BREAKING: New Bigfoot Gossip!


Regular readers know The Pink Flamingo gets a kick out of “bigfoot” and enjoy following the stories.  I think there is some kind of a great ape that has defied classification.  It makes a heck of a lot of sense, esp. when you consider how many cryptids are being discovered on a regular basis.

Loren Coleman has more:

This is one of his updates:

“...San Antonio News Radio 1200 WOAI

Is BIGFOOT on the Loose in SA????

several callers contacted police last ngiht about a ‘large hairy creature’
By Jim Forsyth

Is Bigfoot on the loose on San Antonio’s west side?

Police dispatchers told 1200 WOAI news they received several calls Monday night about a ‘Sasquatch’ being spotted near Highway 151 and Loop 1604. Several homeless people contacted police swearing they saw a ‘big hairy creature’ which was ‘taller than six foot three’ kill a deer and drag it back into the woods.

Police say the folks reporting the Sasquatch sighting ’sounded scared, and surprisingly sober.’

Police opted not to launch a ‘Bigfoot Manhunt.’

Even more up-to-date, on Wednesday, December 2, 2009.

Police and News 4 WOAI have been getting calls about bizarre sightings.

The callers told News 4 WOAI they saw a large, hairy, Bigfoot-type creature at Highway 151 and Loop 1604 on the West Side Monday. Police got a similar call Monday night at the same location.

Two weeks ago, News 4 WOAI reported that a monkey or ape of some sort was spotted on Southwest Loop 410.

The technicians at J.D.’s Paint and Body Shop showed News 4 WOAI crews footprints on their dumpster, proof of what one described as a “baboon.”…”