New Ad Defending Lindsey


Adam Fogel at the Palmetto Scoop has the new ad run in support of Lindsey, exposing the group out to destroy him.

“…The AEA attacks are falsely claiming that Graham “supports a national energy tax called cap-and-trade.”

The truth is that Graham has made his position clear: He will not support any form of caps on carbon pollution unless the Democrats agree to green-light the expansion of nuclear energy, offshore drilling, clean coal and natural gas as energy alternatives to create new jobs and to end American dependence on foreign oil.

And that’s a point REP is trying to clarify to misled South Carolinians.

“Sen. Graham is being attacked by self-serving oil industry groups for his work to advance a sensible energy policy for our country,” REP Vice President for Government and Political Affairs David Jenkins said. “We are standing up for Sen. Graham, a true conservative who is taking responsibility for protecting our country from the energy security and climate risks that we face.”…”


6 thoughts on “New Ad Defending Lindsey

  1. “The truth is that Graham has made his position clear: He will not support any form of caps on carbon pollution UNLESS the Democrats agree to green-light the expansion of nuclear energy . . .”

    The ad really says this?

    Why bother? It’s obviously what Graham’s been saying all along to the effect:

    “I am TOTALLY against cap and trade–UNLESS I get something out of the deal for me and my corporate clients. Then it’s okay if I cheat the American taxpayers with an unbelievably HUGE corporate welfare scam. ”

    It’s what I and everyone have already been saying about him for years–that he’ll cooperate with anyone on anything as long as he gets something out of it. There are no principles on his part.

    That’s essentially what the ad is saying. Maybe it will sound nicer and less corrupt with a smooth announcer’s voice saying it but it still means Gaham is a spineless, conniving wimp who will do anything for power and money–with the least amount of effort on his part. Lindsey Gaham finds it much easier to just bend over.

    Graham, you see, has a pre-climategate mentality. He really jumped the shark on cap and trade! He converted to enviro-fascism and then the fraud was exposed in a way that’s impossible to deny.

    BAD timing! Just like when his neo-con butty McCain was running a Dem-Light campaign that left everyone yawning after he and his buddies put the Republicans in the minority for the last several election cycles.

    Let’s see how the little boy minces his way out of THIS one.

  2. QUOTE by SJR: “Spoken like a true Losertarian!”

    As I think I’ve told you before, I’m a Republican, dear.

    I was instrumental in helping get Constitutional viewpoints expressed within the county party and was one of the people booing Lindsey at the state GOP convention.

    In fact, I was sitting right behind Joe Wilson (whom I also give a hard time when he deserves it) and his wife at the convention.

    I’ve voted Republican most of my life but am sick to death of the liberal corporate welfare fascists like Gaham who have corrupted it. I am doing something about the situation instead of just posting and blogging–and I WORK for a living!

    I have never been a member of the Libertarian Party and never will that I can foresee. (In fact, I despise a lot of what the Cato institute comes out with due to their apparent support of unconstitutional national solutions vs. turning most matters back over to the state as called for under the 9th and 10th Amendments.)

    I am part of an informal citizen activist group that is constantly working to get natural law solutions to problems at the local, county, state, and federal levels.

    If you counted up the number of times my words and ideas have been included /discussed in newspaper articles and press releases, and the number of times I’ve been consulted/helped out on political matters (as an unpaid volunteer) and the number of times my actions have been shown on television and discussed on mainstream news programs, BOTH of us would be surprised.

    If you included the number of times that members of the groups I’m associated with have been similarly involved, it would be many times more impressive–especially compared to the relatively little I’ve accomplished so far.

    For the most part, we don’t put our faces and names on blogs, however. That’s because it’s not about us, it’s about the mission of upholding natural and Constitutional law.

    (And frankly, it’s also about not having to deal with invasions of privacy that occur so much here in SC with its nearly deadly games of politics. I do not crave attention like some folks do–not that there’s anything wrong with that–it’s just not MY gig.)

    As far as losing, the neo-con bunch are the ones who have LOST Congress and LOST the White House. Those are just some cold hard facts to wash down with your contorted defenses of Graham.

  3. Yes, I have principles and expressed my displeasure with him as about half the convention did. This was in stark contrast–and Lil’ Lindsey noticed it–to Jim DeMint’s extended standing ovation by the entire convention. You should have been there.

    REALLY, you should have been there. You could learn a lot.

  4. Sorry about that, but I saw the video. There were a few ill-bred rednecks who made asses of themselves booing Lindsey. Were you one of them? Golly. I gather you are either in league with, or actually are the unemployed guy who spends his welfare check stalking Lindsey and making videos about how people hate him, when all you are doing is making a fool of yourself.


    What causes a person to hate someone the way you hate Lindsey? It really isn’t healthy. Maybe you need some professional “help” before you hurt someone.


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