God, Carbon Credits, Greenies, and a Lack of Faith (and Technology)


PART I of two articles on “green”

Is it even possible for a person to be a hard-core environmentalist and a strongly believing Christian or Jew at the same time?

I don’t think so.

The other day the Pink Flamingo heard Republican talk show host and best seller Michael Medved comment that he believed in “conservation” but not in environmentalism.  I think Medved has it right.  There is nothing wrong with protecting what should be protected (within reason).

My grandfather Froehlich was the most conservative person I ever knew.  He was also 100% old fashioned up by the boot-straps capitalist.  But – because of a life-time watching the state of Florida grow from a backwater Depression inflicted boom/bust frontier to Wallyworld and wall to wall traffic on the freeways, he had a unique perspective.  My grandfather was one of the first people in the state to start preaching about the protection of the Glades and preservation of the water table.  He was on the state’s water commission at the time.  They suggested he was old and senile and had him removed from his position.

This was a man who had absolutely no use for liberals.  He and my grandmother kept their “First Tuesday” magazines on the coffee table along with every other book about the Reagans they could possibly collect.  He was one of the orginal “Reagan Conservatives” but he recognized the relationship between business, conservation, conservatives, and a clean enviroment.  He detested liberals and had even less use from enviromentalists.


In order to buy into the pseudo-science that is “green” one must suspend any belief in God the Father, the Creator, the Giver of Life, the Lord of Lords, and King of Kings.  One must buy into the near worship of “Gia” the planet, as a living breathing entity.  As part of our belief in God the Father, Christians and Jews must accept the fact that the one thing separating Humans from the Animals is our Soul, which was bestowed upon us by Our Creator.

You either believe it or you don’t.

Do you honestly think there IS NOT a correlation between this anti-Christian, anti-Semitic barbarism and the rise of political correctness, the greenies, and “progressives”?  When a culture’s religious base is damaged to the point where it may be beyond repair, the weak minded and children who have parents who don’t give a rip about their religious upbringing are susceptible to “progressive” ideas of political correctness that undermine a sense of right and wrong.

This is a culture that defends a Roman Polanski who drugged and molested a young teenage girl.  It is a political party that willingly allows a President to appoint a man who advocated sexual relations between an under-aged teenage boy and an older male predator.

We have a strange convergence here in this country where an amoral individual has been elected POTUS.  We’ve had amoral individuals in the White House at other times, but this is something different.  There appears to be nothing holding him to the usual societal constraints.

In many ways we are in a time frame much like the Great Depression – only it isn’t.

Only – our society is being attacked by all those forces who sought to destroy the country during the Great Depression.

My grandfather Froehlich was a very wise man, quite politically astute. Years ago, when I was a little kid, I can remember driving through Atlanta, sitting between my grandparents on the back seat of my parents’ car. We were driving down Peachtree and Tenth, which, if you remember anything about the late 1960s, was ground zero in the south for the hippie movement.

The adults kept guard, watching to see if there was something my younger sister and I should not see. It’s like this, my parents and my grandparents were at Woodstock! Yep, they were in Woodstock, New York, on THAT weekend, antiquing. After that weekend, they had no allusions about what was going on in this country.

So, a few months later, we are driving through Atlanta and my grandfather makes the following statement: “The only thing that is going to eventually save this country is another Great Depression.”

I wasn’t that old, but I was precocious enough a student of history to know what the Great Depression was, and wanted none of his statement.

The Pink Flamingo was talking to her friend and confident Sally Vee. During the course of the conversation we began discussing the economy. She mentioned a Frank Luntz column about attitudes in this country. If what I am reading in his research, my grandfather Froehlich was exactly right. The fact that we are on the precipice of another Great Depression is going a long way to restoring values many of us though had been long lost.

“…But you also hear a belief in American values that many thought were lost. An incredible 88% believe in the adage “live free or die.” Conversely, just 35% agree with the statement, “I want it all, and I want it now,” and a slight majority (54%) believe “if it feels good, do it.” It’s nice to know that freedom beats obtaining more stuff. And when asked to choose from a list of social and cultural challenges facing America, the highest priority is “restoring personal responsibility.” (Even in these toughest of economic times, all most Americans are asking for is a hand up, not a handout. )…”

We are at a point in our culture were the Feds under Obama are undercounting the unemployed, and those who have given up on jobs. People are emotionally depressed.

Sally Vee and I were discussing this. I thought of something. When I was in college, I studied American History under a professor who was an unapologetic socialist. I think everyone should do so. And – trust me, I learned a heck of a lot.

As a socialist, my professor had studied the cycle of boom and bust this country experienced on a regular basis until the Great Depression. The boom/bust cycles would rarely be national, but regional. The larger cycles would occur on a 25 – 30 year basis. His theory was the FDIC would literally prevent another Great Depression, simply because it would prevent bank runs.

Looking back on the cycles, which were almost as natural as some weather cycle, perhaps the “measures” taken by Roosevelt during the Great Depression have done more to hurt the health of our economy than help it. The Great Depression was different in the size and the scope of the problems, which were augmented by historic drought in the Dust Bowl and Democratic “recovery” policy. The nation did not truly emerge from the economic difficulties until Eisenhower was elected POTUS in the 1950s.


Eisenhower presided over an era of innovation, technology, vast expansion of the infrastructure, and the beginnings of the space race. He understood the only way to get us out of the Great Depression was to grow new technology. We’re talking televisions (not just black and white either), new cars, washing machines, new refrigerators, appliances, small appliances, new houses, roads, buildings, highways, airports – you name it Ike inspired it.

The only way to rebuild our economic leadership is to take a risk and go with something new.  No one is more anti-environmental stupidity than The Pink Flamingo.  But, I also see a remarkable opportunity here.  We’re talking the same opportunity Ike faced when he became POTUS in 1953.

What if we are on the cusp of major technological developments that will make the days of Ike, Howdy-Dody, and Howie Cunningham look like Gone with the Wind?

Wouldn’t  you like to have a power source that is immune to a massive solar flare or an IMP?  I wouldn’t mind having an internet web where-ever I go.  It would sure make my life easier.  I would like to have a really cool car that gets a hundred miles per gallon.  It would sure be better than paying our local robber baron refinery owner.