If a Republican Shouts and No One Hears….(Will Conservatives Lie About It)


Case in point.

Did you know John McCain is one of the most vocal opponents to Barack Obama and his policies?  Want to know what the real problem is with the far right?

“…But in the year since that evening of comity and collegiality, McCain has emerged as one of the leading critics of the new president. On foreign policy, his traditional area of expertise, and domestic affairs, where McCain has shown new passion, the 72-year-old Arizonan is making it plain that he has no plans to serve out his years in the rank-and-file, as a politician known more for what he lost than what he will yet accomplish.

For years, McCain relished being an outsider and a maverick, a style that often led to battles with his own party’s leadership. Today, for reasons that friends and McCain observers say could range from unresolved anger to concern for his right flank as he seeks re-election to genuine dismay about Obama’s agenda, he is helping lead a fiery crusade of GOP loyalists against Democratic priorities – and irked some of his Democratic colleagues in the process.

“The same ferocity he had about beating on Republicans … is now being focused on people on the other side whose agenda is really overreaching,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), one of McCain’s closest friends in the Senate. “He has every reason to be upset. There’s no change there. What would have been a change was if he wasn’t pissed off.” “He is now the de facto leader of the Republican Party.”

The Pink Flamingo has been involved in several excellent comment/replies from “EM” about the nature of the GOP and what is a public perception that the GOP is doing nothing to fight Obama.

The real problem is nothing could be farther from the truth. The GOP is fighting Obama as hard as they can. The problem is like that old question we were hit with in high school.  If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a noise?

If a Republican shouts out against Barack Obama and tries to fight the Dems and there are no cameras will anyone even notice?

Then, if no one notices, will the far right be honest enough to even bother looking to see if that Republican is trying to do what is right?

I don’t think so.

The usual anti-Republican egotistical conservatives are out in force. The Pink Flamingo does not know if they think they smell blood or not.

(Or are the Dems in such trouble we’re being made to think something bad is going on in the GOP?)

There is nothing wrong with being conservative or belonging to grass-roots organizations. The Pink Flamingo’s big complaint is all those membership fees and donations start adding up and are simply not worth it. The same thing is holding true with this whole little populist “uprising” that is starting to resemble the usual suspects.

First we have the Losertarians. They are out in force. Richard Viguerie, that annoying direct marketing “conservative” who tried to take over the Losertarian Party last year in an effort to promote Bob Barr,


Please don’t ruin things for the country!

“…The rules are simple: of the last 15 elections, 13 were ‘Change’ elections in which the party that held the White House lost seats in Congress. In those “Change” elections, the average Misery Index in October going into Election Day was 10.1 and the average loss was 26 seats in the House; including, some real drubbings of more than 45 seats. The Index is at 10.02 now.””…

It is starting to look like perspectives for a great GOP year in 2010 get better not on a daily basis, but almost an hourly basis. The third high profile Dem, Brian Baird is not going to run again.

Right now the GOP has managed to regain ground.

Karl Rove likes our chances in the Senate, to make a few gains.

“…The GOP probably won’t win control of the Senate, but Republicans lead five incumbent Democratic senators in the polls, often by double digits, and trail in just one seat of their own (by a point). A lot can happen in a year, but if Democrats keep telling themselves that their greatest danger will come from not passing monstrosities like Mr. Reid’s health-care bill, Republicans will have a target-rich environment next year. We are once again in a GOP ascendancy, sparked by talented, energetic challengers….”

The Tea Party “patriots?” are vowing to kick everyone out. Wordsmith at Flopping Aces makes the following observation after exposing another Tea Party Threat from Lawrence A. Hunter, Ph.D.

“...This is the hill we will live or die on. For years we have allowed Republicans to use one excuse after another to hide under the rock of political expediency and put self-interest over country. No more. As a recent national poll indicated, the Tea Party is now more popular than the GOP. The message to Republicans is clear: you are losing your voters because you are losing your nerve….”

Like Wordsmith wrote:

Every single Republican in both houses of Congress voted against President Obama’s budget.
Every single Republican except the two Senators from Maine voted against the stimulus package.
Every Republican in the House of Representatives opposes Obamacare.

Aren’t you sick and tired of people like Pedro Primavera who offers nothing but contempt for our good Republicans. It has dawned on me that these idiotic far right conservatives can do NOTHING but complain. They have no ideas. They have no honor. They have no original thoughts. They don’t even know who Reagan actually was or they would never write this dribble:

“…Republicans like to point to Ronald Reagan for inspiration. However, we have to resign ourselves to the fact that Ronald Reagan is dead. Worse, his legacy was killed off by his own party, the same Republicans who say he inspired them.

The only lasting legacy of George W. Bush was the nomination of two constructionist judges and a fading response to terrorism. For eight years, we saw GW insist more on getting along than being right. Even the war in Iraq was fought on the cheap, which defies the logic of waging war. In the long run, Bush’s own dithering on Iraq cost many lives before finally settling on the surge….Bush, Rove and the rest of the Republican Party hierarchy finally drove the last nail in Ronald Reagan’s America. It was all about winning elections and nothing to do with ideals. It seems that all Democrats and most Republicans are there primarily to maintain power. Democrats are just better at it, even if it means destroying this nation. A recent RNC e-mail by John McCain headlines with “They will stop at nothing.” They are just now realizing it?…”

Who the H-E-Doubletoothpick is this person and why the heck is he even given a serious voice to spew forth such lies. These are the kind of lies that are going to doom the GOP to perpetual loosing as idiot conservatives who are bordering on being brain-dead are more interested in in damning than building. We’re talking the same morons who are promoting J. D. Hayworth to take on John McCain in a primary in Arizona. There is no way Hayworth can win the state. He is too extreme and is snuggling up in bed with some very nasty characters in Phoenix – very nasty characters.

We come full circle.  The far right is so full of hatred and double standards that those who are promoting a “pure” person who just escaped indictment on the Abramhoff deal, J. D. Hayworth, who also likes to hang with some nasty conservatives in Arizona.  They are going around saying NO ONE is opposing Barack Obama.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.