Glenn Beck Betrays Our Military


Glenn Beck is a Losertarian.  The Pink Flamingo was wondering when Beck, the Losertarian, was going to advocate thumbing his nose at our military.

The egotistical Beck said that “I had to promise…”

The damn fool has nothing to do with any of this.  Someone needs to stick a fork in him, he’s done.  I was against this sort of behavior during Vietnam.  I am against it now.

How dare Beck give this “advise” to our great men and women who are heroes so he can shoot off his big fat mouth? He insults my brother, who has given – repeatedly, and is heading for another assignment.

He is going to wait for a Commander in Chief who can get “his priorities in order”.  Is there ever going to be a POTUS Beck supports?  All he can do is denigrate GWB.

The man is a fool – an abject fool.

Oh, had Beck served his country?  When he can go out and put his life on the line for our country, then maybe he can denigrate men like Lindsey and GWB.  Until then – shut up.  With Losertarians like this who needs Democrats?  Now that all the little “tea party patriots” ape Beck, are we going to see the makings of a new Vietnam?

Glenn Beck should be ashamed.

Should my father have refused to serve because he did not support FDR?  Just because someone does not approve of a current Administration is not an excuse to bail out on the country nor undermine our military.


3 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Betrays Our Military

  1. “Should my father have refused to serve because he did not support FDR? Just because someone does not approve of a current Administration is not an excuse to bail out on the country nor undermine our military.”

    Totally missing the point… He is completely behind the military.. so much so that when this commander and chief we have doesn’t do what the commanders want to SUPPORT OUR MILITARY Glenn speaks out and he’s right.

    Obama needs to stop playing political games with the war and send more troops. Your picking the wrong fight by going after Beck. He is a stalwart supporter of the troops.

  2. As usual a hawk who never served is pontificating on his expertise regarding military service and who should be required to serve. You can measure their courage by the amount of deferments they have. I am not a vet but I am an American and say this to you Mr Glen Beck. Sir you are a disgrace to this country. Your remarks are not only callous but I think you should be taken off the air just because of your obvious lack of talent, and I must be the first to admit that I truly don’t understand what the public see’s in you, but I guess that’s why they make chocolate and vanilla. I only pray that someday soon people will get wise to your game and just stop listening. Instead of you and your right wing compatriots being a voice of a calm and positive force, you have taken to the airwaves to attempt to disgrace and destroy a man who you have decided doesn’t deserve to be the leader of this country. He was elected by at least 51% of the people, but that’s not good enough for you. I remember when George Bush was President the right was always saying respect the office even if you don’t respect the man. You go out of your way to denigrate both.Instead of directing the people’s anger and frustration to the real culprits in Washington, the Senators and Congressmen who are supposed to be trying to get America up and running again. No! You are asking questions about whether the President is an American citizen. Is he a Muslim? A Christian? There will be death camps. Our way of life will be over. All of this fear mongering has wasted time energy, and in the end doesn’t unite us as a country, but only divides. Why aren’t you leading the pitchfork march on the banks and wall street? After all don’t you represent the common man? The little guy? I’m sure you can muster up a tear for that. Can’t you Glen? Why aren’t you right up there at the front of the charge demanding regulations on the brokers and bankers? Why Glen? Why aren’t you? You who are in a position to influence a great deal of people to try to change attitudes in America. To rebuild on positive thinking, hopeful thinking. To help people make a difference in their communities and their lives. No! It is much easier to mislead, malign, and just out and out prefabricate. I hope some day Glen that when your older and perhaps infirm, as happens to us that get a little older. You start thinking of your legacy. Where will I fit in, in the Great Studio Hall of Fame? I hope you learn that all that great pile of cash you have squirreled away in some CD or tax annuity, or maybe under you mattress,because I don’t think you trust the banks either, won’t give you one moment of solace when your conscience comes calling in the wee hours of the morning, for some reason it’s usually around 3:00am You take a long hard look at the span of your life and you may see, if you can stand it, what may have been possibly an interesting and courageous career. And then you might think out loud. “If only fear and hate hadn’t dominated my life. Think Edward R Morrow. Good night and good luck Mr.Beck

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