies with the Iranian issues, like Britain and France and not allow access to favorable international monetary deals. That’s a great threat that I think would kind of shake up Ahmadinejad and get him to listen. We need to look at halting Iran’s imports of refined petroleum products. They’re quite reliant on imported gasoline, and we need to use that hammer to wake up the leadership there, too. Those are two big challenges that we have right now, domestically and in naming those two countries, Afghanistan and Iran. Two big challenges there, too…”

Unfortunately, when they are spoken by a woman who is attractive, has a pedicure, wears killer shoes, and has truly set the style when it comes to hair and eye-glasses, for some biased and absurd reason, no one wants to take her seriously. Why should they? Women like this are not to be smart, well-spoken, or leaders. They are already a threat with their appearance and their female wiles. If they are smart and have leadership potential, then they are threats, not only to men but to other women. God help us all if she happens to be welding a designer bag and decked out in a few thousand bucks worth of jewelry.

Which takes us to why I am a little annoyed with SP. I want her to change the subject. When someone brings up Levi, I want to hear her change the subject and discuss troop levels in Afghanastan. I want her to change the subject and discuss health care reform.

Right now, Sarah Palin is being afforded a unique platform very few Republicans are ever fortunate enough to trod. I want her to turn it into a bully pulpit, hammering Obama on spending, on taxes, and deficits. We’ve heard the family story, endlessly. The love she and the Dude have for Trig bring tears to my eyes. Please, turn it around and hammer the Dems on how they will end up cutting aid to little tykes like Trig. Go for the jugular on abortion.

I want the Barracuda!

I don’t want more gushing, discussions about Perky Katie, or this constant feud with the Romney plants who were working for McCain. Let it go. Play Newt Gingrich. When someone asks Newt a question, he manipulates it into policy.

I want Sarah Palin to show the world that we chick flick fans who have our locks colored once a month, get a regular pedicure, and know how to weld a mascara wand with the audacity and accuracy of Tiger Wood and a three iron also know how many states are in the Union, can recite passages from the Constitution, know our rights, and have an excellent grasp of foreign policy.

The Pink Flamingo has labored her entire life in a man’s world, while maintaining her love of pink, jewelry, fluff, and girl-stuff. Just because a woman may have 250 pair of shoes is no reason to think she cannot talk policy with the best of the he-men woman haters.

Sarah Palin represents “girl power”.

By representing “girl power” she absolutely terrifies the feminists who are dour, sour, and have a better mustache than Zorro. Have you noticed that the women in politics who are constantly degraded are the ones who have learned how to be frilly, fluffy, girly women in a spittin’, chewin’, belchin’ and fartin’ man’s world.

Please Sarah, talk policy. Show off your pedicure, and do a glam mommy up-do and slaughter ’em with your knowledge of troop movements, foreign trade, and tax cuts. It is a lethal combination.


Unfortunately one of the very real problems Sarah Palin has, and it will end up destroying any chance she has of even winning the GOP nomination.  The Pink Flamingo is loath to even read Newsmax because it is a crock.  It is not as bad as World Nut Daily, but I’d but it in the top five of really disgusting conservative litter box scoop-able far right “conservative” ummm-news? sites.

When asked about Glenn Beck, Palin said the following – allegedly.  Because it comes from Newsmax, The Pink Flamingo cannot guarantee it’s veracity.

“…“I can envision a couple of different combinations, if ever I were to be in a position to really even seriously consider running for anything in the future, and I’m not there yet,” Palin tells Newsmax. “But Glenn Beck I have great respect for. He’s a hoot. He gets his message across in such a clever way. And he’s so bold — I have to respect that. He calls it like he sees it, and he’s very, very, very effective.”…”

If Palin continues to be influenced by Glenn Beck it’s over before it begins.  I was afraid, after her completely uninformed comment about Lindsey, that she thought he needed a primary opponent because he wasn’t conservative enough.  After his interrogation of Eric Holder, how anyone can say he is not conservative enough must be under the influence of …. Glenn Beck.

Beck is a LOSERTARIAN.  He is not a Republican.  Libertarians are NOT conservative, and there is a major difference between Libertarian-Republican and Losertarian.  True Losertarians are re-cycled hippies out to ruin the GOP.  If Sarah Palin continues down the Beck road, she will ruin herself politically.  There are some conservatives who absolutely worship Beck, just like there are some liberals who worship Obama.  If Beck continues to get his way, the GOP will lose, dramatically in 2010.  If Palin stakes her claim with Beck, she will go down with him.

The US is a center-right nation. To go farther right is going to be an absolute electoral disaster for the GOP in 2010.  If Sarah Palin is endorsing a Glenn Beck option, it will prove to be disastrous for the GOP, and will destroy any political career she wishes to have.  Indeed, to continue identifying with the Tea Party “patriots?” when they are increasingly being identified with rather questionable fringe groups is also a recipe for disaster.

Is is absurd to believe after her interview on Rush, that Palin would even consider something as foolish as aligning herself with Beck.  Then again, I don’t trust Newsmax, so I am not jumping to conclusions.

Like a friend who is associated with the GOP told me Friday evening, if Sarah Palin is associating with Beck, he will destroy her.

Glenn Beck continues to hint at plans that include the complete destruction of the GOP and (he stupidly thinks) the Dems.  If he continues with his megalomaniacal plans, he will completely destroy the 2010 elections and make Nancy Pelosi Speaker for life.  It will literally be the end of the world as we know it.  We know Beck is in it for the money and the power.

There are some disturbing rumors that Sarah Palin may be in it for the money.  If this is true, the “conservative” movement as we see it today will be utterly and completely destroyed.  The only Republicans who will remain standing are the rare few in the US Senate and a few GOP governors who are not up for re-election in 2010.

If this happens, the United States as we know it will be gone – forever.

I truly hope and pray I am wrong and this is not about power and money, but a very good woman who has been treated like dirt by the press.


On the other hand, Palin sounds good during this part of her interview with O’Reilly.  It is the first time I have heard someone put O’Reilly down for his constant trashing of George W. Bush, which is good.